Monday, December 21, 2009


I checked out the park Saturday night. Not much happening there - weather was shitty. First guy to turn up was the old drunk who wants to suck my toes. Last time I let him but somehow it doesn't do it for me.

Next up was an Italian-looking slut who I've seen there once or twice before. He dropped his pants and wanted me to fuck him. I tried but it wasn't great. He must have had nice looks when he was younger but he has a fat arse and his dick doesn't get hard. I tried screwing him anyway but it didn't do much for me. I don't get much sensation out of his arsehole - partly because he has such a big fat butt. Plus he doesn't keep still and let you go in real deep. I gave up.

The the guy in the tracksuit turned up. He fucked me raw for a few minutes while the slut was sucking my dick. He eventually got tired and took a pause. We just hung around on the bridge watching the clouds and the stars and waiting to see who else would turn up. Eventually I got bored and started playing with the slut again. Same problem as before - I couldn't get my dick into him deep enough plus he wouldn't bend over far enough or keep still. Tracksuit guy decided to have another go. He has a thick cut dick, wide rather than round. He pushed into me again just with spit. Had a bit of trouble getting in the second time but I kind of like that - it means when he does get in you get that squeaky sensation that you miss out on if you use lube.

Then he started banging me. Went at it for a few minutes while I took a few hits of poppers. Then he started banging me hard and said he was going to come. A minute later and he held me tight while he blew his load into me then slid out. I was feeling a bit woozy - I had taken half a tab of viagra earlier in the day so probably not a good idea to mix that with a new bottle of poppers. But I still wanted to get off. I reached down. There was spooge leaking out of my arsehole - he must have blown some of his load near my hole. I pushed out a handful and used it to lube my cock while I jacked off.

I started to feel an orgasm coming on just as the other two guys said someone was coming and pulled their trou up fast. I was at the point where I was more interested in cumming than in strangers coming up the gully but I figured I had better follow them. My dick was jerking and squirting as I reached down to pull my pants up. I blew most of my load into my underpants. I was still feeling half faint from the poppers so I just rested on the bridge railing for a few minutes to recover. Turned out the new guy who turned up was looking for fun as well but I had had enough for the evening. After I started to feel ok again I finished zipping up and wandered off down the track leaving them to it.

Tracksuit guy throws a mean fuck when he goes at it hard. My arse felt real sore when I got home and I can still feel it a couple of days later.

Sunday, December 13, 2009


I'm sitting here with spooge leaking out my arse as I type this. I headed up the hill late this afternoon to see what I could find. Nothing. Eventually the guy with curls and glasses turned up (I've mentioned him before, I'll try to find the link one of these days). He didn't look interested. Each time our paths crossed he hurried past. It was the same last time I saw him. No sweat, I thought I'd leave him to it. I settled down under a bush, lay back, watched the clouds and played with myself.

There was a rustle from along the track. Curly came around the corner ... with his pants half down and a hard-on bouncing around in front of him. He reversed fast and headed back the way he had come. But I figured that I wasn't meant to ignore what I had just seen. I ambled back along the track. Sure enough he was lying in a little clearing, pants around his ankles, playing with a big stiffy. I knelt, sniffed around his balls and his crack, had a lick, then moved up and gently started to work on the top of his dick. He moved his hand away to give me better access. I took him deeper - the guy has a long dick, and he gets real hard. I worked away for a while. He lifted his t-shirt. I went north and sucked on his nipples. Yeah, he liked that, especially when I started to use my teeth. A minute later he blew without warning. I didn't get any of it and he didn't want me to lick him clean. He wiped the jizz off his stomach onto the grass alongside him. I watched him zip up and leave then knelt down to get a taste of it from the grass. Nice.

I still had the itch. I headed down to the park after dark. One guy - sort of young Woody Allen looks as far as I could see - followed me down one track as soon as I got there. He got me to follow him down to the bridge, turned me round, pulled down my jeans and started dry humping me, pulling on my jockstrap. I thought he was going to fuck me but after a few minutes of this he told me to wait while he went to find some other guys to fuck me. He came back with the Sunday night regulars - the guy with the beercan dick and his buddy in the tracksuit. My new pimp watched and directed traffic as beercan and trackie tag-teamed me, both raw. Beercan eventually blew a load in me, zipped up and left. Trackie was in a cuddly mood, held me a chatted for a while but then left. Pimp disappeared part-way through proceedings. I still don't know what he was up to. Certainly he made no move to get his dick into me.

I still didn't feel properly fucked. Further up the valley one guy was sucking off another on the small bridge but they showed no signs of wanting a third. I headed back down the valley and waited. Eventually the guy who had been getting his dick sucked wandered down. I followed him and offered to suck his dick. It was only then I got a proper look at him. It was the Irish guy I've posted about before. I sucked him for a bit, shared my poppers, then dropped my jeans and bent over against the railing. He pushed straight in. He has a long thin dick but for some reason I felt it more than beercan's big thick meat. He fucked me for a while, doing his usual thing of levering his thighs up against the back of mine.

I took a risk and told him I had a load in me. That got a reaction: he dropped to his knees and pushed his face into my arse. He pigged out there for a few minutes. When he got to his feet I pulled him to me and put my tongue in his mouth. He reached down to check whether I was hard. I wasn't really - it was one of those nights when I needed something unusual to get my dick to stand up. But I figured he was looking for some dick too. I got him to bend over and I knelt down to rim him. His arse was a bit raunchy - just enough to be tasty. I ate him out for a few minutes, then followed up with a finger then kissed him to give him a taste of his own arsehole. Nice. That still wasn't quite enough - I tried pushing my dick into him but he was still tight and a three-quarter hard-on wasn't enough. But it got him going. He swung me around and pushed my face onto the dick of another older guy who had turned up. Then he pushed his dick back into my arse.

He banged me for a few minutes then pulled out, panting. Something felt a bit different down there. Yep, he had blown a load into me as he was pulling out. I reached over and pulled his face to me again for some sloppy mouth to mouth action. This time my dick was hard. I asked if he wanted a load in his arse. Nope, he was one of those guys that are finished once they've blown. He held me while I jacked myself and blew a load against the railing. Hawt.

Friday, December 4, 2009


I checked out the toilet under the bank today. A tall skinny redhead came in, stood at the next urinal and started playing with himself. He wasn't much of a looker, wasn't that young and certainly wasn't getting hard. Still I guess I'm not in a position to point the finger. We got talking and more. I soon found out that he was wearing a jockstrap. I pushed him forward and ate his arse a bit. Then pushed my finger in. That got a reaction. I asked if he wanted dick. Yes. Take it raw? That depends. I said I was clean. We're on.

This was a bit ambitious on my part - I wasn't remotely hard. But there's something about the idea of dropping a load in a slut, just standing there in front of the urinals .... Plus by now I had one finger deep in his arse. That sensation of warm slimy flesh gets me going. And I got him to suck me a bit. I eventually hardened and just pushed into him. I gave him a two-minute rabbit fuck and left a load inside him. We both just zipped and left. Not one of the alltime great fucks but hey, you take what you can get.

Now I need to find someone to do the same for me.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday loads

I hit up a guy on bbrt, a younger guy listing himself as pozpiss something. He queried my message, I guess because I was listed as neg only. I said I took a few risks, and he had listed his status as undetectable. He gave me his address. He opened the door in chaps and harness, clamps on his nipples, half a hard-on and a strong smell of weed inside. I sucked his tits but he soon pushed me down onto his dick and fucked my throat.

He didn't have much patience: before I'd got his dick properly hard or my throat all slimed up he pushed me onto all fours and pulled my shorts off. He pushed straight in. He had a nice piece of meat, uncut and fat, with a big shiny head, though not especially long. He fucked me for a while doggy style, hands on my hips pulling me back onto his dick, while I sucked on a bottle of poppers. He accelerated and then asked where I wanted it. I said to give me his load inside me. He banged me hard, slowed and then went hard again. Then again. Eventually he said it looked like he wasn't going to come. He pulled out and we chatted for a bit. He was a bit stoned. But basically I think he just wasn't into me. I left him to it.

I still hadn't got my rocks off so in the evening I headed out to the park. There were several guys in a huddle on one of the bridges up the gully. One was the older guy with the beercan dick who had fucked me earlier in the year. I watched for a while as he played with a couple of others. Then a tall lean Asian guy came in for a closer look. Beercan started showing some interest. I dropped my pants, bent over the rail and took a few hits of poppers. He asked about lube. I had fingered some gun oil into my arse before I headed out so I said he should just push right on in. I thought I had a tight arse but I didn't have real difficulty taking him. He pushed steadily in and out for a while then pulled out and turned me round. He wanted the Asian guy to have a turn.

Asian guy had a nice dick, long and hard. He had a rubber on it. I bent over and took it anyway. It had that tight squeaky feeling of unlubed rubber as it went in. It almost seemed to catch. He fucked me for a bit anyway, taking a few deep breaths off my poppers. He tried to lift my leg up onto the bridge rail. Sounds pretty kinky but I'm not that flexible. He pulled out after a few minutes. I alternated between beercan and the Asian guy for a while.

Before the Asian guy put it into me again I noticed that the condom seemed ripped at the top. It didn't stop me. This time he seemed hornier, maybe from having the audience, maybe from sharing me with beercan guy. I bent right over the bridge rail as he fucked me hard. In a minute or two I could tell he was coming. Beercan turned me round and pushed his dick into me. It felt different - partly because beercan was now all horned up but it also felt slicker somehow. I guessed it was because Asian guy with the broken condom had dropped a load in me. Hard for him not to know the rubber had broken, but there you are. Beercan started to fuck me hard and fast, then held me real tight, groaned and dropped his head on my shoulder, panting. He confirmed he'd nutted inside me. He zipped up and headed off down the track.

I was left with tracksuit guy. He's a big fit guy, thick dick, he's fucked me a few times before but I've never felt he's really into it - I suspect he's more a bottom. This time he was really getting off on the whole scene. His dick was extra hard and I was feeling superslutty. I told him I had two loads in me. That had an effect. He grabbed me by the hips and started pounding my arse. That sensation of pelvis banging on pelvis, which I love. Plus the slick feeling of having raw dick sliding in and out of a an arse that's already full of spooge. In a few minutes he told me he was going to unload. I braced while he pumped his load into me.

All of this happened in about half an hour. First time I'd ever had more than one load in me.

Morning after I was hobbling around. I'd like to say it was because my arsehole was sore but it was actually my hip, I think the Asian guy must have twisted it too far when he was trying to lift my leg up onto the bridge railing.


Last Sunday I couldn't get any nibbles on the dating sites (usual story) so headed out for a run. Didn't find anything out at the beach so I headed up the hill instead. Hardly anyone there - it was late in the day. I hung around anyway.

I was getting ready to head home when the Iraqi turned up. For once I didn't play hard to get. He took me to a spot down from the track where it was a bit more private. He dropped his trackpants and I sucked him. He wanted to get fucked so he turned round and backed onto me. He has a good muscly arse and a tight hole. I went in raw, no lube. Fucked him slow for a while then banged him while he bent forward and held onto a tree. Then I went slow again, just enjoying the feeling of skin on skin and the sight of his ring closing around the veins in my dick as I slid slowly in and out.

After a while he pulled off. It was my turn. I took my running shorts off, took a hit of poppers, bent right over and braced as he pushed into me. He was also in a mood to take it slow. He has a nice dick. It felt good. I don't know how long he fucked me but eventually I felt his dick harden and swell, he started moaning and holding me real tight, then he pushed into me hard. He said he had come inside me.

I didn't hang around. He was cleaning himself with some grass. I headed back up the track and home.

Monday, October 26, 2009


Had some fun last night in the park but didn't get my rocks off. So late this afternoon I headed up the hill to look for some action. There was one guy with a runner's body sunning himself naked but he didn't seem interested.

I eventually settled down under a pine tree in the sunshine, dropped my pants and started playing with myself. i was lying there, pants around my ankles, dick oiled up and hard, when I heard rustling up the track. I thought fuck it and just carried on.

It was the Iraqi guy I have fucked with a few times over the years. He is older than me, has a good body and dark meaty uncut dick. He is real pushy, a determined bottom as well as top. From year ago he has always been insistent on fucking raw, so I've assumed he's extra high risk for HIV. He makes me uncomfortable and at the same time makes me extremely horny, for the same reason.

At first he played hard to get, just standing there with a kind of sneer on his face. This is payback for the number of times I have avoided him, I guess. I lay there jerking myself and told him to come and play. He made up his mind. He dropped his track pants, squatted over me, facing me, and lowered himself onto my dick. Took a bit of an effort to get in dry but was helped by the fact I had put some silicon lube on my dick earlier to jerk off. I got part way in, had to pull him towards me to get the angle right, then pulled him all the way down onto me. He sat there for a bit while I adjusted to the feeling, and then started to move inside him. He had a muscular arse and his hole was warm, tight and wonderful.

After a few minutes he pulled off and stood up. I sucked him for a bit, enjoying the mass of him and the piss taste under the foreskin. I then turned round and offered him my arse, taking a hit of poppers at the same time. He pushed in slowly and started moving inside me. As usual he was hard and I could feel the full length of him. As usual when I'm feeling specially turned on I wanted to be completely naked so I stripped off my shirt as well.

He had been fucking me for a few minutes when we heard rustling from down the track. We carried on. The guy that came into view looked familiar. He and I had played once or twice but without really getting anywhere. The guy is a bit younger than me, hot body and nice dick, but he's basically a bottom and like me struggles to get a hard-on when playing with another bottom. He was going to go past us but I said he was welcome to stick around and enjoy the show. He didn't need persuading. Khaled told him to pull out his dick and turned me round so I could suck the new guy. He obviously enjoyed threesomes, or seeing someone else getting raw dicked: he took a few hits off my amyl and hardened up fast.

New guy got verbal as well. He started telling Khaled to treat me like a slut, fuck me harder etc. He pulled his shirt up, dropped his pants to his ankles, fucked my face while urging Khaled on. Then he pulled out and started jerking himself. Khaled was pushing into me hard and deep. I was jerking myself, all the while getting off on being naked in the sunshine.

My memory of it all is now a bit blurred - too much amyl maybe - but we started chatting at one point. Turned out new guy had fucked with Khaled before as well. This was a big turn-on for me for some reason. I hadn't realised before that he was a slut like me. Something went off in my head: did you take it raw? I asked him. He said yes. That was like a trigger. I started jerking myself frantically and blew in less than a minute. New guy blew his jizz all over the ground alongside my load immediately after. Khaled pulled out but hadn't come. He pushed his dick into my mouth, arse flavoured and all, and started fucking my face. He came fast. I swallowed his load then licked the last few drips off the head of his dick. As I slowly put my gear back on Khaled squatted nearby to wipe his arse with some grass - maybe he thought I had cum up there or something. It was a hot sight: he's not young but he has the sort of butt that comes from a lot of physical work, plus dark shiny skin that shows it off.

There you have it. The thing that worries me: I was all set to let him blow inside me, kinda hoping he would in fact. Just part of the pattern of getting all horned up and taking more and more crazy risks. Whaddya reckon, folks?

PS Got regular test results back last week. All neg.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


No luck up the hill in the afternoon so last night I headed out to the park. I made out with a big Samoan guy but I think he was basically a bottom - he didn't seem to get hard, didn't really want me near his dick. He worked my nipples hard instead. I dropped my pants hoping the sight of my arse sticking out the back of my jockstrap might attract some interest.

Sure did. It was a guy who has come onto me a few times before at that beat. He's about as wide as he is tall but he's friendly, has a fat stubby dick with lots of foreskin. He ate me out before pushing his dick in raw. Took a while to find the right angle and rhythm. He didn't have the length to go deep. But with me bent right over and gradually loosening up I started to get a buzz just around my hole.

A young Asian kid - maybe Thai - was hanging around as well. I sucked him while the other guy worked on my arse. I got him to work my nipples, told him to hurt me. He used his nails, really got into it. After a while wideguy slipped out and Asian kid pulled a rubber out of his pocket. He had a long skinny dick, real hard. He pushed straight in, whew, a bit hard to adjust to initially. He fucked like a rabbit. He was done in a couple of minutes. I guess he was all horned up from watching me with the other two guys.

In the middle of all this another guy wandered along the track and lingered to watch the proceedings. He looked interested. Nice looking guy, lean, looked as if he had just come from a club or bar. He returned a few minutes later. A little chat and we decided to head up the gully for a little privacy. I soon figured out he was the Irish guy from earlier in the year. He was looking for a reprise.

We stopped on the bridge, he dropped his jacket, pulled out his dick and opened his shirt. He had a long thin dick and liked being deepthroated. He fucked my face hard, kept triggering my gag reflex. That also turns my saliva real slimy, just right for getting a dick all slimed up for raw fucking.

Which was what he was really after. I dropped my pants, took a hit of amyl and braced myself against the bridge railing as he slid his dick into me. He went in balls deep and held it there, pulling me back onto him by my hips, using his thighs to force it all the way. More amyl. I bent over further, moved my grip to the lower rail. He started fucking me hard, banging my head against the rail. Made me a bit anxious about my neck. He wanted more: he climbed up onto the lower rail so he could fuck me from above. I had my hands on the deck, trying to stay balanced.

Back to position #1: the guy was big on using all the muscles in his legs to push into me as hard as he could, pelvis against pelvis, wrapping his arms around my waist or chest to increase the pressure. Then he would pull me more upright and try to push up into me. The sensation of his hairy thighs against the back of my thighs was real hot.

We had attracted a small audience by this stage. He pulled out and got me to suck him. I stood up, grabbed his head and stuck my tongue down his throat. Yes, the guy could kiss, which he hadn't done last time we fucked. Yummm. Eventually he made it clear he wanted to get back into my arse. I kicked off my pants so I could spread my legs better. This time he felt different, using the head of his dick on my hole then plunging all the way in. He sped up, started banging me harder. With my legs free and spread wide I was bent right over, urging him on. His pelvis was banging hard against mine. With a final few thrusts he stopped, pulled me upright then slowly slid out as we both caught our breaths.

I don't think he blew a load in me but I wasn't complaining: I felt truly fucked.

Friday, September 25, 2009


Out of order, but I've added a post for 13 September. And I've made some changes to my blog list. The college-boy sex in A sailor boy's blog is maybe a bit too wholesome for the piggies that follow this blog but the day by day drama with lovers and sex buddies is kinda fun. I've added awkwurd: he's a bit irregular but his stories when they appear are about the hottest things I've read. Then there's Benjamin Fredrickson whose blog has been on my list for some time. This guy is seriously twisted. He presses all my buttons. What do I have to do to end up on the end of his dick or his fist, and in one of his polaroids? Apart from getting to Minneapolis, that is ...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Sunday was a stunner of a day - cool, but clear blue sky. I went out for a run, then headed up the hill to see if there was action. There was a wonderful scent in the air up there from the flowering broom.

There wasn't much else. I stumbled on a couple of older guys playing with the young guy with the trailbike who likes to have other guys jerk his dick while he looks at girlie porn magazines. There was another old guy who has a huge dick but, as I found out a few weeks ago, really just wants to turn over and take raw dick up his shaved arse. No, I wanted something else.

I spotted a younger guy there, 20s, curly hair, specs, bit of a beard. He showed no sign of interest when I walked past him. I headed back along the trail and then lay down in the sun under a pine tree. A little while later I heard someone else coming down toward the tree. It was curly. He stopped, looking down at me from a little way up the hill. I figured he was looking for a come-on. I dropped my shorts and started jacking myself. No reaction, but he kept looking. I took a hit of poppers, kept jacking, then took off my shirt. No reaction. I licked a finger, turned round, bent over, pushed it up my arse, played with myself. Curly stood there with his hands in his pockets, watching.

This went on for 10 minutes. I don't really get my kicks out of putting on a show for other guys but curly was sexy in a nerdy kind of way, and I wanted to get my rocks off. I went up to the tree and beckoned him down. He came down straightaway - maybe I should have done that at the start! I reached under his shirt for his nipples. I groped his dick; he had a semi. Told him to give me his dick. He unzipped and pulled it out. He hardened up real fast. He had a nice piece. And being a redhead he smelt extra good.

I got on my knees and took him into my mouth. I pushed the head of his deck down to the back of my mouth, then down into my throat. His dick got longer and harder as I worked on him. I asked if he wanted to slide it up my arse. Nope. It soon became clear why: as I went down on him again I felt the head of his dick swell. He pulled out of my mouth and started spurting. I got a bit of a taste but that was all. He wiped, zipped up and headed back up the track as I gathered up my gear and started dressing. All kinda kinky and fun but didn't give me the fuck I was looking for. Pity: a long hard raw youngman dick up my arse would have made for a perfect end to the day.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


It was a misty afternoon but there were a few guys up the hill. The guy with the goatee and the PA was mainly into the twink with the chihuahua but after the twink blew his load he was happy for me to blow him. He had a nice piece, average size but with a fat head and real hard. Trouble was his PA was making me gag when I tried to deep throat him. He eventually zipped up and moved away. I wasn't much interested in the others until a couple of French guys turned up. They were tourists, had somehow heard about the beat but didn't know much about the rest of the town. I filled them in. I would have been happy to go off with the black guy from Paris. He was friendly but he was looking for something else. The guy with the PA showed up again and soon enough hooked up with the black guy. I left them to it.

I had a feed and a nap and then headed out to the club. I wanted some dick. There was a black guy with an extra large dick who was fucking all comers, but only for a coupla minutes at a time, without coming. I took my turn. A southern boy hit on me: he had been drinking, was in a bottom mood, wanted to be used. Well I'm game for most things. I worked his nipples which were definitely wired to his dick. I worked him hard, went further than he wanted and then some. I gave him my spit. I ate his arse. I fucked his face. He didn't want my dick up his arse. All kinda fun, went on for nearly an hour till he blew his load. But it was a bit one-way for me. I saved my load.

I ended up making out with a guy who said he was from Argentina. He was in his 40s, in nice shape. Big kisser, hairy chest, beard. I went down on him. He had a nice piece, long, uncut. I took him to the back of my throat then down further, got his dick all nice and slobbery. But I wanted him in my arse. He was happy to oblige. We were in an open cubicle with a chair. I bent over the chair and held on as he slid in, raw, then started moving inside me. I alternated between bending over so he could go deep and standing up so he could wrap his arms around me and pull my head round so we could make out.

Several times I pulled off and knelt down to suck my arse juices off his dick and then stick my tongue down his throat. He was into that. At times he moved slowly inside me, others he banged me hard.

After half an hour of this his long dick was stirring up my insides a bit more than I had bargained on: I had hosed out earlier but not quite thoroughly enough. I blew my load as he banged me hard for another minute then he headed over to clean up. Not quite the ending I had had in mind but I wandered home feeling well worked over.

Friday, September 4, 2009


Woke up this morning intending to flick an email off to the guy who blogs as hypersexed history nerd. It's been engrossing stuff the past few weeks. But I had an uneasy feeling it was heading for a trainwreck. The detail about his friends and fuckbuds, the games and the conversations - which made the story so much fun was also a dead giveaway if any of them ever spotted the blog. For a long time I had doubts that the blog was for real - it seemed too risky. Well, no more doubts about that. I see this morning he's taken it down.

I'll miss it. His nerd/stud character was a blast. I guess I'm not the only one who got hooked on the mix of puppydog gusto and grownup wisdom. His buddies - trying to find their natural place on the straightboy/cocksucker scale - were endlessly fascinating. Plus he writes like a real ace.

Well that's all in the past. Sounds as if the blog has blown up in his face: someone's made the connection. That's the risk all of us take when we bare our secrets like this. Spare a thought for the kid.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bloggy slutters

Still haven't made time to write up all the extras from July/August. But I've been updating my blog list. Some new ones, plus a few good oldies. Start with the newbies: there's smooth butt, hungry hole who's been having quite a summer; bareback confessions from Baltimore; diary of a horny bottom boy in the UK; and adventures of rawverscumboi, Meanwhile there's a resurrection at chronicles of a young slut and DC top is posting new escapades. Hypersexed history nerd has left a few of us wondering: if he's for real (and he sure sounds it) how can he get away with a blog that leaves so many clues about what he's up to with his closeted fuckbuds? and if it's fiction why, with his talent, doesn't he just get on with it and write the novel? Answers please. And Zach's room seems to have been taken down real quick. Pity.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Yeah, I went back for more. Ended up at the sauna again yesterday afternoon. It was real quiet, nothing like Sunday, mostly older guys. But there was a bit of action in the steam room. I ended up in a threesome there. I was sucking off one guy, 40ish, with a fat dick, while he worked my tits. Another guy came over and joined us. He was also kinda interesting. A bit shorter than me, maybe late 30s. He squatted down behind me, playing with my dick and my chest. But his fingers kept roaming under my balls and down to my arse. Then he slipped a finger up inside me. I reached behind: he had a nice piece of meat, long, fat and hard. I stood up, keeping my mouth on the first guy's dick, and swiveled my arse round towards the newcomer.

He moved behind me and humped my crack. I reached behind for his dick and aimed it at my hole, using one hand to take a hit of poppers. He nudged the head in, then pushed in another inch. I was sucking on the first guy, who had a serious hard on and was playing with my nipples.

I was now in the middle of a sandwich with a fat juicy dick in my mouth and another fat raw dick in my arse. Both guys were really getting into it. I got to work, sucking hard, fast and deep. The guy behind me was moving in and out of me steadily. What made the sensation really intense was that he hadn't tried to put any lube into me - all I had was the remains of the gunoil I had used earlier in the afternoon to slick myself up.

The pace quickened. The guy I was blowing was moaning and then gasping. I was making a fair amount of noise myself. The guy behind me was right into it, banging me hard and fast. I felt the dick in my mouth swell up. Going by the action behind me the other guy was set to blow too. I was jerking myself. We all came simultaneously. I felt the guy in my arse jerk several times. I pulled off him while he was still going - I remember thinking I hadn't even asked him if he was neg or poz. We all laughed then staggered out.

I ended up in the shower with the guy who had fucked me. He was a bit shorter than me, muscly body with a bit of a gut, a collection of straight-guy tattoos, dark hair and stubble. His dick was still hard as he stood there soaping himself. Later I saw him leaving: he was wearing the sort of shirt that wives in the suburbs buy for their husbands. He talked that way too.

So there you have it. It was hot - quick animal sex. It was also a bit frightening: not just the fact that I took his load without establishing that he was neg but the fact I'm now starting to make a habit of it.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I was in the mood for more. I headed out to one of the clubs last night for their Monday naked night. Usual story: lots of hot guys, all spending too much time walking around looking at other guys' dicks, not enough time doing something useful with their own. Had a bit of fun anyway. One guy just wanted to get fisted (happy to oblige, bud). Hooked up with a guy who was shorter than me, wonderful body, loved kissing, loved having his little arse eaten out. He had an uncut dick with velvety skin and a fat purple head. We had a stand-up fuck up on one of the platforms. He wouldn't do it without a rubber. But he was such a sweet guy it was a real buzz. Afterwards he just wanted to stand there and kiss and cuddle. Then there was the young wogboy whose dick turned out to be XL sized when I got down and sucked it. And he was happy to slide it up my arse raw when I turned round and backed onto it. He was was rough and dirty. Unfortunately he took off after one of his mates after a couple of minutes so I was left frustrated.

After closing time I headed down to the other club which was just about empty. One guy cruised me just about immediately. He wasn't anything much to look at but he made it clear that wanted my arse. I sucked him for a few minutes then dropped my pants and knelt on the edge of the bench. He slid his dick in. Not particularly big but hard. After trying a few different positions we ended up with me on my back and him on top. I told him what would be really hot would be for him to cum inside me and then eat his load out of his arse. He must have been some kind of a pig because this really got him going. For me it was a really intense fuck: not because of the size of his dick but because he was hard and all his weight was coming onto his dick as it slid in and out of my arse.

Eventually he grunted and shuddered and pulled out. Then straightaway he had his tongue in my arse as he tried to suck out his load. He pigged out there for a coupla minutes. He slid his dick back in as I jacked myself and blew all over my stomach. Whew!

I had had just about enough for one evening but I decided to go for one last wander around. The door to one cublicle was open. It was quite a sight: the guy inside was naked, on his stomach. He would have been in his 20s, hot body, with narrow waist and wide shoulders. He had a #1 cut with a goatee. His butt was up in the air and his arsehole was wide open and slimy. I bent down for a taste: spooge and just a hint of something nasty. I asked him how many loads he had in there. A couple he said. Yes he wanted one more. I surprised myself: I had only just blown a load with the other guy but the smell and the taste had me hard again. I stripped off, pulled him up on his knees and slid my dick inside him. He was wide open and sloppy. I fucked him doggy style for a few minutes, pulling on his tits at the same time. He played with his fat stubby dick the whole time.

I needed something more: I squatted above him and started drilling down into his arse. The view of his back, the sensation of his cum-filled arse ... it was intoxicating stuff. We carried on like that for a while till it became clear to me I wasn't going to be able to cum. He didn't seem too fussed: he said he was completely fucked up anyway, which became clear as he tried to put his clothes back on. Still an amazingly hot scene. Wished I had been there to watch as he had taken the other two loads.

Still owe you an account of Friday night, not to mention a few episodes from July.

Meantime, lads, some occasional feedback might encourage this writer to be a bit more systematic about posting. Take your hands off your dicks for a moment and post comments, requests or (best of all) accounts of your own latest spooge sharing.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Rainy Sunday so ... headed down to the sauna. The place was buzzing. Lots of hot wogs and celts along with the rest. Took a while to find what I needed. I got hit on by a young indian guy who wanted to fuck me, wore a rubber, didn't do much for me. In one of the darkrooms I groped a skinny guy with long hair and a big dick. I backed onto his dick raw, he started pushing up into me, grinding his pelvis up into my arse. I said let's go to a cubicle. In the dark I thought I was being fucked by a skinny teenager. Turned out he was an older guy, not much flesh on him, the sort of body you can get from being a heavy smoker or poz. He said he didn't know if he was poz. We fucked anyway, I just told him not to come in me. He was a great fuck, not a bam-bam type, more into pushing in deep and hard, moving his dick around. And sometimes just sliding the head slowly in and out, which I love when it's raw and my arselips are getting sensitive. I eventually told him I needed a break.

When I went back into the same darkroom later it was empty, until a tall wogboy wandered in. He was hot. Not a gym body but main thing was he had a huge dick, uncut with loose skin and foreskin. I got on my knees, started blowing him. He wasn't sure how hard to go. Rough as you like, I said to him. He reached down and slapped me hard, again and again, on both arse cheeks as he forced his dick down my throat.

It was game on. We moved to the bench. He was slapping me round. He asked what I wanted/needed. I said I wanted to get fucked. Raw or safe? I said I took it raw, but I was neg, didn't want to take poz loads. His response was that guys who said that always ended up taking loads anyway. He sat on the edge of the bench, pulled me back and down onto him. I yelled - he was hard as well as long. He bit my neck and kept going.

The hour or so after that is a bit of a blur. The guy was rough, kept trashtalking me, really got off on forcing his dick down my throat. Initially he was hitting my gag reflex immediately. After a while I got more used to it, plus my throat got more slimy, so I could take him all the way and let him deep fuck my throat. He was getting his kicks out of whoring me out. He had me kneeling on the edge of the bench, arse facing out, and he kept lining up new guys to fuck me. I don't know how many dicks I took: certainly half a dozen, maybe more. Some were wrapped, some boring. Others were raw. Wogboy kept the show going: for much of the time he was sitting on my back to hold me down and force my legs apart (this morning I feel like a horseman must feel after a long day in the saddle!) He kept up the trash talk. For light relief he and another guy practised their CBT technique on me - my balls don't respond well to being smacked so I was yelling like crazy.

Late in the session there was a bit of a pause, wogboy and I made out for a while. I told him the last time I had a fuck like that was the Italian in the gare routiere. Then he lined up another guy out of the crowd behind us. He sat on my back again and lined up the guy's dick with my arse. Faaarck! This guy was big, hard and he fucked like a jackhammer. He went at it for a while, pulled out and jacked himself, put it back in again. I felt underneath, he was in me raw. I wondered if he had been jacking himself so he could unload in me. I asked my pimp if the guy had left a load in there. he didn't know. Do you want a load he said? I just licked his shoulder.

Wogboy decided to have another go himself. He jacked himself, stood behind me, shoved it in in one thrust and banged me hard for a few minutes. Felt to me as if he was planning to cum in me. My head was a mix of excitement and fatalism - the whole scene was a huge buzz, and I guess from the moment I decided to stay and play with wogboy after he told me I was going to take his poz load I had basically decided I would take what I was given.

Wogboy pulled out. I didn't know if he had come. There was a bit more chat with a big guy behind him. Change of play. Wogboy agreed to take a fuck himself. He knelt beside me, arse in the air. The stud pushed into him. Wogboy turned his face to me, we started making out, in between him moaning and yelling as the stud hammered his arse. I reached behind, pulled another raw dick against my arse. Wogboy and I were both taking it rough and fast.

Before I staggered out I chatted again to wogboy. He said something about not having unloaded in me. I don't know if that meant he hadn't been able to cum (wouldn't be surprising - in those scenes a lot of guys don't seem to get off) or had decided not to poz me. I think maybe it was the latter. As far as I know I didn't end up with a load in me in spite of the number of raw dicks I took over a couple of hours. But for sheer whoreiness I can't think of anything to compare it with since fickstutenmarkt.

I have a few more stories to tell, including lots of raw dick from nude night at the club on friday. I'll save those for another post.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Weather was cold and windy on Sunday but I went out for a run anyway. There was no-one up the top of the hill. I headed across the city to check out the park. On the track into the park a guy looked at me as we passed. I stopped, turned and followed. He had stopped 100m further along the path. We headed up into the trees.

He was a bit younger than me, with a bit of a gut. I squatted down and got him unzipped. Nothing too exciting there to start with but as I sucked him he hardened up and grew. He had a fat dick with an extra-large mushroom head. It was the kind of dick that makes your jaw ache after a few minutes just because you have to hold your mouth wide open at the same time as you are trying to suck. It's a nice kind of ache to have.

I asked if he wanted to fuck me. He didn't say no. I stood up, dropped my shorts, turned round, leant forward against the pine and told him to rub his dick against my arse. Nice. A minute of that and then I took his dick and lodged the head against my hole. I thought he would ask for a rubber. No, he kept it there and started pushing. Oh yes! I felt the head stretch me open as he pushed the first inch of it inside me. Then he was balls-deep in my arse. I bent further down as he started moving in and out.

I don't know about you but when I'm on the receiving end of a good fuck I just want to get naked. It was real cold up under the trees with the wind blowing but I stripped off my shirt so I was stark naked. He dropped his jeans all the way down and starting pumping me harder. I bent further down and put my hands on the ground to give him a better angle on the slope. Mmmmm, yes!

A few minutes more and I could feel him softening. He had complained when we started that his head was spinning - he was still suffering from a hard night out. He pulled his dick out. Uh oh: I had hosed out before I left home but there were a few specks of brown on his dick. He spent a minute cleaning himself off and then looked horrified when I said I would suck him. I sucked him anyway till he got hard again. I asked if he wanted to fuck me again but I could tell from his reaction that it wasn't going to happen. I squatted down and started sucking him again. He really wanted to come but couldn't quite get there.

I was starting to get real cold. All of a sudden he swore and jumped back: he had spotted someone on the path just below his. He hadn't realised the path was so close. As if I could care. Anyhow that was it. He zipped up and headed off.

I was still horned up so I headed down to the sauna. There was a good crowd there. I passed country boy who was friendly but clearly not looking for a rerun just now. I headed into a cubicle with a guy around my age with a good lean body. We made out for a while but it was clear he wanted to get his arse fucked. I pushed him back on the bed, lifted his legs, rimmed him for a bit and then started smacking my dick against his hole. He was happy to take my tongue raw but not my dick. I tried with a rubber but soon lost my hard-on. I said bye bye and left him to it.

Found a younger guy with a fat gut and a hard dick who wanted to get sucked. We ended up in a cubicle. I asked if I could sit on his dick. Yeah, but he wanted to wear a rubber. OK. I sank down onto his dick, adjusted to having him inside me then started moving up and down on him. He lay there moaning, just liking the feeling of my hole.

A few minutes of that and he was ready to lift the tempo. He got up, put me on my back and slid his dick into me from above. Now it's fucktime. Even with the rubber he had stayed really hard. Now he was pummelling me, banging his pelvis against my arse. My hole was starting to hurt, but a good kind of hurt. He grabbed my dick. He wanted to see me blow. But it was the feeling of his dick rather than his hand that tipped me over the edge. I spurted all over my stomach. He ran his hand through my jizz and then started fucking me hard and fast before he blew his load. He didn't linger: he slapped my arse, grabbed his towel and left.

That was it for Sunday prayers, folks. We take what we can get, I guess.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Dirty blogs

Hey, for those who like to read about other guys getting some action, here's a couple more blogs to add to the list. I'm not really into teeny-boppers but this kid is setting out to be a bottom slut role model at an early age. Make the most of it boyo. And I've found a genuine piggy cum dump here at streetcock.


I headed out looking for action on Saturday. In one of the toilets in the city I found a young guy standing at the urinal jacking himself. I got down to my knees and opened my mouth. I liked what I saw: fat uncut cock, dark skin and a shiny red head. It tasted good too. He hardened up as I started to suck. After a minute I pushed hard on his dick and took the head of it down my throat. He gasped. I held him there and then backed off to get a breath. I carried on like this for a few minutes. He had a truly beautiful piece of meat and he was obviously super-horny.

I asked if he wanted to go into a cubicle. Nope. Did he want to fuck me? No. OK, I carry on with the blowjob, just hoping no-one else will walk in before we've finished. I deep throat him again, he leans back and moans and then starts pushing his dick against the back of my throat. His breathing speeds up and I can feel his cock just about ready to burst. Then all of a sudden I have a mouthful of jizz. Yumm. Big swallow. The guy pulls out, cleans up quickly and leaves.

Friday, June 19, 2009


A while back I had a couple of nights in Washington which I haven't told you about.

First there was the park which was listed on squirt and cruising for sex. When I got there it was around closing time. I read about needing to look out for cops but the guys there didn't seem too concerned. Almost all of them were black guys. There was a few of them hanging around in front of a statue. One guy was just standing there with his pants down around his knees while another guy was sliding his raw dick up his arse. Funny was that the slut kept standing straight up rather than bending forward like you normally do if you are getting fucked. I was sitting on park bench behind them, watching. So another guy comes over to me. He gets me to suck on his dick then goes over and pushes into the slut's arse then comes back for me to blow him again. His dick was tasty but not shitty. After half an hour things got quiet plus it felt as if the guys there were mostly into other black or latino types.

I headed down to men's party which I'd never been to before. It was naked night. There wasn't a lot of talent to choose from. In one of the cubicles in the basement there was one guy on his belly, legs wide, exposing his shaved arsehole. I rimmed him for a few minutes, which made my dick hard. Then I slid my dick into him raw and fucked him for a while. He had a nice hole and a hot body but I didn't want to come right at the start of the evening so I left him and walked around.

When I came back down half an hour later there was a younger guy in glasses fucking the same slut. He didn't have a rubber on. I talked to the young guy. He said he was Irish. He pulled out so I could suck on his dick. Then he fucked me for a few minutes. Whatever he did he didn't show a lot of enthusiasm, as if he was tranquilised or something. He pulled out and then fucked the other slut but again without any sign of real interest or excitment.

Eventually I left him to it. Upstairs there was a black guy in a chair. Not pretty but kind of hot. He was happy for me to suck him. He kept growing. Eventually I was chewing on a real XL sized dick. I asked if I could sit on it. Sure. I hopped up on the chair facing him, slowly slid down onto his dick and moved up and down on it. I bounced on his raw dick for a few minutes. He was real big but I wasn't getting much sensation. I slid off and sucked him for a while to harden him up, then turned around with my back to him and slid back down onto his dick. This time I could really feel him in my arse. A few minutes of that and I blew a load all over the floor. I pulled off, turned round and sucked him till he gave me a mouthful.

I went back the following night. One guy with a mustache gave me the eye as I walked in. I liked the look of him. I walked around for a few minutes to see what was there. I ran into mustache in one of the corridors. I groped him and he followed me into a back room. We made out for a while then I dropped my pants and told him to get down there and suck me. He was a good slutty cocksucker and got me good and hard. I liked the feel of his mustache. I bent him over the bunk, pulled down his pants, squatted down and started eating him out. He had a good hairy arse, tasty but not raunchy. He said I could basically do anything I wanted with his arse. I took it he meant he was poz and took loads. I said let's go to a cubicle but before that I slid my dick into his hole just to test the goods. It felt real good so I kept it there. He may have been a slut but he had a tight, really fuckable arsehole.

I worked on his tits. He liked it rough. I worked him over for a while then made him get up on the bunk, hauled his pants off and fucked him doggy style. The feeling of his arse on my raw dick was making me real horny. I pushed myself up higher and starting banging my dick down into him from above. The slut loved it. There were other guys round us pulling their dicks while they watched.

I pulled out and got back down on the floor. His arse was now quite open and slick. i stuck a couple of fingers in then two more. He was opening up further. I tried to get all my fingers and thumb in there. He was moaning but didn't stop me. I opened him up a long way before he stopped me. Too dry I guess. I stand him against the bunk and slide my dick back into him and banged him real hard for a few minutes.

Eventually he got down on the floor and started blowing me. He wanted my load. I explained I was mostly bottom and wanted to get my arse fucked even though his arse was making me really horny. He decided to call it a night, though only after we made out again.

Downstairs there was a 50ish guy in a cubicle. Nice body but he was a bit out of it. He had a nice little hole, tight, with a bit of hair around it. I fucked him a bit. He wanted me to keep going till I could give him a load. I decided to keep moving. I still wanted to get my arse fucked.

I ended up in a sort of orgy room - the end of a dead-end corridor with a dozen guys crammed inside. A tall guy with a little gut feels me up, pulls his dick out of his briefs and slaps it against my arse. He complains about not having any lube but eventually gets it inside me just with spit, which is what I want. He has a fat uncut dick. He pumps away as I lean over the bunk. He was a hot fuck, especially when he wrapped his arms round my chest and gave me a bear hug. After a few hits of poppers I was really into it and would have taken his load if he had kept going. But the rough fuck plus the crowd was making me excited. I couldn't hold off. I blew my load on the floor while he held me tight. He kept cuddling me and making out while I came down from the orgasm. He said he was from Russia.

I guess that's a lot of risk for a couple of nights. The guy with the mustache was hot but he must have been poz. Same for the slut I fucked on the first night and the black guy whose dick I sat on and the Russian who barebacked me. Haven't heard back from the doctor so I figure the test was negative though theoretically I'm still inside the window. I guess the fact I didn't take any loads makes the risk lower though any random barebacking in a town like Washington is kinda like russian roulette. All a bit chilling if I think rationally about it.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Country boy

I've got a sore throat. For all the right reasons.

Down on the waterfront on Sunday there were hot guys out running or joining the crowd at the market. But no action in the toilets. Ditto out at the beach.

Late in the day I went down to the sauna. After the last time I didn't have great expectations. But the first guy I saw after I changed looked familiar. A few weeks earlier I had sucked his dick for a few minutes in the steam room. I followed him down to the maze and asked if he wanted me to suck him again. Yes he did. We went back to find an empty room.

Let me tell you a bit about him. The first time I encountered him we hadn't talked at all, partly because I had my mouth full the whole time. In the cubicle this time he was talkative. He was from a country town over the other side of the range. He's a big guy, muscled as if he uses his body for a living, though he's got a little gut. And he's hot: he has a couple of tats, looks and talks like a straight boy. And did I mention ... that he has a really big dick? A really big fat uncut dick that gets real hard and stays that way.

So we drop our towels, he lies back on the squab and I bend down and work my tongue under his foreskin. He hardens up. I take his dick into my mouth and push it as far as I can down my throat. His dick curves upwards. That plus the thickness plus the hardness plus the fact I'm coming at him from the front means I can't get him all the way down the throat. But he's happy. He says he really likes the sensation when I push the head of his dick against the back of my throat.

We carry on like this a few minutes while our hands roam over each other's bodies. he chats away. He's curious about other guys I've played with and other places I have played, especially some of my adventures in the park. He has great big hairy balls underneath his big dick. I roll them around in my mouth and then go back to sucking his dick.

I tell him that if he really wants to get his dick down my throat we'll need to change position. He stands up behind me while I lie on my back and put my head back over the end of the squab. He slides his dick into my mouth and pushes down. Faaarck! I get him most of the way down but I'm struggling against the gag reflex, not helped by the fact that it's only a few hours since I ate lunch. I pull off for a breather and then try again. He pushes down once more, holds it there. He's loving it. I'm struggling not to throw up but hugely turned on. I pull off him once again but lift my head so I can lick his crack and his balls and stick my tongue in his hole. Earlier I wasn't that hard. Now with him blocking my throat with his dick and then with the taste of his arse my dick is standing up hard. I go back down to deep throat him again. He is in heaven. I guess he doesn't get enough of this.

Eventually I call a break - I'm finding it hard to avoid vomiting. He's happy. I want more. I ask if he wants to fuck me. Yeah sure but he wants to use a rubber. Well I figure it's that or nothing so I pass him a condom. He fucks me doggy style. It's a great sensation. He does it slow and does it fast and then bangs me hard. He has all the assets. It's still not one of the all-time great fucks: he's not that imaginative and in spite of his size and hardness he doesn't manage to deliver that last inch - the extra bit of length that makes you want to shout. But he's big, rough and friendly. He likes it when I reach under and play with his hairy balls as they bang against my arse. I love it.

He eventually pulls out and settles himself on the mattress. I pull the rubber off him and get back to sucking him. With the deep throating earlier on my mouth is good and slimy and I can use my hand as well as my mouth. He's lying back moaning in pleasure. A couple of minutes more and he warns me he's going to unload. His dick swells up even more and then all of a sudden I have a mouth full of jizz. I suck him gently for half a minute while I swallow his load, then I pull off.

He's still all chatty and friendly. Asks how old I am. He thinks I'm in my twenties. I tell him he must have really bad eyes. But he likes my body and thinks I'm a great fuck. You're welcome bud. He says he doesn't do internet hook-ups but I guess there's a good chance we'll meet up again some time at the sauna. I figure he'd be game for another round. He's had a good time. I told him about the times I got fucked raw in the park. It doesn't seem to faze him but I don't get the sense that he's turned on by the idea. We'll see.

So what else can I report? This morning on the way to work I passed the red head walking in the opposite direction. I often see him there around that time - I guess he comes in on the train. He always looks good: tall and real lean, the red hair and freckles. He doesn't acknowledge me, just looks straight ahead. But he knows that I'm thinking about his slutty arse and wanting to drop a load inside him.

Meantime I've been to the clinic for my six-monthly check. This time the doctor was frowning about me barebacking - says he's seeing a real increase in the number of guys being diagnosed. That was Friday, I haven't heard back so I guess that means I'm clear, for the time being. That's a relief: I've been taking more risks in the last few months but I really don't want to end up getting pozzed. Yeah I know, I can't have it both ways.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Buena Vista

When I was wandering around the top of Buena Vista at dawn I was hoping to find some action. There were a couple of 20ish guys there who had been having a good time - a boy-next-door type white guy and a hot latino with jacket open and bare torso. But that was it. I headed back down to Castro for some food and then crashed.

After some sleep I headed back up Buena Vista early in the afternoon. There was a bit more life. The first guy I got talking to was Santos from Costa Rica. He was around my age, a lot heavier than me, but real friendly. We talked for a while then walked down the side of the hill to a more private spot and started making out. He had a big smooth uncut dick. I sucked on it for a while. I told him I liked to get fucked. Santos was happy to oblige. It was a bit difficult - we were in a small clearing under some low shrubs. But I sucked on his dick to get it all wet and hard, and fingered myself to loosen up my arse. He slid it in raw with no trouble. He immediately started fucking me fast, banging me hard. In not much more than a minute he pulled out and said he was coming. I turned round and took a mouthful as he blew his wad. Pity he came so fast - he had a nice dick and I would have liked to feel him inside me for a lot longer. And I would have taken his load if he had wanted to blow in my arse.

After Santos left I went wandering again. Next was an older white guy, had the look of a drifter. He had a big piece of meat and I sucked on him for a while. I said I wanted to get fucked. While I had my back to him he slapped some lube on my arse, which I hate. Even that wasn't enough: he was struggling to stay hard. I left him to it.

On the other side of the hill I found a latino guy in running shorts wanting to get his dick sucked. He was a bit strange: I would suck him for a bit then he would get nervous with other guys wandering around. He took me further down the hill to a clearing and stuck his dick in me raw but kept pulling out. I gave up on him - too many interruptions. I tried another latino guy who had just had a joint (great smell) but was also on the booze. He had a nice dick but he was too stoned or pissed to get hard.

There was a skinny twink wandering around in cargo shorts. I didn't even try to chat him up - I figured he was looking for something similar. So I was surprised to see him making out with a guy who looked older than me and not in great shape. After a bit the twink turned round and dropped his pants so the older guy could fuck him. I wasn't close enough to get a good look but he was taking it raw as far as I could see. The twink was bent over, holding onto a branch while the older guy stuck it into him. There were several others just standing around watching. Quite a view ...

Saturday, May 23, 2009

More slutty bloggers

Check out this slut in Chicago. Some pix and videos. Plus new blog from this cumwhore bareback bottom in Austin.


I didn't head down to Folsom St until well after midnight. Ran most of the way to work up a bit of a sweat.

Oscar said he was portugese american though he talked more like an irishman. He was shaved all over, liked to kiss but didn't really get hard. He mostly just lay there. I got bored and went soft, left him to it.

Roy was from nicaragua. He was short - maybe 5'6" - but hot, with a Che beard, treasure trail, tight little butt under his tighty whiteys. We kept running into each other. First he would just talk. Next time he let me cop a feel. Later he dropped his pants and we made out, with Oscar joining us for a bit. Roy liked having me bite the back of his neck. He had a long thin dick. When I got down and sucked him he grabbed my head and turned it sideways, I guess so he could push his dick further down my throat. But I couldn't get him to fuck me. And he wouldn't let me eat his arse.

I did get to eat arse with a black guy, maybe around 40. We made out for a while. I sucked his dick but he wasn't getting very hard. I turned him round and bent him over the chair in the cubicle. Some guys are specially edible. He was one of them. His arse was tasty without being raunchy. Pink hole, a bit of hair. Plus he really got off on it. It made me hard. I said I would give him a taste of my dick. Now this was a bit strange: he was physically bigger than me, and was certainly much better hung. But I was all horned up from eating him out, and his arse was tight and muscular, with no lube to kill the sensation. I alternated screwing him slowly and banging him hard. Through all of it his arse stayed tight. Felt great. I guess we were at it for about 15 minutes when he told me he was about to blow his wad. I felt his arse clench as he came. He stood up, we laughed, then chatted and made out for a while before he wandered off. I wished later I had left a load in him.

There were a few others but nothing that turned into anything special. As usual I was looking for some hard raw dick to take up my arse and didn't manage to get it. But then, another night on Folsom without taking a load up my arse is another bullet dodged I guess.

I left just before dawn and walked up Haight to the top of Buena Vista to watch the sun rise.

Friday, May 22, 2009


I checked in at Becks around 3.30. They gave me a corner room up on the second level. As I walked round the landing I passed an open door with a couple of guys inside who were keeping an eye on the passers by.

I dumped my bags inside then came back out onto the landing, pretending to check my phone for messages. One of the guys was standing in the door pulling on his crotch. I watched him for half a minute then wandered along. When I got inside the door they both had their dicks out. I took a suck on one of them and then said that if he wanted to get inside my arse I'd better go and hose out first. Yep, that's what he wanted.

I came back in 10 minutes. I started on the younger guy. He had a fat cut dick with a downward curve. Even with me down on my knees (ie the wrong angle) I was able to get it down my throat. I sucked him for a few minutes before he dropped his pants and lay back on the bed. I sucked him some more then got under his balls. He lifted his legs and I went further down, started on his arsehole. He tasted of baby powder. I was all horned up and thought I might stick my dick into him. He obviously liked to take it up the arse. I pushed a little way in. But I quickly realised he hadn't cleaned out. And besides I wanted to get my arse fucked.

I turned my attention to the other guy. He was older, had latino looks, nice dick, real hard. I backed onto him slowly. He pushed me forward so I was sucking on the young guy's dick and balls again. Meanwhile latino started to throw a fuck into me. He didn't waste time: he had a kind of jackrabbit fucking style, fast and rough. With his fat dick and no rubber it felt real nice.

It didn't take him long. He pulled out and said he was going to come. I got onto my knees fast and got him to give me his load. I got most of it in my mouth, some on my face. The younger guy came at the same time.

We all had a good laugh. I pulled my pants back on and wandered back to my room. Welcome to San Francisco.

Saturday, May 9, 2009


I checked out the park one night last weekend. There was a huddle of three guys down one end of the path when I got there. The youngest - around 30 as far as I could tell - was wearing glasses, looked as if he was red-headed. I played with his tits and sucked him for a bit. He sounded a bit camp but he had a muscled body and a nice uncut dick. I asked if I could eat his arse. He hesitated and said ok. He bent over and held onto the rail. His arse was a bit raunchy but not enough to put me off. Plus he had fine hair over his arse and his back and muscles in all the right places. I tongued his crack and his hole and bit into his cheeks.

After a few minutes I stood up and turned him round. He wouldn't kiss me to get a taste of his own arse but his dick was now standing out straight and hard. I sucked him again and then asked if he wanted to fuck me. I tried to back onto his dick but he softened or pulled back. I tried different ways but it didn't feel as if he was really wanting to stick it into me.

He said something about the other guy who was still standing alongside us. I reached out for a feel. Faarck! I hadn't been interested in him - he was an older guy, not much hair, saggy belly. But he had a spectacular piece of meat between his legs. I bent down for a taste. His dick was unusual for several reasons. It was thicker than anything I can remember taking into my mouth since a guy about six years ago on the hill in Barcelona. This one was thick all the way from the base to the head. Plus he had inches of loose foreskin. When he pushed into my mouth it had the feel of a true gobstopper.

I sucked him for a few minutes or more correctly he pumped my mouth (he couldn't get it down my throat). But I wanted more. I stood up, turned and put his head against my arsehole. Surprisingly I was able to get him inside me without much trouble. I bent right over to give him maximum access and then started chewing on the other guy's dick while beercan started to pump me.

For 15 minutes or so I alternated between taking beercan dick and sucking the other slut and eating slut's arse again. Eventually the slut lost his hard-on. I sucked beercan up to full hardness, slid back on to him and bent over again. I blew a load as he pounded my arse. He didn't come.

Nothing much to report from today. I swallowed a load from a young Aussie guy with a thin dick at one of the toilets in the city. We kissed while I worked his nipples then I got down and blew him in front of the urinals. He was hot but he wouldn't kiss me again after I stood up with a load of his jizz in my mouth.

Monday, May 4, 2009

More bloggers

Check out gay sex slut if he's not already on your reading list. And then benjamin frederickson ...

In the next day or two I'll update you on what I've had in my holes over the weekend.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Slutty bloggers

Latest addition is hotpigg. Great to have you on the list, kiddo.