Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Lingerie slut

This is from a week ago. It was a mild night, I decided to check out the park. Not much there. I checked out one guy leaning against the fence rail under the trees. Scruffy sweater and jeans, ring in one ear, woolie hat. Hard to see in the dark but I liked the feel of his body. Not a gym body but a working man's body. A ridge of muscle under his pecs, hairy belly. And then ... whoops, under the sweater he's wearing a slip. Further down ... he's wearing panties, with his dick poking through a hole in the front. Hmmm. Not really into this.

He turned around and dropped his trou. I felt him up. Small muscled arse (and yes, the panties ...)

I worked his nipples from behind. Groped his arse, felt up his legs, his chest, his hairy belly. Tight and muscled all over. He got down and sucked me for a minute, then stood back up, turned and bent over, holding the rail.

Whew. Well there's not much else offering. I got down and rimmed him. Then ran my dick up and down his arse crack. Then pushed gently against his hole. I was hard. He was tight but he wanted me inside. Slowly got part of the head in him, then a bit more, then pushed past his ring. Aww fuck. That wonderful sensation when you get from the tight dryness outside into the slick moist feeling of being inside an arsehole. His arse was still tight around my dick, so I could feel every movement.

I banged him for a few minutes. Then held him tight around the waist and started pivoting up into him slowly, just enjoying the tightness and the warmth of him plus the feeling of a muscled arse. Shared a few hits of poppers. Banged him again hard, then slow.

A few others had gathered to watch and feel. Panty slut managed to find another dick to suck on while I fucked him. Carried on for a quarter hour before I decided I really wanted to get my own arse fucked. I slipped out and left him to it.

Fast forward. Another hour of loitering, couldn't find anyone to fuck me. Ended up back at the rail. Panty slut was back there. I smacked him on the arse and got him to drop his trou for me. Pushed back into him, still tight and slick as before. Fucked him slow, fucked him fast. Both of us got all poppered up. Decided this was going to be how I got off. Started banging his arse hard and fast and then just blew a load inside him, didn't stop to ask. He made it clear he had got what he wanted. Groped him one last time to enjoy the feel of his butt muscles. Buttoned up and wandered back down the track.

Here was me thinking I had tried everything. Whistled all my way home.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Poz fist slut

There's one more story from my last trip. Looking around on recon I found a 'pig power bottom' online. Turned out he was just near the hotel. Mainly wanted to get himself fisted. And liked to take raw dick.

He said he was versatile but turned out he was basically bottom. He had a joint to get himself into the mood, then a few more as the night went on. Nice dick but couldn't really get hard - maybe cos of the white powder he kept tasting. He told me he was poz. He tried to get his czech friend to join us for a threesome but the other guy turned him down.

We made out for a while - he was a great kisser. I was all horned up, with the help of some viagra. He bent over at the table and I fucked him raw. Then he wanted some fist. His hole was good and loose. Fisted him on his back, raw fucked him some more then turned him over to fist him on all fours. Carried on for a few hours while he took my fists and my dick, on the bed or standing up. He sure lived up to his billing. And left my dick sore.

I got him to try fisting me. He almost got in but I was a bit sore - not helped by his thumbnail catching me at one point. He did me instead with a long fat dildo. Went so deep he started to dig out some shit (I had hosed out beforehand but obviously not well enough) so we gave that a rest.

I finished about 3am banging him hard and dumping my load in his arse.

Course now I'm sweating about it all. He couldn't get hard enough to fuck me himself but I spent a lot of time with my dick up his arse, getting increasingly raw and sore, so I had plenty of opportunity to get infected. I'm assuming he was on meds and his viral load was close to zero but you can never be sure. Hot but stupid sums it up I guess.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Calm night last night so I headed out to the park hoping to get my arse fucked. On the track up to the bridge I passed a guy who turned and followed me back up. He was a young Chinese guy who has come onto me before. He is good to touch - lean body, smooth skin. And he wanted to touch me all over. I guess he likes hairy blonds. He ran his hands over me, but especially down my legs and inside my thighs. Another Chinese guy came and joined us for a while. He fucked me once before, a few months ago. He has a fat dick. He tried again last night but I was a bit tight, plus I wasn't that interested - he insisted on wearing a rubber.

We were getting pestered by some oldies so we headed up the other track for some privacy. The funny thing is, this guy doesn't push the usual buttons with me. He has a tiny dick (really tiny - smaller than my little finger) and he doesn't kiss and he doesn't suck cock. He doesn't want to get rimmed or anything like that. On the other hand he likes to hug and he is tactile, moving his hands all over my body.

Even so I was thinking I would call it quits and go back down the track to look for a fuck. Then he started on my nipples. Oh Lord. I don't think he has a tit fetish or anything, but once he saw how I reacted he started to get into it in a big way. He pulled and rubbed my nipples, first softly and then harder. My dick was soon standing up straight. Chinese boy started to get real keen. He used his nails on my nipples ot pull them harder. Then he started grabbing my pecs in his fist and squeezing. Faaark.

He stood behind me for a while and carried on working my tits. I had my pants down and I was banging my arse against his pelvis. His little dick was standing up straight. I told him to slide it in my arse crack while he kept working on my chest.

I stripped off my t-shirt and got down on my knees to suck his little cock. He bent down to keep pulling on my tits. My cock was ready to explode. I couldn't hold back: I blew my load.

Whew. Not quite what I had been looking for but the combination of all the touching and then having my chest worked over was hot. This morning my tits are real tender. They will be sore for a few days. Nice.

Sunday, December 7, 2008


Back home now for some summer. Stunning day yesterday so I headed up the hill to look for action. Seemed real quiet until I stumbled on ... Dave. He used to be a regular up there ten years ago. Great body, curly hair, sweet face, hippy/cowboy looks if you know what I mean. I used to blow him. Sometimes he used to fuck me but didn't find it easy to keep a hard on wearing a rubber.

He's showing his age and he's been getting too much sun. But he's still quite a package. He was just standing there naked, big smile on him, the color of a chestnut. We talked for a while. Then I chewed on his tits and played with his balls, which are huge, till he hardened up.

We both knew where this was heading. He decided he wanted to lie on his back. I tried to squat on his dick facing him. It was an awkward position, with him lying up the slope. I ended up turning round with my back to him as he slowly slid it in. Then he started swinging his hips up into me from below.

We carried on like this for a while. I pulled off and turned round to get a taste and harden him up, then sat back down on him. He started thrusting into me again from below. A few minutes of this then he pulls out, holding the head of his dick. I go down on him and get an instant mouthful. I take a few more mouthfuls then spit some into my hand and lather it over my dick, jerk myself for a minute and blow. Sweet.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Piss and beer

So I told you I was travelling, right? I didn't have much chance to go looking for dick but the day before I left to come home I thought I would give it one more go. Back to the gare routiere. This place is something else. It's underground, all tiled, floor is always wet, and it's dark because someone has killed all the lights, so there's just a bit of light comes down from the street light outside.

So here we are. 5am. Dark and freezing cold, and I'm in my running shorts. Down the stairs. The place stinks of beer and stale piss and cigarettes. Fuck, there's action in the corner. One guy is bent over, hands against the wall, the other guy is pumping his arse. They are cool with watching. I go closer. This is so hot.

I get down underneath the slut who is taking it. He's got a fat uncut dick and he's real hard. I wrap my lips around the head and pig out. The other guy is really banging him hard now. I put my hand through his legs for a feel. He's fucking him raw. My dick likes that. I suck some more while I pull on my dick. Slut is real hard. He has one of those velvety mediterranean dicks, lots of foreskin, tastes of piss.

Tall top is now going at it like a rabbit. Slut pushes his dick down my throat every time the top bangs him. Suddenly he pulls out, moaning, jerks himself hard and blows over the floor. He stands there panting for a minute. Then he rinses off in the sink, zips and leaves.

So it's me and the slut with his pants round his ankles. I feel him out. The guy is not that tall. But he's got a real man's body - the muscles on his gut are worker's muscles rather than gym muscles. I'm all horned up. I turn him round, squat down and bring my face close to his arse, not sure what I'll find. I burrow in. He has a hairy arse, freshly fucked, savory but not shitty. I lick him, bite him, spread his cheeks further and push my tongue into his hole. I am feeling horny as.

I guess I know what he wants. I stand up, rub my dick up and down his crack, then slide it slowly in. Awww fuck, that feels so good. Once I'm all the way in I push on his shoulders, get him to bend right down. I grab his hips and start banging him real hard. A couple of minutes of hard fucking, pelvis to pelvis. Don't want to come too fast so I slow right down and give him some slow sliding in and out. Bang him again then slow again.

I'm feeling greedy. I ask if he will stick his dick up my arse. Tu veux? he asks, not sure what he's hearing, like a kid being offered candy for breakfast. I want it alright, buddy.

I back onto him real slow. I had put a gob of gunoil up my arse before I left the hotel, so I was just on the slippery side of dry. Nice. He pushed all the way in, wrapped his arms round me and got going. Root me, man. This one I could feel. He was swivelling his hips and pushing it up into me, not just banging. Aww fuck, love it, hard, raw meat.

I want more. I pull off, get down on my knees and suck my arse juices off his dick. That with the smell of beer and piss, it's something else. Then I'm on my feet again, his dick is back in my arse. Someone else comes down the steps, comes over. Then another. Hi fellas, enjoy the show.

Now slut is banging me hard and fast. I chicken out and tell him not to come in my arse. He doesn't answer. Uh oh. Makes me hornier of course. He bangs me harder, head back, moaning loudly. Then he says something, pulls out suddenly. I've got a feeling he started to cum in me before he pulled out. I race to get down and suck in the rest of his load. Hard dick with a fat head, covered in arse juice and spunk. I stay there a couple of minutes until I can jerk a load out of myself. Whew.

We clean up and wander up the steps and out onto the street. I run all the way back up the hill to the hotel. When I get back to the room I squat to push out anything he left up my arse. No spunk, just arse juice. I'm relieved, I guess. But it's the idea of carrying his load that makes me horny the rest of the day.

Diamond stud

I've been travelling again. So here's me pre-dawn on a wintry Saturday wanting to get my rocks off. Not many options so I head down to the gare routiere for old times' sake.

Doesn't look promising. A skinny black guy tries to get me to go down on him. I check him out. Soft dick, real small. I don't think so. An old guy comes down the steps, walks past, smelling of booze. I leave him to it. He ends up in the far corner with the black guy. I wait it out.

After a few minutes the old guy wanders back over. Hold on, this guy is 20 something with a shaved head. And a big diamond stud in his ear. Hey let's play dude. He wants to make out. Sweet. Soft lips, tongue down my throat, that taste of smokes and liquor... Hold me closer, bud.

I dive down to see what else he's offering. Awww, man, fat uncut olive oil dick waving in my face. I'm on my knees, take him down my throat and pig out. After a few minutes I'm breathless and drooling and it's back on my feet to make out again. Then down to blow him some more.

But I'm still not really hard. This pig needs more. I drop my shorts, turn and slowly back onto him. Ohhh yes. He's most of the way in, I turn so we can lock lips while he pushes it in the rest of the way. He's a romantic fucker, at least as much as you can be when you're having a stand-up fuck in a dirty freezing cold underground public toilet in the dark. He takes it slow, holds me tight, lotsa kisses, pushes his dick in deep but doesn't move too much. I bend right down to feel it more, then up for more kisses.

I'm still not real hard. What comes next ... well I guess this makes me one real sicko. I keep reaching behind to grab his arse and pull him further into me. I love the feel of his arse. Then it strikes me, the muscles on his butt have got that slightly wasted feel that you get with some poz guys, maybe from the meds. Makes me real scared ... and instantly hard.

He's still in pig heaven gently sliding his dick in and out of my arse. I bend over again to feel it more. I slide off, turn round and suck him for a while to taste my own arse, then back onto him again. This is so hot, for all the wrong reasons.

As we make out again I'm pumping my dick. Gonna blow, gonna blow. I shoot all over the wall while he keeps fucking me. Aaahh jeez. I slowly slide off and go down on him again. He hasn't come but I'm finished. We hold each other close, one long final kiss, then I pull my shorts back up and I'm outta there.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


I've never told you how I got into barebacking. It was 2003. I had been a good little slut until then, always insisting on a rubber.

This night I was loitering downstairs in the gare routiere. A young guy came in, about 5'7", east european looks and hint of a harelip. We ended up in one of the cubicles. The guy was a natural dom and seriously kinky. Kept me down on my knees, slapped me around, had me lick his arse, worked my tits real hard, had me lick his sneakers. He ended up slipping on a rubber and fucking me standing up.
Fast forward. Later in the year I ran into him again in the bog at saint gervais. Again I started blowing him. He told me to follow, went upstairs and crossed over to the women's side. Back down on my knees, sucking his dick, him fucking my face hard. He hauls me onto my feet, turns me round, pulls down my shorts, twists my arm behind my back and pushes his dick against my arse. So far so good: I like the idea of another dirty rough fuck.

Now he's pushing his dick up against my arsehole. I say he can fuck me but has to wear a rubber. He ignores me, twists my arm further up and pushes his dick into my arse. I tell him to stop, he keeps pushing in.

Here's the thing. He is using force but not violence. I could force him off. I am scared of getting pozzed. But I also want his dick. Now he is fucking me. I let him continue. It is frightening but hot all at once.

He keeps banging my arse. He still has my arm bent up behind my back. I bend further forward as he pumps in and out. He doesn't have a huge dick but he is hard and rough.

I tell him not to come in my arse. He carries on then pulls out, pushes me onto the floor and shoves his dick into my mouth as he blows.

I go home torn between anxiety and excitement about being forced to take a raw dick up my arse.

A few months later I was in Berlin in Stahlrohr having to make the choice myself. I'll tell you about it another time.


Checked out the beat at the top of the hill late afternoon today. Weather was shitty so hardly anyone there.

But ... the guy with the bike turned up again. I had seen him a couple of times before and couldn't work him out. This time I sat myself down close by and watched through the bushes. He knew I was there but he didn't move away.

I moved closer. He had his dick out and was jacking himself while he flicked through a girlie mag. I asked if he wanted some poppers. No. I offered him a blowjob. No but he asked me to jack his dick for him. Happy to oblige. Nice looking guy, 30ish, workman's hands, little goatee, average dick.

I jacked him while he kept flicking through the mag. With my other hand I played with his balls and then started pushing my fist up against his taint. He hardened up. A few minutes more and he blow - dribbled his load over my fist. Nice thick and creamy. I left him to it and walked back along he trail licking my fingers.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

cap n hood

Checked out the park tonight. First guy had a fat dick and just wanted to get blown. Couldn't taste anything when he came - maybe one of those guys with a tiny load. Nothing else promising so I end up in a clinch with one of the chinese guys. Tiny dick but friendly. Then the whiny kid wearing a cap under a hoodie decided to get interested again. I was on my knees trying to suck some juice out of the chinese guy. Hoodie poked his dick in my face. It was another nice piece so I got onto it.

He reached down to grope me. I said I wouldn't get hard until I got fucked. He went back to fucking my face. Then he pulled me up and said he wanted to slip it into my arse. I bent over, he lubed a finger and pushed it into my hole. Then his dick. It was a rabbit fuck. Not a huge dick but he was fast and rough. The soreness of it soon got me hard.

He pulled out and got me to suck him again. I said to blow it all over my arse. He wanted to push his dick back in to get it ready. I bent over and he pushed it in again. The chinese guy gave me another hit of amyl.

Not sure when and where hoodie came. I was holding onto the fence rail with one hand and jacking myself with the other as I came. I stood up to find a small crowd had gathered. Hoodie had disappeared. One of the new faces wanted my arse but as usual I was feeling lazy after coming. I'm now at home. Haven't yet worked out whether hoodie blew on my arse or up my arse. Will let you know.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Weather has been shitty all weekend. Finally got out for some sunshine this afternoon.

Saw a bit of action up the hill. Hit on a skinny-arsed Thai guy who wanted his dick sucked. Got a sweet load out of him plus a promise that next time he would sit on my face.

Main item was the runner. I've had him a few times before. Last year he was working on getting his weight down. He must have been covering the miles cos he's now looking really trim.

I interrupted him last week while he was getting a blow job from an older guy. He told me to fuck off. This week he wanted action. I really like his dick. It's not huge but he has lots of foreskin, salty taste (that taste that only brunets and red-heads have) and he's always hard. He stripped right down, turned, bent over and pulled his cheeks apart. I don't need a second invitation. He tasted a bit soapy but can't complain. And he really got into it as I pushed my tongue up his hole, rubbed my goatee against his ring and nibbled at his arsehole and his arsecheeks. Real tight arsehole - he wouldn't let me push a finger in.

He turned and pulled me onto his dick. I took a hit of amyl and took him in. He pulled his foreskin back so I could work on the head. He pushed deeper down my throat while I jacked myself. He lay down on his back so I could suck his dick and then lift his legs in the air to suck his arse. Another minute of this and he blows a big load but won't let me eat it.

The guy is hot. I'll look out for him again next weekend. But what I really want is for him to fuck me. A few times in the past he has fucked me raw. He gets harder than most guys so it's a great fuck, though he has never blown inside me.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

afternoon at the tubs

The day I flew home I decided to check out the baths before heading out to the airport.

My first time there. Good set-up, though the cubicles upstairs were such a maze they have to be a serious fire-trap.

I got there too late for the lunch crowd. Those left were mostly older guys. I took it slow. Got the brush-off from one hot tradesman type. I tried it on with another young guy in the steam room who had a fat hard-on with loose foreskin. Great salty pissy flavour. But he pushed me away almost as soon as I got onto him.

I ended up in the dark room. Most of the room was taken up with a squab at knee height. I was followed in by a taller guy wearing a mustache. I backed up against him. He wrapped his arms round me and rocked his pelvis against my arse. He wasn't heavily muscled but his body was firm.

We both dropped our towels and got into it. He worked my nipples, stuck his tongue down my throat and chewed on my ears and neck. He pushed me onto the squab, held me down by the wrists and slid on top of me before making out some more. He worked his way up and down my torso.

Then he had my ankles over my ears so he could get his tongue into my arse. After a few minutes of this I made him kiss me to share the taste. Then he was back into it. I forget the sequence but before long I had his dick in my mouth. Then he pushed it all the way down my throat. He pumped away for a minute before pulling out, leaving me gasping for breath.

Finally he went for his real target. He put me on my back and rimmed me again before sliding his dick into me raw. He started slow, holding my ankles in the air, and then went at it hard and fast. For 20 minutes he alternated pace and position, with me on my back then doggy style then standing up. I was in fag heaven. Trouble was, I was running out of time to catch a plane. He had me down doggy style again, banging me hard and making my arse sing. I jerked myself to a climax and blew all over the squab, laughing from the pleasure of it.

I hobbled back to the hotel and took a taxi to the airport.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Woke up with an extra sore throat this morning. I'll tell you why.

I decided to check out the piss party at the club yesterday afternoon. Bad idea. These days I've got to be open-minded about who I get it on with. But this crowd was a serious turn-off: just way too old, too heavy, too queeny.

There was one tall hunk in ripped shorts and a wifebeater. But he wasn't into me. I got it on for a while with a Canadian with a nice dick and lots of piss. But he lost interest. I fucked a Japanese guy raw for a while but it was all a bit one way. The westie with the board shorts and the little dick didn't want to do much more than piss and sniff amyl.

I was set to bail out when a punk arrived. He took his time but eventually wandered into the space between the drums where most of the action was happening. The westie got onto his knees and chewed the punk's dick through his pants. From what I could see, standing alongside, it was a nice piece of meat. Nice body too.

When westie pulled away I moved in. Got onto my knees, pulled punk's dick out the side of his briefs and sucked him in. This boy was hard. I slobbered down the length of it. Then he took charge. Starting fucking my face, then pushed hard to get me to take that last inch. He was too thick for me to get it down. I took a hit of poppers. He was harder than ever. He pushed again and forced the last inch down my throat. I eventually pushed him off, gasping, then took him down again.

I still had my jock on, soaked in piss. As he kept pumping my throat he leant down and started playing with my hole.

I don't need to be told twice. I got up, turned and backed onto him raw. The boy was horny and rough. He banged me hard and fast, pulling my hips back onto his groin with each thrust. I was wide open. A guy in front of me gave me his dick to suck on so I got it both ends.

I was starting to feel like a really happy little piglet. I decided to make it a real show. Spat out the guy in front of me, took a couple of big hits of amyl, bent down, held my ankles and pushed my arse into the air as punk upped the tempo. The crowd around us was tight and close, hands everywhere.

A couple of minutes of this and I couldn't hold out any more. I came with a roar. I slowly stood back upright, eased off punk's dick and staggered out through the crowd, all shaky.

So that's how I came to have a sore throat this morning.

Not a sore arse, you'll notice. The fact is that even a rough fuck from a guy like punk - with a fat hard dick - isn't enough to do much damage these days.

Which is why I'm taking a giant blue crackstuffer bone back with me when I head home. I'll tell you how I go ...


No real luck at the bar on Saturday night. So after midnight I headed across to the club.

It had already started to empty out. Most of the action was in one corner of the basement where it was completely dark. I spent some time there but the bodies I was groping didn't excite me that much. And I didn't find anything too hot in the glory holes upstairs.

I eventually ended up down the other end of the basement where there's a bit of light and more space. I hung around at the edge of the group for a while. Pants were coming off. Guys were making out. A few were getting naked. There was sucking and rimming.

One guy got into my pants and started sucking me. Then another guy knelt down behind me and stuck his face in my arse. Yes please! I bent over the squab to give him better access. Rubbed my arse up and down his chin. Then pulled him to his feet and put my tongue down his throat. He kissed back with a long warm and slippery tongue.

He was lean and dark, with a hairy chest. I assumed he was Italian. I got into his pants, pulled his dick out and swallowed it. Nice dick, uncut and not too big. I took it all the way down. We made out on the squab for a while. I got up and sat on his face, rubbing my arse back and forth on his mouth and chin. We kissed again, talking dirty to each other the whole time.

I was getting real excited. I pulled off my trainers and pants, leaving just my jock. I sat slowly down on his dick and then rode it. Fast for a while then real slow, up and down. he reached up and starting moving me up and down fast again. After 10 minutes of this my knees were set to give out. We made out again for a while. I said I wanted his load in my arse and then I wanted him to suck it out of me.

All this time there was action going on around us. The black guy with the beercan dick turned up again and punkfucked a piggy bottom next to us on the squab. The bottom was groaning and cursing and begging for more. He was getting it raw and extra rough. I was desperately hungry for it myself but just had to watch and listen.

The guy I was with said he wanted to watch someone else fuck me. In the crowd around us I saw a young arab with a fat dick. I reached over, pulled him closer and took him into my mouth. I sucked him for a while then turned over, knelt and pushe my arse up against his dick. He pushed in raw and then started pumping. Nice dick, and his pelvis was banging against my arse, which turns me on. But after 15 minutes it was starting to get a bit mechancal, and he wasn't big enough to give me much sensation deeper in my arse.

I got up and asked if he wanted his arse eaten out. He didn't need to be asked twice. The guy was really lean, with a skinny arse. I got into it. Nice. But couldn't taste too much down there. He showed every sign of wanting to stay bent over. I guess he was just another bottom after all.

I got the answer when I pushed my dick into him. All of a sudden he was bucking and squirming and really getting into it. This was hot - he had a bony arse and a tight hole. Great view too - his back was arched up, his ribs showing through and the skin glistening with sweat. The harder I banged him the more he bucked and arched and responded. I found myself a slut. I asked him if he wanted my load. Hell yes. I banged him for another couple of minutes and unloaded into him. The best knee-trembler I've had in a long time.

Beercan dick had just fucked another guy at the other end of the squab. I wandered over hopefully. I wrapped my hand round his dick, had a suck at the end of it, but he pushed me off with a laugh. Too late, he said.

I dragged myself home around 5am, head sore from poppers, knees sore from squatting on dick, but hole still unfilled and unstretched. Three days left. Will let you know what I find.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

bog sex

Yep, I'm taking a week off work. It's a couple of years since I've been in this city but I have good memories from last time.

Monday afternoon I went chasing memories. I thought I would check out the bog across the road from the market where I had picked up a skinny English boy two years ago. I took him back to the hotel where we made out before I put him on his stomach and fucked him raw.

This time it didn't look promising. One old geezer in one of the cubicles. I went up top to watch and wait. Eventually a young guy arrived, went down the steps and didn't re-emerge. I went down and checked him out through the crack in the cubicle door. He was jacking himself already. He let me in when I tapped.

He was tall, scruffy, with a bit of a gut. Red-brown hair. And a fat uncut prick. I got onto my knees and got down to it. Mmmm. Nice mouthful. I went at it for a few minutes. Surfaced to stick my nose into his pits. He was seriously ripe which of course just made my dick harder. Back onto his dick.

But I sensed this wasn't going to work for him. I got him to turn round and pushed my face between his checks. I tested with my tongue. He was real raunchy. I hesitated but went back in. His hole was loose and deep. And he seemed to like the mix of goatee and tongue. He jacked himself as I tongued and fingered and nibbled at him.

After a few minutes of this there was no sign he wanted it to end. He stayed bent over with his butt cheeks spread. Hmmm. I stood up and slapped my dick on his arse. And again. He used his hands to spread his cheeks wider. I spat on my dick and on his arsehole and slid it in. I fucked him slow and fucked him harder.

Not much reaction from him. I'm not that big, and he had a big arse, so he might not have been feeling that much. That's why I usually only fuck little guys with skinny arses and tight holes.

I banged him some more. I was getting close and asked him if he wanted my load. He nodded yes. I fucked him hard for a minute and then unloaded into him. I slid around in there for another minute, pulled out, wiped the shit off my dick and left. Maybe it wasn't a great fuck for either of us but there's something special about bog sex. I guess it's the doggie in me ...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


It's a different city this week. Not sure how it will go.

Monday afternoon for old time's sake I checked out the bog opposite the market. Sat in a stall and foot-tapped but it turned out to be an old guy. I waited up top to see what turned up. Next arrival was a young guy, tall, student look to him. After a couple of minutes I followed him down. He was in a stall. Through the crack I could see he was jacking himself. I tapped and he let me in.

He was red-headed and hairy with an XL dick, uncut. I got straight onto it. He hardened up. I slobbered all over his dick for a few minutes, chewed on his nipples and licked out his-extra ripe pits. My dick liked all of this but somehow it didn't feel as if he was really getting into it.

I got back down on my knees, turned him round and pushed my face in between his cheeks. He was now starting to get interested. His arse was real ripe. I hesitated but went back for more. His arsehole was loose and deep. I gave him tongue and fingers. He was moaning and opening up and really getting into it. And showing no sign of wanting to turn round again.

Eventually I got the message. I stood up and slapped my dick on his arse cheeks. He stayed bent over, waiting. I spat on my dick, spat on his arse and slid it in. I fucked him slow, fucked him harder, then slow again. He just knelt there and grunted. I'm not that big so I wasn't getting that deep - the reason I normally only fuck small guys. I guess he wasn't feeling as much as he would with a bigger guy either.

Before long I was getting close. I whispered to him to see if he wanted my load. He nodded. I banged him hard for half a minute then unloaded into him. I slid around inside him for another minute enjoying the slop then pulled out and wiped the shit off my dick. Slapped his arse and left.

It wasn't the greatest fuck of the year. But doggies can't be fussy. And there's always something hot about fucking in a bog.

I should tell you about the last time I was here. I only found the bog on my last day in the city. I picked up an English tourist there. Young guy, skinny with spots on his face. I took him back to the hotel. We made out and sucked each other. Eventually I put him on his stomach and fucked him raw. That one I did enjoy. He had a little arse so I could get in deep. He had a tight hole so he was feeling it even with my average-size dick.

I have another few days here. Will let you know what else I find.

Sunday, August 31, 2008


Went up to the big city on Thursday. I would have liked to misbehave but I was caught up with work and family business apart from Saturday afternoon. I checked out a cruise club and a couple of arcades but nothing was stirring.

So I arrived back home this morning still needing to scratch that itch. Started with Old Faithful, the 9" black monster. At the base it's wider round than my wrist and hard to take. A couple of times I've ended up with a bit of bleeding. Today I took it slow, with dollops of gun oil, deep breathing and pauses while I push those lips out. 20 minutes into the session I took another big hit of poppers, felt my arse open up further and took the last inch inside me. Whoowheee! Stopped for a rest then did it all over again.

Course that wasn't enough. I needed the real thing. It being a fine spring afternoon I decided to take my sticky arse up the hill. A few old geezers hanging around, nothing too promising, then ... Bingo!

He had an ordinary guy look to him. Face was familiar but I couldn't place him. He had his dick out already, pulling himself. He wasn't sure that he wanted me sucking on it but then turned round and let me on. Real fine piece of meat.

I started on the head. Then took him deeper. He was a perfect size for me: any bigger and I wouldn't have been able to get him right down my throat. I had to turn my head sideways to get the last inch down. He wanted me to work on the head, then he wanted to fuck my face and go deep. I started to see big strings of thick saliva hanging off him every time I pulled off.

He was nervous at first - kept his pants up, kept looking round for other guys coming along the track. After a couple of hits of poppers he relaxed, dropped his trou and concentrated on the job at hand.

I was all horned up. The guy looked and sounded straight as. Real tradesman type. Short salt and pepper hair, crooked teeth, little gut. He had few words, just kept telling me what to do next on his dick.

I couldn't get him interested in my arse and he didn't react when I said I wanted to eat his. He just fucked my face harder and deeper. I wanked him as I sucked him. He started to come. I swallowed a couple of spurts of thick cum off him before he squeezed his dick to stop it. A pause then I sucked him some more. First the head then the shaft then the full length. Long strings of saliva everywhere.

He told me to wank him again. He finally blew over my face as I blew over my shorts. I tried to lick the head but he was too sensitive. He wiped his dick on my t-shirt, a smirk on his face. He buttoned up and headed back up the trail.

Funny thing is I think I've now worked out who he is. A few years ago I had a memorable fuck one summer day over in the park. The guy was on a bike. He looked in my direction as he passed and then headed up the gully into the bush. I followed him and then it was all on. We made out for a while then he stripped off completely. I did the same.

He wasn't that tall but had a nice working man's body and a big fat dick. And liked to play dirty. He sucked my arse, I sucked his arse, we frenched each other with the taste of our arses all over our faces. I sucked his dick and licked out his pits. And then he slid it into me raw and fucked me. I was standing, I was on my back, I was on all fours.

It was a fuck to remember: the smells and tastes, the risk (both completely naked, not far from the track), doing it on the dirt and above all his big dick punching up my arse. And doing it raw. In my mind I was fighting between wanting the fuck to go on and on and the fear of doing it bareback.

We didn't get to a climax. He climbed off, put his gear on and left. I was puzzled at the time though I thought afterwards he maybe wanted to get his arse fucked as well. I saw him once a few months after that but couldn't get him interested.

Like I say, that was a few years ago. Was it bikeguy again today? The face looked familiar and the dick sure matched the big tool from the fuck in the park. On the other hand the guy today showed no interest in arse play, with mine or his, and there was nothing exhibitionist about him, unlike bikeguy. I'll look out for him again and see if next time I can interest him in getting up my arse. I guess that will provide the answer.

In the meantime that must rank as my most lipsmackingly piggy blowjob in months. I'm now heading off to bed with his dick smell and his dried cum still on my face. Soon as I publish this I'm going to be on my back with my dick in my hand ...

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Weather has been real shitty so I haven't bothered with the park. Ended up at the tubs again last night. Got hit on by a young Asian guy, same one I'd had a foursome with the week before. Good body.

Just went into the maze, dropped towels and got down to it. He has a nice dick, uncut. I lick under his balls and try to turn him round to rim him. But he wants me on his dick. He's into getting deep throated. I can take him there but not for too long. Course once he's down my throat he gets pushy and rough, so before long my saliva turns to mucus.

And of course there's only one thing for it when you're sucking a hard dick and your throat gets all slimy. I stand up, turn round and bend over. Take a hit of poppers at the same time. He pushes it in raw and starts pumping. We go for a few minutes before he starts to soften. When I suck him again he hardens up fast and then turns me round to fuck me again. He's real lean so it's almost bone on bone when his pelvis bangs my arse.

Now I'm back on my knees with his dick right down my throat after a big hit of poppers. I'm short of air and he's fucking my face. I can't hold out. I blow all over the floor as I gasp for air. My knees are shaking when I try to stand. He doesn't get off but he's happy. I still don't know his name or where he's from. My guess is he's Thai. Hope I'll have him again.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Back downunder it's winter. Saturday night there's only the tubs. But there's been some surprises. I thought this was a white bread town. Last weekend I got hit on by a guy. He was younger, taller, tanned and built. I sucked him in the maze before he took me off to a room. He turned me onto my stomach, rolled on a rubber and slid it in. Started slow then turned hard and rough. Suits me. In the end he squatted on top of me and rammed his dick down into me like a piston, hammering me till I blew. Nice. Turned out he was from Mexico. My first Mexican.

I was feeling greedy. After a break I went looking for more. The guy who hit on me was shorter but muscled, with big shoulders and a big mustache. His fingers went straight to my arse. We went to a room. He was around my age, looked as if he came from the Balkans or Middle East. Bossy and real physical. He had rough stubble and wanted me to feel it. He kept putting his chin in my armpit and rubbing it. First time a guy has ever done that to me. Kinda hot.

But what he was really after was my hole. He double wrapped and pushed it in. He fucked me on my back, fucked me on my front, fucked me on my side. He wasn't huge but he was hard and he was rough. And he wanted to touch me all over - hands all over my back, my belly, my arse, while he kept rubbing my armpits and my neck and my face with his stubbly chin. I blew for the second time in an hour. He had hardly any English but wanted to chat anyway. I thought he was from Iraq or something but turned out he was from Ecuador. So what's with all the hot Latinos turning up down here all of a sudden? Not that I'm complaining. He gave me a smack on the arse and a big smile as he left.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

early raw

Headed out for a run around 5am this morning. In the past I have sometimes had a hot time at the lake around dawn with stragglers from the night before or horny early birds. No such luck this morning: no signs of life at all. Carried on round the lakefront and checked out the gare routiere. Didn't look too promising but then ... the skinny guy with the glasses and the long hair seemed to be taking an interest.

He's not that pretty but hey, at 5.30 in the morning you can't be too choosy, right? I get up close and cop a feel. There's some serious meat in those pants. Next I'm on my knees slurping. His shirt goes up and I'm pulling on his tit with one hand while I grope his arse with the other. He's right into it, sliding his dick down my throat then across my face.

I get up and drop my shorts. Next his finger is up my arse. Well if that's what you're after bud I can sure help you out. I squat down to stretch my hole and push some spit up there. Then I stand, turn and bend. And he's in. There's something a bit special about a spit fuck: the other guy's dick kinda squeaks as it goes in, you know what I mean? Not like a lube fuck.

He's hard and keen. Slides it in and out, then starts banging me. He doesn't have any fat on him so it's bone to bone when his pelvis hits my arse. Nice. I chicken out and tell him not to cum inside me. He keeps banging hard then pulls out fast, wraps his arm round me, pulls me against him and blows all over the tiles. I cum straight after him. We're both laughing at the craziness of it all. Then it's ciao and back out into the early light. Hey ho hey ho.

Monday, June 16, 2008


Weekend before last was fickstutenmarkt in Mannheim. There is nothing in this world that makes me more horny than thinking about going to FSM as a stute - naked, blindfolded, tied to the wall, arse out, available to any takers. So how was the reality?

It was my first time in Mannheim. I counted about 25 mares. As a group they weren't as hot as the group last year in Berlin - more older/heavier guys. But still plenty of talent among them. But Jails is a great venue. And the deckhilfers were smart and friendly. And the hengste? About 40 turned up, I was told. I got seven of them.

It was a slow start for me. I ended up right next to the guy who had been stute of the month at the last event in Mannheim. He was tall and lean, with a tight little arse. Friendly too.

And when they let the hengste in it was like bees finding honey. Real soon Ralf was moaning and yelping and pleading, his nose in a bottle of poppers as he tried to loosen up for the big dick pounding his arse. As the first guy finished the next was ready to start. And so it went on.

For me this was real hot – for about 15 minutes. The sound of all the action right alongside left me all horned up. But after 30 minutes without getting any action I began to wonder whether lining up my arse alongside the star arse of the show was really a great idea. After 30 minutes I gave up and got a friendly deckhilfer to move me.

Bingo. Now I'm tethered to a saddle out the back. There's a finger working its way up my hole. I free my hand and have a feel. It's a lean naked dude with a fat uncut dick. Yee haa: he's in and away. That was the first. Later I ended up tag teamed by a couple of guys with one punk fucking me and the other doing the same to my mouth. Love it. I called it a night after number seven, feeling sore but happy.

In contrast to Berlin there was only one mare taking a red hood – taking it raw, in other words. I can't say I wasn't tempted. But the deckhilfe was a bit shocked when I said I was neg and was thinking of going bareback for neg stallions. Of course he's right but it doesn't stop me wanting it.

So that was FSM in Mannheim. Time to start planning for next time. Meanwhile congratulations to Ralf (just voted champion mare in Mannheim once again). But a word of advice: if you go to fickstutenmarkt and want to get your share then don't let yourself get harnessed next to the guy with the best pair of buns in the place. Keep moving and find a spot where your walk right past that guy with a body like a teenager and the best set of buns in the place and find your own spot.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


I checked out the gare routiere a little after midnight on Sunday. Haven't had much luck there in the past. This night it was buzzing. The light was out. There were half a dozen guys there, some in a huddle in the far corner. I got to suck on one nice dick. Checked out another but decided he was a bit old for me. Then down on my knees to work on a third - not really my type but nice dick.

Then there's a tug on my arm. Big tall guy, shaved head, goatee. He keeps his eyes on me and moves towards the cubicle. I don't need to be asked twice. Close the door, get in close and start making out. I've never been kissed like this - with his mouth wide open it's as if he is covering half my face and he's probing with his tongue and licking me while we bump groin to groin.

This goes on for a while then he unzips and pushes me down. I'm in pig heaven: long fat dick. I can't take him all the way down. He fucks my face hard. I rub his dick all over my face, then lick his balls, then turn him round and tongue his arse before going back on his dick. His dick is now hard, real hard. I can only just join finger and thumb around the base of it.

Time for action. He has been fingering my arse. He turns me round and bends me over. His dick is slick with all the slime from the back of my throat. He slides it in raw, really slow. I can't remember the last time I had dick like this. He keeps it moving slow and gentle, gradually pushing it all the way in, arms around me, leaning over my shoulder and into my face for more tongue to tongue action. I pull off my shirt and jeans so I can spread my legs fully. I am shaking with the sensation.

He has me all loosened up as he slides it in and out. Every so often he bangs it all the way in, enough to make me wince but still want more. Then he does his party trick: he's pushing from side to side and up and down, hard, to loosen my arse up further. Faaark...

I slide off, get down and suck some more and then stand to kiss and give him a taste of my arse juice. He burrows into my armpits for another taste. Then it's back onto his dick. He waits for the automatic toilet flush every few minutes to cover the noise as he bangs me hard against the door. He covers my face with his hand when this makes me moan. He keeps changing: soft, hard, side to side, all the way in, up against the door, back leaning on him with his face all over mine ... His dick stays rock hard all the way.
It's completely dark in the cubicle. He fucks me for close to an hour. I'm getting to my limits - I'm not used to being fucked by anything this big and hard for this long. I get back down on my knees to lick underneath his balls as he jerks himself fast. He finally sprays. I cum straight after him. He wraps his arms round me again and sticks his tongue down my throat. We're both exhausted, sweaty, sticky. He murmurs in my ear about my cul magnifique. I say the same about his dick. We finally let go and try to find our clothes on the tiles. A la prochaine, he says as he gives me a last kiss and heads out the door.

Friday, June 6, 2008

slutting in Paris

Piss night at Le Transfert last night.

It was slowing down by the time I got there. But still time to get my hair wet and suck on a few nice pieces.

Still horny I carried on to Mic Man. It was an older crowd (my age, I guess...) I got lots of stares – there's something about fresh meat.
Ended up with Jan from Sao Paulo. Big kisser with sweaty pits and a nice dick. I got naked. He got real excited with my socks then fucked me raw.

One of the guys who looked in the door looked hot, maybe Turkish or North African. Not tall but real man's man look. Jan pulled him in. He unzipped and fed me a fat dick. I bent over and he slid in raw. He was big and hard. Slid it in and out but quite gently and quite slow - maybe he didn't want to come too fast. He pulled out after five minutes and shot on the wall – wouldn't let me suck the spunk out of him.

I went on to QG. A much hotter crowd. Alain had just arrived from Quebec. Hairy chest and arse, big kisser, real friendly. He ficked my face real hard, then we kissed, then he sucked my arse, then I sucked his. I bent over and pushed back onto his dick. He fucked me slow then hard, then real deep. I wanted more and more. Then uh-oh, something doesn't smell good. I had cleaned out earlier but obviously hadn't gone far enough.

Finished the evening dropping a load in an Arab with the arse cut out of his pants. Hot.

All a bit stupid of course. Paris is not a great place to bareback if you want to stay negative. Jan (who had recently converted) warned me strongly against it. And I'm sure Alain was poz – something about the muscle tone on his legs and arse. I tell myself it's ok if I don't let anyone cum in me but of course I'm still running risks.

Sunday, June 1, 2008


When all else fails there's always the gare routiere.

A couple of Arabs standing there smoking watched as I walked round the side and down the steps. The tall one followed me down and moved in alongside me. Pulled out a nice fat piece. I went straight down on him. Cut and clean, and just wanted me to suck him gently. I pull down my shorts to see if I can interest him in my arse. The guy on the other side starts feeling me up, slides a finger in. We get a few interruptions but keep going. I want to see how far the beur will go. He follows me into the cubicle and gets real friendly. Chews on my nipples, sucks on my dick, pushes his finger up my arse, moves in for a sweet kiss. Bends down, turns me round and sticks his tongue up my arse. Nice ...

Then he's slapping some lube on my hole and ripping open a condom. He struggles to get his dick inside me (that's the trouble with condoms that make you soft). I open myself up with the old three-finger trick. It's nice having him inside me, playing with my nipples from behind, but he's not hard enough for me to feel really stretched. I pull off him, bend down, turn him round and put my tongue up his hairy arse. Finally some real musk, makes me harder than ever. I kiss him to give him some of the flavour.

He jerks me then takes me in his mouth again. He pulls off before I come. Not really what I was looking for but he's a sweet guy and he leaves happy.


Had a few hours to kill on Sunday.

Decided to check out Trixx for old times sake. Naked party from 3pm but not much talent left by the time I got there at 4pm–mostly older heavier guys. I follow one guy into the sling room. Ordinary looks but lean body and uncut dick. When I suck on him it turns out he has a nice piece of meat. Next he's fingering my arse. OK buddy, you want it ... I bend over, hands against the wall, he slides it in raw. Oh yeah. Off we go. He's moving in and out, slow and easy then banging me hard. I'm nervous, tell him not to come in me. He pulls out and blows over the floor. I suck the last few spurts out of him, wishing I could have taken his load. I ask him if he's neg. Smiles and says yes but warns you have to be careful in Lausanne.

I stick around for another half an hour but the place is fading fast. I'm still looking for more. On the way back I check out the lay-by on the autoroute near Coppet. The guy hanging around by the toilets follows me under the trees. We get straight down to it. We suck each other but then he's fingering my arse. Another fat uncut dick. He slides it in raw. Two minutes and he's ready to blow. This time I get off too. Drive back to the hotel with a smile.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

On my knees on Easter Sunday

Blue skies and calm weather today so I biked out to the beach. Took the track down the side of the cliff. At the bottom of the track I passed another guy heading up. Eyes locked. He went a little further up and looked back. Bingo. I followed him up. He was a younger guy in red beach shorts with curly blond hair down his neck. A truck driver type with a little beer gut. He was up for it. We headed up the cliff to the old bunker. The straight couple who were inside came out wearing big smiles as we went in.

Curly dropped his pants, pulled out a big piece of meat and gave it a shake. What's a man to do? I dropped my shorts and got onto my knees. After a few minutes of that I wanted more. I turned him round and dug my tongue into his sweaty arse. Oh yes, this boy was tasty and he loved being rimmed. He bent over further, pulled his cheeks open wider and moaned and squirmed. I stood up and slid my dick into him for a few strokes, turned him round and made him suck it. Oink! Then put my tongue down his throat.

He was close. I deep throated him, he took another hit of poppers, jacked himself fast and sprayed jizz over my face and chest. We both left with big smiles.

I headed back down the track. At the bottom I locked eyes with another stranger. He was around 30, lean and dark haired. I turned and followed him back up the track to where he was waiting. He didn't know the bunker but was happy to check it out. He had the sort of body that turns me on: lean and hairy, with a nice uncut dick and shaved, low-hanging balls. He wouldn't let me suck his dick but was happy for me to suck on his balls.

I wanted more. He wasn't sure about giving me his arse but once I had my tongue up there he bent over and pushed back. He had a hairy arse with lots of flavour that made me hard and excited. The sound of children down the track was making him nervous but the situation - doing it in daylight, in a public place, with all the concrete and rubbish and graffiti - was a big turn-on for him. You could see the head of his dick, tight and shiny and pink, ready to explode. We came together. He left a big load on the concrete.

This time I made it all the way down to the beach. I spread a towel under the cliff down the far end, settled into a book and soaked up the sunshine. There were a few others scattered along the cliff, mostly with friends, but no sign of any action.

When it came it was quite a sight. He was about my height, tattooed, wearing a beanie and a black vest but carrying his pants. He was wandering along the beach, pausing at each of the groups under the cliff, sporting a hard-on standing stiff and straight out in front of him. He went to the end of the beach, turned round and walked slowly back, still carrying his pants. I caught up with him half-way back as he sat down on some grass near the trees. I offered to help him out.

We went up under the trees and took turns sucking each other. He had the sort of penis that always excites me: uncut, hard, veiny, big shiny head and loose foreskin. I had a strong urge to get him to fuck me but for once chose caution ahead of risk. He was drunk and had lesions on his skin that I didn't recognise. He came quite fast, got back into his pants and left.

So ended my Easter devotions.


The face under the hood was invisible. He walked past and leant against the rail. In the dark he was unsure. He ran his hands over my head, my lips and cheeks and chin, then my gut. It was enough. I followed him along the track, got my hands under his shirt, pulled his hips toward me, stroked his face. Then a surprise: he took my hand, led me up the track, put his jacket on the stones, lay on it and pulled me down. I moved my mouth over his chest and belly and neck. There was a tremble each time I touched a nipple. He pushed his jeans right down and pulled me on top. He wanted my skin against his. When I took his dick in my mouth he trembled again. He moaned quietly as I took it down deep and pumped him. I moved up and straddled his thighs, moved his dickhead against my hole. He moaned again as the head went in but pulled out, said he couldn't.

The group in the distance was now closer and louder. Hoodie was on his feet pulling his jeans back up, cursing quietly. The group moved on up the other track but he was still nervy. I told him there were places up the side of the hill. The grass up there was damp under my bare feet. We tried several places. Finally he chose a spot under a pine dry grass and leaves. He pulled off jacket and shirt and pushed down jeans. I stripped.

He still trembled and moaned when I used my teeth and tongue on his nipples and flanks and pushed up as I sucked him. He was running his hands over my head and body. I put my tongue down under his balls and then went deeper. He spread his legs then lifted up his hips. I went for his hole, pushed my tongue in, licked and sniffed and nibbled around it. I moved back and forth between his arse and his dick, him squirming and moaning the whole time. I pushed a finger in, slid it in deeper. His hole was smooth and slick. l lifted his hips. He pulled his ankles back to his head as I feasted on his arse and balls and dick.

We took a pause. Up the side of the hill there was more light from the stars. He was a lot younger than I had thought. We talked and touched. He had only done this a few times before. His girlfriend was out of town for the weekend. Now I knew why he wouldn't fuck me raw. He liked holding and being held by a man. We talked about the taste and feel of it. We laughed about the craziness of it, clothes spread around us, naked under the sky. I told him his girlfriend was lucky to have him and wished him well.

He had gone soft while we talked but stiffened when I started again. I took him in my mouth, sucked him deep into my throat and pumped him. I wet a finger, pushed it in and finger-fucked him. He bucked and moaned but finally came jerking himself off.

I walked home smiling. I wasn't sure why. I hadn't got a fuck, hadn't got a load, hadn't even got myself off. But he was a sweet kid. When was the last time a pick-up at the beat wanted to hold hands and talk? How long since I had hooked up with a kid who was so horny and so unused to being touched by a man that any touch would make him shiver and moan? I'm still smiling.