Sunday, August 31, 2008


Went up to the big city on Thursday. I would have liked to misbehave but I was caught up with work and family business apart from Saturday afternoon. I checked out a cruise club and a couple of arcades but nothing was stirring.

So I arrived back home this morning still needing to scratch that itch. Started with Old Faithful, the 9" black monster. At the base it's wider round than my wrist and hard to take. A couple of times I've ended up with a bit of bleeding. Today I took it slow, with dollops of gun oil, deep breathing and pauses while I push those lips out. 20 minutes into the session I took another big hit of poppers, felt my arse open up further and took the last inch inside me. Whoowheee! Stopped for a rest then did it all over again.

Course that wasn't enough. I needed the real thing. It being a fine spring afternoon I decided to take my sticky arse up the hill. A few old geezers hanging around, nothing too promising, then ... Bingo!

He had an ordinary guy look to him. Face was familiar but I couldn't place him. He had his dick out already, pulling himself. He wasn't sure that he wanted me sucking on it but then turned round and let me on. Real fine piece of meat.

I started on the head. Then took him deeper. He was a perfect size for me: any bigger and I wouldn't have been able to get him right down my throat. I had to turn my head sideways to get the last inch down. He wanted me to work on the head, then he wanted to fuck my face and go deep. I started to see big strings of thick saliva hanging off him every time I pulled off.

He was nervous at first - kept his pants up, kept looking round for other guys coming along the track. After a couple of hits of poppers he relaxed, dropped his trou and concentrated on the job at hand.

I was all horned up. The guy looked and sounded straight as. Real tradesman type. Short salt and pepper hair, crooked teeth, little gut. He had few words, just kept telling me what to do next on his dick.

I couldn't get him interested in my arse and he didn't react when I said I wanted to eat his. He just fucked my face harder and deeper. I wanked him as I sucked him. He started to come. I swallowed a couple of spurts of thick cum off him before he squeezed his dick to stop it. A pause then I sucked him some more. First the head then the shaft then the full length. Long strings of saliva everywhere.

He told me to wank him again. He finally blew over my face as I blew over my shorts. I tried to lick the head but he was too sensitive. He wiped his dick on my t-shirt, a smirk on his face. He buttoned up and headed back up the trail.

Funny thing is I think I've now worked out who he is. A few years ago I had a memorable fuck one summer day over in the park. The guy was on a bike. He looked in my direction as he passed and then headed up the gully into the bush. I followed him and then it was all on. We made out for a while then he stripped off completely. I did the same.

He wasn't that tall but had a nice working man's body and a big fat dick. And liked to play dirty. He sucked my arse, I sucked his arse, we frenched each other with the taste of our arses all over our faces. I sucked his dick and licked out his pits. And then he slid it into me raw and fucked me. I was standing, I was on my back, I was on all fours.

It was a fuck to remember: the smells and tastes, the risk (both completely naked, not far from the track), doing it on the dirt and above all his big dick punching up my arse. And doing it raw. In my mind I was fighting between wanting the fuck to go on and on and the fear of doing it bareback.

We didn't get to a climax. He climbed off, put his gear on and left. I was puzzled at the time though I thought afterwards he maybe wanted to get his arse fucked as well. I saw him once a few months after that but couldn't get him interested.

Like I say, that was a few years ago. Was it bikeguy again today? The face looked familiar and the dick sure matched the big tool from the fuck in the park. On the other hand the guy today showed no interest in arse play, with mine or his, and there was nothing exhibitionist about him, unlike bikeguy. I'll look out for him again and see if next time I can interest him in getting up my arse. I guess that will provide the answer.

In the meantime that must rank as my most lipsmackingly piggy blowjob in months. I'm now heading off to bed with his dick smell and his dried cum still on my face. Soon as I publish this I'm going to be on my back with my dick in my hand ...

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Weather has been real shitty so I haven't bothered with the park. Ended up at the tubs again last night. Got hit on by a young Asian guy, same one I'd had a foursome with the week before. Good body.

Just went into the maze, dropped towels and got down to it. He has a nice dick, uncut. I lick under his balls and try to turn him round to rim him. But he wants me on his dick. He's into getting deep throated. I can take him there but not for too long. Course once he's down my throat he gets pushy and rough, so before long my saliva turns to mucus.

And of course there's only one thing for it when you're sucking a hard dick and your throat gets all slimy. I stand up, turn round and bend over. Take a hit of poppers at the same time. He pushes it in raw and starts pumping. We go for a few minutes before he starts to soften. When I suck him again he hardens up fast and then turns me round to fuck me again. He's real lean so it's almost bone on bone when his pelvis bangs my arse.

Now I'm back on my knees with his dick right down my throat after a big hit of poppers. I'm short of air and he's fucking my face. I can't hold out. I blow all over the floor as I gasp for air. My knees are shaking when I try to stand. He doesn't get off but he's happy. I still don't know his name or where he's from. My guess is he's Thai. Hope I'll have him again.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Back downunder it's winter. Saturday night there's only the tubs. But there's been some surprises. I thought this was a white bread town. Last weekend I got hit on by a guy. He was younger, taller, tanned and built. I sucked him in the maze before he took me off to a room. He turned me onto my stomach, rolled on a rubber and slid it in. Started slow then turned hard and rough. Suits me. In the end he squatted on top of me and rammed his dick down into me like a piston, hammering me till I blew. Nice. Turned out he was from Mexico. My first Mexican.

I was feeling greedy. After a break I went looking for more. The guy who hit on me was shorter but muscled, with big shoulders and a big mustache. His fingers went straight to my arse. We went to a room. He was around my age, looked as if he came from the Balkans or Middle East. Bossy and real physical. He had rough stubble and wanted me to feel it. He kept putting his chin in my armpit and rubbing it. First time a guy has ever done that to me. Kinda hot.

But what he was really after was my hole. He double wrapped and pushed it in. He fucked me on my back, fucked me on my front, fucked me on my side. He wasn't huge but he was hard and he was rough. And he wanted to touch me all over - hands all over my back, my belly, my arse, while he kept rubbing my armpits and my neck and my face with his stubbly chin. I blew for the second time in an hour. He had hardly any English but wanted to chat anyway. I thought he was from Iraq or something but turned out he was from Ecuador. So what's with all the hot Latinos turning up down here all of a sudden? Not that I'm complaining. He gave me a smack on the arse and a big smile as he left.