Monday, November 11, 2013

Mrs Robinson

Big dick skinny guy is growing on me. We hooked up again a week ago and then yesterday. He doesn't have the kind of face  that would make you turn around for another look if you passed him I'm the street. But he's tall and lean, and has that big uncut dick, and he's a relentless top. And he's a big kisser. He can look quite the innocent - like a 30 year old teenager. Yet he's hungry to taste arsehole and pits and piss and taint. When he has me on my back, arse in the air with his tongue in my crack, all I can see is his big dark eyes staring at me, all solemn, as he works my hole. He's not that young but he's got a mix of innocence and lewdness about him that, with those eyes, made me feel very Mrs Robinson at one point.
Anyway the big revelation is that he's in love with my hole. When we hooked up a week ago he ended up fisting me. He did a repeat yesterday. And he is good. Doesn't fuck around, goes straight in, knows what to do. And whether it's the technique or the shape of his hand or what I don't know but he gets in there and my hole starts singing Hallelujah. He's the best I've had since Jamie.
Last time he got me all loosened up and then got greedy. Levering my hole open with one fist he then pushed his log in and fucked me. Hurt like fuck but he was stretching me, not ripping me, and it was the kind of hurt a bottom needs every now and again. Once or twice he surprised me by sliding his dick in for a few strokes without a rubber. But he basically plays safe only.
Or so I thought. Last night he'd been fucking me doggy and missionary for half an hour when I got up to take a piss. He followed me in, rubbed his dick in my crack ... and then slid it in. It took me half a minute before I realized he was pissing in my hole, the dirty fucker. I let him finish then made him kneel in the shower while I blew it back out over his chest. Mmmm. My dick stood to attention and we just knelt there kissing for what seemed like an age.
After a break he fisted me. He makes my hole feel soooo good. I just lie there in bliss. He's pretty happy too. Loves the sight of his fist sliding in and out, loves playing with the little rosebud after he's pulled right out.
And then we lie there and talk. He's a bit of a loner, worries he's getting too reliant on kinky sex ... but not really. Worries he hasn't found a boyfriend ... but really prefers being by himself. Solitary but thoughtful, warm, cuddly, endlessly kissable, everhard, relentless. Plus a dick that still hurts every time he pushes in all the way. I'm getting to enjoy it. A lot.

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Curt said...

Congratulations Mike. I can see Simon and Garfunkel sitting on your bed headboard harmonizing with your ass. This sounds like a man to keep around. HURRAY!