Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Back downunder it's winter. Saturday night there's only the tubs. But there's been some surprises. I thought this was a white bread town. Last weekend I got hit on by a guy. He was younger, taller, tanned and built. I sucked him in the maze before he took me off to a room. He turned me onto my stomach, rolled on a rubber and slid it in. Started slow then turned hard and rough. Suits me. In the end he squatted on top of me and rammed his dick down into me like a piston, hammering me till I blew. Nice. Turned out he was from Mexico. My first Mexican.

I was feeling greedy. After a break I went looking for more. The guy who hit on me was shorter but muscled, with big shoulders and a big mustache. His fingers went straight to my arse. We went to a room. He was around my age, looked as if he came from the Balkans or Middle East. Bossy and real physical. He had rough stubble and wanted me to feel it. He kept putting his chin in my armpit and rubbing it. First time a guy has ever done that to me. Kinda hot.

But what he was really after was my hole. He double wrapped and pushed it in. He fucked me on my back, fucked me on my front, fucked me on my side. He wasn't huge but he was hard and he was rough. And he wanted to touch me all over - hands all over my back, my belly, my arse, while he kept rubbing my armpits and my neck and my face with his stubbly chin. I blew for the second time in an hour. He had hardly any English but wanted to chat anyway. I thought he was from Iraq or something but turned out he was from Ecuador. So what's with all the hot Latinos turning up down here all of a sudden? Not that I'm complaining. He gave me a smack on the arse and a big smile as he left.

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