Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sloppy seconds

Hooked up with Hiro last night for the first time in a few weeks. He said he wanted to get fisted, hadn't had any for a while. I put him on his knees, hoping to get in a bit deeper.  He's as tight as ever,  makes it really intense for both of us once I get in him. But I still can't get much beyond my wrist.  We played for a couple of hours, mix of fisting and fucking and some rough play. He really gets off on being controlled and getting hurt. But then I lick his face and stick my tongue down his throat. Sour and sweet seems to hit the spot.
We had left the cubicle door part open. At one point I looked up to see another guy standing there watching, stroking himself. Eventually he came in and squatted down with us. It was immediately clear it was Hiro he was into. He let me play with his arse hole a bit but pulled back with a smile when I tried to suck his dick.
Hiro is not that into threesomes and got a bit tense when I tried to fist him again with the other guy watching. Eventually we decided to carry on with just the two of us. We played for a while. I wanted to put a load into him to finish off but couldn't stay hard.
I told him to see if any of the other guys were interested in putting a load in him instead. He wasn't too keen but said he'd try. He ended up in another cubicle with the guy from earlier. I waited for nearly an hour while they played. When he came out he had a big smile. He came over, turned round and pushed his arse into my face. Sweeeeet! His hole was oozing spunk. He said the other guy had bred him twice. I told him to sit on my face so I could eat him out. He said he had lost a lot of the first load the second time the guy pushed into him. There was still enough to send me to cumpig heaven as he pushed the load out.  I lapped it up then pushed my tongue into him to savor the mix of cum and arse juice. Surprise surprise, my dick was suddenly full of life again. I pushed into him, pulled him back onto me hard as I fucked him. I unloaded in him within five minutes. Cycled home licking my lips.