Monday, November 11, 2013

Mrs Robinson

Big dick skinny guy is growing on me. We hooked up again a week ago and then yesterday. He doesn't have the kind of face  that would make you turn around for another look if you passed him I'm the street. But he's tall and lean, and has that big uncut dick, and he's a relentless top. And he's a big kisser. He can look quite the innocent - like a 30 year old teenager. Yet he's hungry to taste arsehole and pits and piss and taint. When he has me on my back, arse in the air with his tongue in my crack, all I can see is his big dark eyes staring at me, all solemn, as he works my hole. He's not that young but he's got a mix of innocence and lewdness about him that, with those eyes, made me feel very Mrs Robinson at one point.
Anyway the big revelation is that he's in love with my hole. When we hooked up a week ago he ended up fisting me. He did a repeat yesterday. And he is good. Doesn't fuck around, goes straight in, knows what to do. And whether it's the technique or the shape of his hand or what I don't know but he gets in there and my hole starts singing Hallelujah. He's the best I've had since Jamie.
Last time he got me all loosened up and then got greedy. Levering my hole open with one fist he then pushed his log in and fucked me. Hurt like fuck but he was stretching me, not ripping me, and it was the kind of hurt a bottom needs every now and again. Once or twice he surprised me by sliding his dick in for a few strokes without a rubber. But he basically plays safe only.
Or so I thought. Last night he'd been fucking me doggy and missionary for half an hour when I got up to take a piss. He followed me in, rubbed his dick in my crack ... and then slid it in. It took me half a minute before I realized he was pissing in my hole, the dirty fucker. I let him finish then made him kneel in the shower while I blew it back out over his chest. Mmmm. My dick stood to attention and we just knelt there kissing for what seemed like an age.
After a break he fisted me. He makes my hole feel soooo good. I just lie there in bliss. He's pretty happy too. Loves the sight of his fist sliding in and out, loves playing with the little rosebud after he's pulled right out.
And then we lie there and talk. He's a bit of a loner, worries he's getting too reliant on kinky sex ... but not really. Worries he hasn't found a boyfriend ... but really prefers being by himself. Solitary but thoughtful, warm, cuddly, endlessly kissable, everhard, relentless. Plus a dick that still hurts every time he pushes in all the way. I'm getting to enjoy it. A lot.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

sloppy seconds

I arranged to meet up with Hiro mid-afternoon. When he arrived we were the only two in the club. He said he'd been in another sex club all night, hadn't hosed out or showered. I couldn't resist: I got him on his back, arse in the air, and dived in. For once his arsehole tasted like an arsehole rather than water and soap. I rimmed him out for a while then slid into him raw. It was good - his hole felt better than when he has cleaned out. 
My finger and dick were coming out clean so I told him I was going to fist him just like that, without him hosing out. I went into him real slow, first just with four fingers. When he eventually loosened up enough to take my whole fist it was quite a different feel to normal. I hadn't pushed hard to get into him and he was able to cope with me leaving it there, unlike the usual thing where after a minute he would make me take it out. I pushed a little deeper, moved around, stretched my fist. He just lay there and smiled, loving every minute. I eventually pulled out after I could feel that it was going to get a bit dirty if I stayed in him.
He returned the favour. Lately he always wants to fist me. Problem is, I can never see him as a real top, plus there's something about his technique that doesn't work for me.
After a while I took a break. While I was out having a drink another guy slipped into the cubicle and fucked him. After they had finished I went back in to see how he was. He had had a good fuck but the guy had used a condom. Hiro is like me - really wants to score a load. I offered to help. I found the used condom, turned it inside out and poured the cum into his hole, pushing the inside-out rubber in to get all the spooge into him. This was enough to make my dick harden up. I slid into him, this time with the other guy's cum as lube, and banged him hard until I unloaded inside him. It didn't take long. 
I left him there on his back, eyes closed, smiling, quietly jerking himself as two loads leaked out of his hole.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Well fucked

It didn't start well.  I couldn't host and he didn't want to go to a sex club. Eventually he said I could go to his place but by then it was late and the rain was pissing down. When he met me at the station I thought maybe this wouldn't be much fun. Online he said he was all top but in the flesh he came across more as a sort of Japanese rive gauche bottom.  
It got more interesting once we were in his place and he had his pants off. He was tall and skinny and had a big dick – my favourite combination. Turned out he knew what he wanted. He was a bit of a kinkster: didn't waste much time before getting my pants off and getting his tongue deep into my hole, then into my pits. Then he was fucking my face.
Before long he had rubbered up and was sliding into my hole, starting in missionary position. He was big and stayed hard, and when he pushed in all the way it hurt. That didn't stop him. He had me on my back then doggie style then on my side. In between times he was back licking my hole or getting me to rim him or sticking his tongue down my throat.
Time for an interlude. He threw me a towel and told me to follow him into the bathroom. He had been chugging beer and Red Bull and water. Now I knew why. He had me on my knees and then hosed me down. For once I didn't drink it - flavour was a bit odd. His dick stayed half hard while he pissed on me. 
He eventually came just lying next to me and jacking himself. He wouldn't put his dick into me bb but he jerked off all over my hole then rubbered up again and pushed all his jizz into me using his dick. It was enough to tip me over the edge.
So now I'm home in bed with a sore arse and a smile on my face. I'll be back for more of that.  

Sunday, September 15, 2013


Had couple of weeks in Europe for a summer break. I was full of a cold for much of it, which put a dampener on things. Berlin was sweet and sour. The cyclist with the great arse and hard dick fucked me hard and raw but wouldn't cum in me (he was undetectable but…) and got nervous trying to fist me because I was tight and told him he had to push his fist in. I ended up putting a load in him. The sweet smiling deaf Croatian guy with the looks and body and of an older gigolo who kissed and stroked and rimmed and fucked me from one end of the apartment to the other and sent me home the next morning with a smile plastered all over my face…but got upset about something when we hooked up again and brought it all to an end. The Vietnamese guy with the big dick who I sucked off in the park in Friedrichshain and talked and talked about life as a refugee but wouldn't let me have his load when he came. The French top who raw fucked me in every position in the pornstar script but who was too drugged to cum and ended up taking my load up his arse. The deckhelfer from a few years ago who was going to mark me again but eventually bailed. 

In Zurich it was a bit the same. The Swiss guy with the big dick was the first in years to genuinely hurt me as he pushed up against my second ring and then hurt me again as he pushed his big fist into me … but wouldn't let me have his cum. The Belgian with a big hard dick who rabbit-fucked me in his bedroom and put a big load up my hole but got so poppered up the next morning when he tried a repeat that he couldn't cum. Hey ho. Still, no complaints. Got some action, some sunshine, some new toys, got away from the office.  


Saturday, August 3, 2013

Little fucker big dick

Skinny bareback tops with big dicks that stay hard tick all the boxes for me. Especially when they actually dump a load in my hole.  
Last night I arranged to hook up with Hiro at the usual place. There were only two other guys there. We left the cubicle door open while we played to see what happened. Both the others came down at different times for a look, jerking themselves inside their jocks while they watched. One was young, crewcut, ordinary looks, average dick, solid body. The other was a 20s guy with long hair, a diamond in one ear and a few rings. 
When diamond boy - he told me later his name was Inori -  came back for another look I was fucking Hiro from behind while working his nipples. I eventually signaled to Inori to take over. I didn't need to ask twice. He had a big hard uncut dick hanging from a skinny torso and legs. Hiro pigged out as we spitroasted him for 20 minutes. I had him gagging on my dick, bitchslapping him, biting the back of his neck, murdering his tits. He loves that shit.  Inori stayed hard and kept dicking him, sometimes leaning on Hiro's back and pulling his nipples, other times leaning back to make his dick angle up higher. In between I got behind Inori for a few minutes to stick my tongue in his nasty-tasting hole while he dicked Hiro. He didn't hesitate when I leant over to give him a taste of his own arsehole.  
Meanwhile crewcut boy had come in to watch. He stood against the wall, pulling on his dick. I asked Inori if he would fuck me. He slid into me while Hiro started sucking crewcut boy. It was a nice fuck. He stayed hard and had enough length to hurt me when he pushed all the way in. I guess we had been at it around 10 minutes when Hiro leant over to me for a kiss. Crewcut boy had shot his load and he had a mouthful of cum. Hot. We made out for a couple of minutes without swallowing, and then leant back for a three-way kiss with Inori.
I forget the exact sequence but at some point Inori pulled out of me and went back to dicking Hiro. At several points he would take a big hit of poppers and go into overdrive for a minute or two but then slow again. It was great to watch him in action: the whole time he was sitting on his feet, so all the movement came from his hips, rabbit style.  I guess it was another half an hour before he finally went for it, hammering Hiro before unloading. He left the room straightaway.
I knew what I wanted. I got Hiro to squat above my face while he pushed a load of cum into my mouth. That got my dick hard so I pushed into his hole. You know that texture  that an arsehole gets after a long dicking? He felt like that as I slid in. I tried to fist him after that. He was hungry for it, and I got into him, but after the pounding he had taken from Inori he was too sensitive for me to stay in there. 
We had a slow, gentle time after that, mix of kissing, fucking, him sliding a long dildo into me. Inori came back for a look at some point but decided not to go a second round. Around midnight, when we were still going strong, the old guy that runs the place threw us out. We both left feeling well fucked even if neither of us had cum.
I woke up this morning all horned up. Something made me go to the toilet and check. Sure enough, I pushed out a handful of spooge. It had that clear jelly look that cum gets after a night inside your hole but the taste was unmistakeable. So Inori had stealthed me.  That left me crazy horny. I greased up my biggest dildo and pushed all the way down, past the sigmoid. I fucked myself on it for a couple of minutes and blew all over the floor. 
Hey ho hey ho.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Raw ginge

In Sydney. Looking to get dicked. I ended up at Signal. Not many guys there and no-one really making eye contact. There's a block of five cubicles with gloryholes where I've had some hot times in the past. There was only one free, at the end, connecting through to just one other cubicle. But from what I could see the guy in there had a good body. He was getting his dick sucked through another hole. I stripped right down, left the light on and waited to see what happened.
Eventually he pulled out of the other hole, took a peek into my cubicle then fed his dick through. Big piece of meat, uncut, hard, unshaved pubes with a ginger bush. I  swallowed him down. He alternated between holding still while I slobbered all over his dick and fucking my face while I tried to hold still. I took a chance, stood up, turned round and rubbed my arse against his dick. He held still so I positioned his head against my hole and slowly backed on. Aaahhh, so good. He started moving in me, then went in harder. I hadn't realized when I chose that cubicle but it was the only one with a big square hole wide enough to fit your whole butt through it. Quite different from the normal glory hole where there's the thickness of the wall between your butt and his groin. So I pushed my butt through, braced myself and took a deep hit of poppers as he started to nail me hard. He was  deep inside. He only lasted a few minutes before he stiffened against me. He held it in there for a minute before sliding out. 
I squatted and felt around my hole. All slimy down there. I took a taste. He had put a load in me.
I got a good look at him through the hole. In his 30s, looked fit without being a gym body. I couldn't help myself: "Are you neg or poz, mate?" He looked startled, hesitated for a moment - what kind of idiot takes your load up his arse before asking if you're neg? Then: "I'm poz, undetectable". I told him I was cool with that. As he dressed and left I pushed his load out into my hand and licked it all up.  
For me a raw glory hole fuck, from a guy with a big dick who stays hard, hammers it into you and actually unloads, is one of the ultimate scenes.  Count this as one of them. 

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sloppy seconds

Hooked up with Hiro last night for the first time in a few weeks. He said he wanted to get fisted, hadn't had any for a while. I put him on his knees, hoping to get in a bit deeper.  He's as tight as ever,  makes it really intense for both of us once I get in him. But I still can't get much beyond my wrist.  We played for a couple of hours, mix of fisting and fucking and some rough play. He really gets off on being controlled and getting hurt. But then I lick his face and stick my tongue down his throat. Sour and sweet seems to hit the spot.
We had left the cubicle door part open. At one point I looked up to see another guy standing there watching, stroking himself. Eventually he came in and squatted down with us. It was immediately clear it was Hiro he was into. He let me play with his arse hole a bit but pulled back with a smile when I tried to suck his dick.
Hiro is not that into threesomes and got a bit tense when I tried to fist him again with the other guy watching. Eventually we decided to carry on with just the two of us. We played for a while. I wanted to put a load into him to finish off but couldn't stay hard.
I told him to see if any of the other guys were interested in putting a load in him instead. He wasn't too keen but said he'd try. He ended up in another cubicle with the guy from earlier. I waited for nearly an hour while they played. When he came out he had a big smile. He came over, turned round and pushed his arse into my face. Sweeeeet! His hole was oozing spunk. He said the other guy had bred him twice. I told him to sit on my face so I could eat him out. He said he had lost a lot of the first load the second time the guy pushed into him. There was still enough to send me to cumpig heaven as he pushed the load out.  I lapped it up then pushed my tongue into him to savor the mix of cum and arse juice. Surprise surprise, my dick was suddenly full of life again. I pushed into him, pulled him back onto me hard as I fucked him. I unloaded in him within five minutes. Cycled home licking my lips.

Saturday, February 2, 2013


We hooked up again last weekend. He told me when we exchanged messages that he had a stomach upset and couldn't take a fist. But he really wanted to get inside me again.
So maybe there wasn't quite the same sizzle this time round. But I was really turned on. Just like last time we started by making out, before I bent him over and pushed my tongue into his hole. The taste, the texture, the look and feel of his lean back ... it gets me horned up, fast. When I dig my fingernails into his nipples it's clear he wants to be made my bitch. Within a few minutes I was raw dicking him again, just with spit.
He's a natural sub. And can take pain. Last time I used the talon tit clamps on him. They hurt like fuck. I did the same again. Put his hands on his head. Got him to look in my eyes as I slowly released the clamp onto his nipple. Listened to him his, watch his face contort. He didn't complain or try to stop me. I gave him a minute to settle then started playing with the chain. He hissed again. I made him watch while I put the other clamp on my tit. Then wrapped my arms around him and pulled him hard against me. He was whimpering as the pressure bit but still opened his mouth for my tongue. I reached down to check: his dick was rigid. I kept pulling him closer, chest against chest, as he squirmed and whimpered with the pain of the clamp. Then let go, pushed him back the length of the chain while I looked him in the eyes. He yelped when I eventually took the clamp off but leant into me to kiss again.
We lay down for a while, talking. touching, making out. I now forget the sequence. All I remember is that at some point we were squatting on the floor, facing each other, I had the clamps back on with the chain joining us, and his dick was hard and oozing precum. He kept telling me he hated the talon clamp but his dick was telling the truth. At some point I pulled myself forward, put my feet behind his back, lifted myself up and slid my hole down onto his dick. He looked anxious and after half a minute asked about a condom. I just said I didn't want him to cum in me. I fucked myself on his dick for a few minutes, both of us hard and leaking, before I lifted myself off.
After a break we ended up in the sling room. I wanted to try for more depth. I got him to slide a long thing double-head dong up into me as far as I could take it. Then got him to use his hand, pushing his fingers up as deep as he could. For someone who a couple of weeks ago had insisted he never topped he was having a helluva lot of fun. We played for half an hour until I started to get a bit tender and called a halt. 
We ended up back in the other room where, a little while later, I fucked him while jacking him. We came at the same time, him blowing a load in my hand while I blew in his hole. 
I have to say it's great sex. The combination of sweet (all the kissing, touching, cuddling) and savoury (the pain stuff, the fist, the punk fucking) is a huge turn-on. The fact that he's poz and infectious ... not sure what part that plays. Anyhow he makes my dick hard like no-one else I've had sex with in a long time. And it seems to go both ways: he says he hardly ever gets hard, but the way I hurt him seems to make his dick go rigid. I told him i want to cane him. He says he would take it. 

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Dumb but fun

I guess that means me rather than him. Let me tell you what I mean.
We arranged to rendezvous at a small local club. Hiro shook off the snow, stripped and put his gear in a locker and disappeared into the toilet. He emerged just wearing a jock.
We didn't wait to get to a cubicle. I started on his nipples. Hard. He whimpered but didn't  flinch. I took him through to a cubicle, bent him forward and started tonguing his hole. He tasted good and made all the right noises. Within a minute I was hard. Another few minutes and we were in the cubicle with the door half open and I had my dick deep in his hole. No rubber.
The thing is, we had had chatted online beforehand. He told me he was poz. When I pressed further he said he wasn't yet on meds and had a high viral load. So we would have to play safe. Anything else would be stupid, right? And unnecessary.
So like I say, within five minutes I was spit fucking him raw. Over three and a half hours I dicked him standing, on his back, on his side, in the sling, before I fisted him, while I was fisting him. And at the end I dropped a load in him. No, I'm genuinely not a chaser. But I was turned on like crazy while I was fucking him. Explain that please.
I don't mean to spend a whole post whingeing about how stupid I've been. We have to live with the consequences of our actions, I guess. And it's not exactly as if I've been playing safe these past few months. But by any rational standard this was pretty stupid.
Back to Sunday. Hiro was 30ish,  5'9", 150. Nice body, short hair. Really small dick. And he made it clear he was all bottom. Really wanted to get fisted.
We clicked right from the start. The thing is, I'm mostly bottom myself, as you know. Yet I found myself all horned up the whole night, wanting to do to him the things I usually want a top to do to me.
He was certainly a natural sub. Early on, once it was clear he could take it rough, I made him close eyes and put hands on his head while I put a talon tit clamp on him. That thing hurts like a bitch. He stood there and took it. Whimpered as I played with it, even more when I tugged. But he took it.
He was completely pliant. I wanted him on his back, he went on his back. I wanted him to sit on my dick while I dug my nails into his nipples, he did it. I wanted to spank his arse and his hole after I finished eating him out: all good by him.
The original point of hooking up was to fist him. I had limited expectations, apart from getting to play with a younger guy with a nice body. With fisting I mostly get off on bottoming and beforehand I was wondering whether I could even get him to flip. He had said he had no real experience, that his ex had complained he was a useless fister.
I'll tell you later how that turned out. But the revelation of the session was what a turn-on it could be to fist a guy like him – narrow waist, really tight hole, really wanting to be opened up. His hole was as tight as fuck. I don't have big hands but I struggled to get into him, and could really only make it work with my left hand, which is smaller. But once I was in there ... WOW! With my fist in there up to the wrist there was a ring about where my knuckles sat. He loosened up enough to let my knuckles through and not much more. But the sensations! For him and for me.
I think most of the guys I've fisted up till now have had a lot more room inside their shitter – so once you're through the anus it's pretty easy going for a while, at least until you try to go deep. With Hiro it was tight tight tight all night, to the point my hand hurt just from being in there. Yet he kept begging me to punch my way in or push deeper. It was intimate and intense and wonderful.
It helped that he was a big kisser. Like me he got off on kissing during the most intense moments – while being fisted or fucked or having his nipples wrecked.
One more thing. A light went off in my brain at one point. I suddenly realised why Jamie gets such a high when he fists me. I think it's the same thing: my hole is really tight, I never loosen up to the point where his fist just gets sucked in, it always involves a lot of effort from me and from him. And the whole time he's in there his fist is being tightly gripped by the muscles in my arse. That means that any movement generates intense sensation for both of us. So that realisation – the parallel between what Hiro was feeling as a bottom and what I get with Jamie – was my eureka moment for January.
Speaking of which ... After two frustrating weekends I wanted to get some action in my hole too. I didn't have high expectations but I got Hiro to lube up and try my hole. His hands are real small so that wasn't too much of a challenge. He was scared of hurting me so I had to keep telling him to push. Eventually I got up, told him to lie on his side and aim his arm straight up. I slid down it and then went nuts on it for a few minutes. Sometimes a man's gotta do ...
He didn't seem too traumatised by it in the end. In fact he emailed me last night to say how much he had enjoyed fisting me. I think there's a lesson in there for confirmed bottoms – for both of us, in fact.
So that was my big night with Hiro. I don't know whether it will go anywhere. Even though I had my tongue down his throat for much of the night I'm not looking for anything romantic. But the idea of seeing how much further I can take his pain slut side turns me on. He said he's game for it. I said I wanted to cane him. We'll see. Certainly he said he liked the way I worked him over, and wanted to do it again. And the idea of getting back into his hole makes my dick hard.
I'll keep you posted.