Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday loads

I hit up a guy on bbrt, a younger guy listing himself as pozpiss something. He queried my message, I guess because I was listed as neg only. I said I took a few risks, and he had listed his status as undetectable. He gave me his address. He opened the door in chaps and harness, clamps on his nipples, half a hard-on and a strong smell of weed inside. I sucked his tits but he soon pushed me down onto his dick and fucked my throat.

He didn't have much patience: before I'd got his dick properly hard or my throat all slimed up he pushed me onto all fours and pulled my shorts off. He pushed straight in. He had a nice piece of meat, uncut and fat, with a big shiny head, though not especially long. He fucked me for a while doggy style, hands on my hips pulling me back onto his dick, while I sucked on a bottle of poppers. He accelerated and then asked where I wanted it. I said to give me his load inside me. He banged me hard, slowed and then went hard again. Then again. Eventually he said it looked like he wasn't going to come. He pulled out and we chatted for a bit. He was a bit stoned. But basically I think he just wasn't into me. I left him to it.

I still hadn't got my rocks off so in the evening I headed out to the park. There were several guys in a huddle on one of the bridges up the gully. One was the older guy with the beercan dick who had fucked me earlier in the year. I watched for a while as he played with a couple of others. Then a tall lean Asian guy came in for a closer look. Beercan started showing some interest. I dropped my pants, bent over the rail and took a few hits of poppers. He asked about lube. I had fingered some gun oil into my arse before I headed out so I said he should just push right on in. I thought I had a tight arse but I didn't have real difficulty taking him. He pushed steadily in and out for a while then pulled out and turned me round. He wanted the Asian guy to have a turn.

Asian guy had a nice dick, long and hard. He had a rubber on it. I bent over and took it anyway. It had that tight squeaky feeling of unlubed rubber as it went in. It almost seemed to catch. He fucked me for a bit anyway, taking a few deep breaths off my poppers. He tried to lift my leg up onto the bridge rail. Sounds pretty kinky but I'm not that flexible. He pulled out after a few minutes. I alternated between beercan and the Asian guy for a while.

Before the Asian guy put it into me again I noticed that the condom seemed ripped at the top. It didn't stop me. This time he seemed hornier, maybe from having the audience, maybe from sharing me with beercan guy. I bent right over the bridge rail as he fucked me hard. In a minute or two I could tell he was coming. Beercan turned me round and pushed his dick into me. It felt different - partly because beercan was now all horned up but it also felt slicker somehow. I guessed it was because Asian guy with the broken condom had dropped a load in me. Hard for him not to know the rubber had broken, but there you are. Beercan started to fuck me hard and fast, then held me real tight, groaned and dropped his head on my shoulder, panting. He confirmed he'd nutted inside me. He zipped up and headed off down the track.

I was left with tracksuit guy. He's a big fit guy, thick dick, he's fucked me a few times before but I've never felt he's really into it - I suspect he's more a bottom. This time he was really getting off on the whole scene. His dick was extra hard and I was feeling superslutty. I told him I had two loads in me. That had an effect. He grabbed me by the hips and started pounding my arse. That sensation of pelvis banging on pelvis, which I love. Plus the slick feeling of having raw dick sliding in and out of a an arse that's already full of spooge. In a few minutes he told me he was going to unload. I braced while he pumped his load into me.

All of this happened in about half an hour. First time I'd ever had more than one load in me.

Morning after I was hobbling around. I'd like to say it was because my arsehole was sore but it was actually my hip, I think the Asian guy must have twisted it too far when he was trying to lift my leg up onto the bridge railing.


Last Sunday I couldn't get any nibbles on the dating sites (usual story) so headed out for a run. Didn't find anything out at the beach so I headed up the hill instead. Hardly anyone there - it was late in the day. I hung around anyway.

I was getting ready to head home when the Iraqi turned up. For once I didn't play hard to get. He took me to a spot down from the track where it was a bit more private. He dropped his trackpants and I sucked him. He wanted to get fucked so he turned round and backed onto me. He has a good muscly arse and a tight hole. I went in raw, no lube. Fucked him slow for a while then banged him while he bent forward and held onto a tree. Then I went slow again, just enjoying the feeling of skin on skin and the sight of his ring closing around the veins in my dick as I slid slowly in and out.

After a while he pulled off. It was my turn. I took my running shorts off, took a hit of poppers, bent right over and braced as he pushed into me. He was also in a mood to take it slow. He has a nice dick. It felt good. I don't know how long he fucked me but eventually I felt his dick harden and swell, he started moaning and holding me real tight, then he pushed into me hard. He said he had come inside me.

I didn't hang around. He was cleaning himself with some grass. I headed back up the track and home.