Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Weather was cold and windy on Sunday but I went out for a run anyway. There was no-one up the top of the hill. I headed across the city to check out the park. On the track into the park a guy looked at me as we passed. I stopped, turned and followed. He had stopped 100m further along the path. We headed up into the trees.

He was a bit younger than me, with a bit of a gut. I squatted down and got him unzipped. Nothing too exciting there to start with but as I sucked him he hardened up and grew. He had a fat dick with an extra-large mushroom head. It was the kind of dick that makes your jaw ache after a few minutes just because you have to hold your mouth wide open at the same time as you are trying to suck. It's a nice kind of ache to have.

I asked if he wanted to fuck me. He didn't say no. I stood up, dropped my shorts, turned round, leant forward against the pine and told him to rub his dick against my arse. Nice. A minute of that and then I took his dick and lodged the head against my hole. I thought he would ask for a rubber. No, he kept it there and started pushing. Oh yes! I felt the head stretch me open as he pushed the first inch of it inside me. Then he was balls-deep in my arse. I bent further down as he started moving in and out.

I don't know about you but when I'm on the receiving end of a good fuck I just want to get naked. It was real cold up under the trees with the wind blowing but I stripped off my shirt so I was stark naked. He dropped his jeans all the way down and starting pumping me harder. I bent further down and put my hands on the ground to give him a better angle on the slope. Mmmmm, yes!

A few minutes more and I could feel him softening. He had complained when we started that his head was spinning - he was still suffering from a hard night out. He pulled his dick out. Uh oh: I had hosed out before I left home but there were a few specks of brown on his dick. He spent a minute cleaning himself off and then looked horrified when I said I would suck him. I sucked him anyway till he got hard again. I asked if he wanted to fuck me again but I could tell from his reaction that it wasn't going to happen. I squatted down and started sucking him again. He really wanted to come but couldn't quite get there.

I was starting to get real cold. All of a sudden he swore and jumped back: he had spotted someone on the path just below his. He hadn't realised the path was so close. As if I could care. Anyhow that was it. He zipped up and headed off.

I was still horned up so I headed down to the sauna. There was a good crowd there. I passed country boy who was friendly but clearly not looking for a rerun just now. I headed into a cubicle with a guy around my age with a good lean body. We made out for a while but it was clear he wanted to get his arse fucked. I pushed him back on the bed, lifted his legs, rimmed him for a bit and then started smacking my dick against his hole. He was happy to take my tongue raw but not my dick. I tried with a rubber but soon lost my hard-on. I said bye bye and left him to it.

Found a younger guy with a fat gut and a hard dick who wanted to get sucked. We ended up in a cubicle. I asked if I could sit on his dick. Yeah, but he wanted to wear a rubber. OK. I sank down onto his dick, adjusted to having him inside me then started moving up and down on him. He lay there moaning, just liking the feeling of my hole.

A few minutes of that and he was ready to lift the tempo. He got up, put me on my back and slid his dick into me from above. Now it's fucktime. Even with the rubber he had stayed really hard. Now he was pummelling me, banging his pelvis against my arse. My hole was starting to hurt, but a good kind of hurt. He grabbed my dick. He wanted to see me blow. But it was the feeling of his dick rather than his hand that tipped me over the edge. I spurted all over my stomach. He ran his hand through my jizz and then started fucking me hard and fast before he blew his load. He didn't linger: he slapped my arse, grabbed his towel and left.

That was it for Sunday prayers, folks. We take what we can get, I guess.

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