Friday, July 25, 2014

Hey doc

A young guy has been chasing me on a dating site for a few weeks. The pix he sent me left me curious. He's not pretty, his face looks a bit lived in, but very male. Hair like grown-out mohican. From the body shot he looks fit. I reluctantly agreed to meet him last night: I was working until after 10 but agreed to rendezvous with him near here at midnight.
Turns out he lives close by too, so we went back to his place. I'd had acupuncture earlier in the day for a frozen shoulder so I was feeling mellow. But I immediately felt at ease with him. He wanted to talk. He's early 30s, basically closeted, says he hasn't had much experience with guys (though he's had several boyfriends).
So here we are on his sofa. Although he puts himself down a bit–looks, body–he's very tactile, he's on top of me, legs entwined, touching as we talk. I had thought from the pix and the chat online he was maybe a regular "salaryman". But the apartment doesn't fit: it's upmarket and he's paying for it by himself. He talks about his earlier years. Bad boy at school. Lots of fights. He shows me the scar on his elbow where he stubbed out a cigarette in some exhibition of willpower. Likes travelling. Spent a season pruning vines in Australia, hoping to build up his English. There was the cute boyfriend from Nashville who turned out to be just too suspicious and controlling. Travelling around Europe after graduation, trying out any drugs he can find. And through all of this he keeps saying "I want you to teach me to ...".
Still can't work out what he's after. He's certainly horny: as we lie there I feel his dick pulsing against my leg. I tease him about it. He says it's a problem that he gets hard so easily. He asks what I want. I say I'm enjoying just lying there close, talking. But we decide to take it to bed.
He strips down. He's about my height but lean, muscled. He originally hit me up, he says, because I advertised for someone to run with. He tells me there was no-one in school who could keep up with him. Figures. From other things he says it sounds as if he's always been restless, bit of an exercise junkie. It's going to be embarrassing if we ever get out for a run together.
I tell him I like his body. He hates his body. Too fat, too hairy, not enough muscle... But he's going to have more time to spend in the gym from next month so he says he's going to work out for me. What did I do to deserve this.
He says I'm cute. I think he's out by a few decades but I guess it's all in the eye of the beholder. He likes the shape of my head. Runs his fingers over my skull. Starts naming the different bones: frontal, parietal, temporal, occipital... Describes where he would go in if he was opening up my brain. Wait... Yeah, turns out he's a doctor. Neurosurgeon no less. I'm trying to work this out. He's deeply closeted, seems as if he's not having an easy time of it (n. o gay friends). And yet here he is talking without any inhibitions about himself. Maybe it's easier to do with a foreigner.
He's the same when we start talking about what we're into. He's puppy-dog cuddly and affectionate. But he's not much of a kisser. When I get his pants off he doesn't like me sticking my tongue in his hole because he hasn't showered. But that uniform hanging on the wall... yeah, he gets a kick out of sex in cammies. He wants to know if we can play doctors some time: he wants to examine me while he's wearing his whites. We talk a bit about rough play. Yeah he's up for that.
As for tonight... He's hard again. Doesn't have any rubbers so we can't fuck. I blow him. He loves getting sucked. Comes in my mouth. He's a bit concerned when I swallow–aren't I worried about infections? He's a doctor so can't afford to have any infections, gets blood tested at the hospital twice a year.
I blow him again in the morning when we wake then jerk myself off while he works my nipples. I tossed and turned during the night–whenever I woke he was up against me, skin to skin.
So we'll see where it goes. I don't think I'm going to get much nasty sex out of him: no barebacking, no fisting I would guess, no raunchy rim jobs. But he's one of those guys who's immediately interesting–the energy, restlessness, slightly lost character, hunger for affection, openness. I want to see a lot more of him.    

Sunday, July 20, 2014


I had a free day earlier in the week. Hooked up in the morning on bbrt with an American guy. He put a load in me. Not great sex but we had fun talking. Then an overdue visit to the clinic. All negative. To celebrate I headed off to Jinya. Pretty quiet there but I like it because there's no privacy–pretty much all the guys who go there are OK with playing in front of others or with others. Didn't get more than some half-hearted action the first couple of hours. Then as I was fingering a guy who wanted to get fucked a third guy came close and squatted down. He wasn't a looker. But he was lean, and interested, and then reaching under his robe I found a long hard dick. I moved closer. He spread his thighs to give me better access as I fingered his taint and his hole. He moaned as I leant down and sucked his dick.
Too often places like Jinya seem to take the edge off sex–I guess it's what happens when there are too many men just looking or groping but waiting for Mr Perfect to come along. This time something clicked, we were both hot for each other. I had my tongue down his throat, he had his hands all over me. I was horned up and wanted to feel him inside me. I asked if he would fuck me. We moved to the other side of the room, I stripped off, got on hands and knees. He got naked, spat on his fingers, slicked up, slid inside me then pushed in deep. Long, hard, raw dick. Slow deep dicking. The extra sensation from still having the load inside me from the morning. In less than a minute I was cumming hard, then we were just lying there, smiling, kissing, lost in the sensation that comes after good sex. 
I couldn't tell if he had come or not but he had a big smile on his face too, and didn't seem to want more. Going by the amount of cum that came out of me the next morning I think he had unloaded in me too. I'm still smiling thinking about it. 

Achy achy

I'm sitting here with an aching arsehole. It's not from being fucked hard or fisted (I was fucked hard and at length by K yesterday, then fisted, but it doesn't leave me with this sort of ache). No, I seem to get this feeling when I have a load in my hole. Not sure why–something about how the lining of the arse reacts to all that spooge? Today it was Nori again. In a toilet in the park. Once we get inside he always goes straight for my nipples, works them hard. He tastes of cigarettes when he kisses me. Then he pushes me down onto his dick. He's always hard. He keeps working my nipples while I suck on him. Then reaches down my back and fingers my hole. He finally pulls me up and turns me round before sliding into me. 
It's always intense with him. Partly it's the risk–guys shuffling around outside the door. Plus he's the only guy who always fucks me raw and always cums in me. And I always feel that big mushroom head as he slides in and out. 
Today I'm extra horny. It's hot and I've just run 6km around the park, I'm still sweating like crazy as he fucks me. I pull off him, turn and suck him for a bit to taste my arse on his dick. Then slide back onto him. Something sets me off: he's shorter than me but the combination of him dicking me and twisting my nipple and then biting my neck sends me over the edge before I wanted to cum. Before I know it I'm blowing my load all over the tiles. He's not ready. I have a few painful minutes as he carries on dicking me before he finally unloads inside me.
Now I'm back home with that ache in my hole to remind me. 

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Too horny

I like my men horny. But sometimes...
The weather is steamy over here right now. I don't know what effect it has on you, but me, I end up spending a lot of time just thinking about dick. And far too many frustrating hours online looking for it.
Then this morning I got a "hi how are you" message from furry guy. He only ever messages me if he's horny. And when he is he wants it now. After some dithering about where to hook up we agreed to meet in the park. But once he got there he decided he didn't want to fuck in a park toilet. We came back to my place and I took him down to the basement storeroom. Figured we weren't likely to be disturbed there on a Sunday. 
He went straight for my nipples. He now knows that I get crazy horny if he makes them hurt. After a minute of that he pulled out his big hard dick which was already oozing precum. He face fucked me while he dug his nails into my tits. He let me rim him for a minute - he has a tight little butt, real hairy. Ought to be a rimmer's picnic but he cleans up so well there's nothing to taste, and he's not really into it. Bit of a waste. 
Then he was naked and rolling a rubber onto his dick. I had thrown a towel on the floor but he wanted me standing up. I bent right over and held onto a shelf while he pounded me. In less than five minutes he was unloading in the condom. 
It was good while it lasted but he's one of those guys who once they've cum aren't interested in anything more. So much for me wanting to get fisted. He was dressed and out of there in another minute leaving me horny and frustrated.
I wasted the afternoon looking for another fuck. Finally tonight I gave in and settled for the consolation prize. I had kept furry guy's full condom from this morning. I squeezed all the cum into my hole and used that as lube as I slowly slid down onto my longest dildo. I blew a load as the head of the dildo slipped through the sigmoid. So I got his load deep inside me after all.
He's a strange one. Today he was dressed like a middle aged Japanese tourist on safari. The way he talks sometimes he seems to have self image issues. Yet look beyond the bad haircut and the crazy glasses and he's hot: muscular torso, tight butt, great lips, fat dick that's always super hard. Great fucker, usually goes for half an hour. Into some rough stuff too. And a very intense fister. I have never turned him down. Take what you can get when you can get it is my rule.