Sunday, October 26, 2008


Weather has been shitty all weekend. Finally got out for some sunshine this afternoon.

Saw a bit of action up the hill. Hit on a skinny-arsed Thai guy who wanted his dick sucked. Got a sweet load out of him plus a promise that next time he would sit on my face.

Main item was the runner. I've had him a few times before. Last year he was working on getting his weight down. He must have been covering the miles cos he's now looking really trim.

I interrupted him last week while he was getting a blow job from an older guy. He told me to fuck off. This week he wanted action. I really like his dick. It's not huge but he has lots of foreskin, salty taste (that taste that only brunets and red-heads have) and he's always hard. He stripped right down, turned, bent over and pulled his cheeks apart. I don't need a second invitation. He tasted a bit soapy but can't complain. And he really got into it as I pushed my tongue up his hole, rubbed my goatee against his ring and nibbled at his arsehole and his arsecheeks. Real tight arsehole - he wouldn't let me push a finger in.

He turned and pulled me onto his dick. I took a hit of amyl and took him in. He pulled his foreskin back so I could work on the head. He pushed deeper down my throat while I jacked myself. He lay down on his back so I could suck his dick and then lift his legs in the air to suck his arse. Another minute of this and he blows a big load but won't let me eat it.

The guy is hot. I'll look out for him again next weekend. But what I really want is for him to fuck me. A few times in the past he has fucked me raw. He gets harder than most guys so it's a great fuck, though he has never blown inside me.