Tuesday, June 24, 2008

early raw

Headed out for a run around 5am this morning. In the past I have sometimes had a hot time at the lake around dawn with stragglers from the night before or horny early birds. No such luck this morning: no signs of life at all. Carried on round the lakefront and checked out the gare routiere. Didn't look too promising but then ... the skinny guy with the glasses and the long hair seemed to be taking an interest.

He's not that pretty but hey, at 5.30 in the morning you can't be too choosy, right? I get up close and cop a feel. There's some serious meat in those pants. Next I'm on my knees slurping. His shirt goes up and I'm pulling on his tit with one hand while I grope his arse with the other. He's right into it, sliding his dick down my throat then across my face.

I get up and drop my shorts. Next his finger is up my arse. Well if that's what you're after bud I can sure help you out. I squat down to stretch my hole and push some spit up there. Then I stand, turn and bend. And he's in. There's something a bit special about a spit fuck: the other guy's dick kinda squeaks as it goes in, you know what I mean? Not like a lube fuck.

He's hard and keen. Slides it in and out, then starts banging me. He doesn't have any fat on him so it's bone to bone when his pelvis hits my arse. Nice. I chicken out and tell him not to cum inside me. He keeps banging hard then pulls out fast, wraps his arm round me, pulls me against him and blows all over the tiles. I cum straight after him. We're both laughing at the craziness of it all. Then it's ciao and back out into the early light. Hey ho hey ho.

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