Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Lingerie slut

This is from a week ago. It was a mild night, I decided to check out the park. Not much there. I checked out one guy leaning against the fence rail under the trees. Scruffy sweater and jeans, ring in one ear, woolie hat. Hard to see in the dark but I liked the feel of his body. Not a gym body but a working man's body. A ridge of muscle under his pecs, hairy belly. And then ... whoops, under the sweater he's wearing a slip. Further down ... he's wearing panties, with his dick poking through a hole in the front. Hmmm. Not really into this.

He turned around and dropped his trou. I felt him up. Small muscled arse (and yes, the panties ...)

I worked his nipples from behind. Groped his arse, felt up his legs, his chest, his hairy belly. Tight and muscled all over. He got down and sucked me for a minute, then stood back up, turned and bent over, holding the rail.

Whew. Well there's not much else offering. I got down and rimmed him. Then ran my dick up and down his arse crack. Then pushed gently against his hole. I was hard. He was tight but he wanted me inside. Slowly got part of the head in him, then a bit more, then pushed past his ring. Aww fuck. That wonderful sensation when you get from the tight dryness outside into the slick moist feeling of being inside an arsehole. His arse was still tight around my dick, so I could feel every movement.

I banged him for a few minutes. Then held him tight around the waist and started pivoting up into him slowly, just enjoying the tightness and the warmth of him plus the feeling of a muscled arse. Shared a few hits of poppers. Banged him again hard, then slow.

A few others had gathered to watch and feel. Panty slut managed to find another dick to suck on while I fucked him. Carried on for a quarter hour before I decided I really wanted to get my own arse fucked. I slipped out and left him to it.

Fast forward. Another hour of loitering, couldn't find anyone to fuck me. Ended up back at the rail. Panty slut was back there. I smacked him on the arse and got him to drop his trou for me. Pushed back into him, still tight and slick as before. Fucked him slow, fucked him fast. Both of us got all poppered up. Decided this was going to be how I got off. Started banging his arse hard and fast and then just blew a load inside him, didn't stop to ask. He made it clear he had got what he wanted. Groped him one last time to enjoy the feel of his butt muscles. Buttoned up and wandered back down the track.

Here was me thinking I had tried everything. Whistled all my way home.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Poz fist slut

There's one more story from my last trip. Looking around on recon I found a 'pig power bottom' online. Turned out he was just near the hotel. Mainly wanted to get himself fisted. And liked to take raw dick.

He said he was versatile but turned out he was basically bottom. He had a joint to get himself into the mood, then a few more as the night went on. Nice dick but couldn't really get hard - maybe cos of the white powder he kept tasting. He told me he was poz. He tried to get his czech friend to join us for a threesome but the other guy turned him down.

We made out for a while - he was a great kisser. I was all horned up, with the help of some viagra. He bent over at the table and I fucked him raw. Then he wanted some fist. His hole was good and loose. Fisted him on his back, raw fucked him some more then turned him over to fist him on all fours. Carried on for a few hours while he took my fists and my dick, on the bed or standing up. He sure lived up to his billing. And left my dick sore.

I got him to try fisting me. He almost got in but I was a bit sore - not helped by his thumbnail catching me at one point. He did me instead with a long fat dildo. Went so deep he started to dig out some shit (I had hosed out beforehand but obviously not well enough) so we gave that a rest.

I finished about 3am banging him hard and dumping my load in his arse.

Course now I'm sweating about it all. He couldn't get hard enough to fuck me himself but I spent a lot of time with my dick up his arse, getting increasingly raw and sore, so I had plenty of opportunity to get infected. I'm assuming he was on meds and his viral load was close to zero but you can never be sure. Hot but stupid sums it up I guess.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Calm night last night so I headed out to the park hoping to get my arse fucked. On the track up to the bridge I passed a guy who turned and followed me back up. He was a young Chinese guy who has come onto me before. He is good to touch - lean body, smooth skin. And he wanted to touch me all over. I guess he likes hairy blonds. He ran his hands over me, but especially down my legs and inside my thighs. Another Chinese guy came and joined us for a while. He fucked me once before, a few months ago. He has a fat dick. He tried again last night but I was a bit tight, plus I wasn't that interested - he insisted on wearing a rubber.

We were getting pestered by some oldies so we headed up the other track for some privacy. The funny thing is, this guy doesn't push the usual buttons with me. He has a tiny dick (really tiny - smaller than my little finger) and he doesn't kiss and he doesn't suck cock. He doesn't want to get rimmed or anything like that. On the other hand he likes to hug and he is tactile, moving his hands all over my body.

Even so I was thinking I would call it quits and go back down the track to look for a fuck. Then he started on my nipples. Oh Lord. I don't think he has a tit fetish or anything, but once he saw how I reacted he started to get into it in a big way. He pulled and rubbed my nipples, first softly and then harder. My dick was soon standing up straight. Chinese boy started to get real keen. He used his nails on my nipples ot pull them harder. Then he started grabbing my pecs in his fist and squeezing. Faaark.

He stood behind me for a while and carried on working my tits. I had my pants down and I was banging my arse against his pelvis. His little dick was standing up straight. I told him to slide it in my arse crack while he kept working on my chest.

I stripped off my t-shirt and got down on my knees to suck his little cock. He bent down to keep pulling on my tits. My cock was ready to explode. I couldn't hold back: I blew my load.

Whew. Not quite what I had been looking for but the combination of all the touching and then having my chest worked over was hot. This morning my tits are real tender. They will be sore for a few days. Nice.

Sunday, December 7, 2008


Back home now for some summer. Stunning day yesterday so I headed up the hill to look for action. Seemed real quiet until I stumbled on ... Dave. He used to be a regular up there ten years ago. Great body, curly hair, sweet face, hippy/cowboy looks if you know what I mean. I used to blow him. Sometimes he used to fuck me but didn't find it easy to keep a hard on wearing a rubber.

He's showing his age and he's been getting too much sun. But he's still quite a package. He was just standing there naked, big smile on him, the color of a chestnut. We talked for a while. Then I chewed on his tits and played with his balls, which are huge, till he hardened up.

We both knew where this was heading. He decided he wanted to lie on his back. I tried to squat on his dick facing him. It was an awkward position, with him lying up the slope. I ended up turning round with my back to him as he slowly slid it in. Then he started swinging his hips up into me from below.

We carried on like this for a while. I pulled off and turned round to get a taste and harden him up, then sat back down on him. He started thrusting into me again from below. A few minutes of this then he pulls out, holding the head of his dick. I go down on him and get an instant mouthful. I take a few more mouthfuls then spit some into my hand and lather it over my dick, jerk myself for a minute and blow. Sweet.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Piss and beer

So I told you I was travelling, right? I didn't have much chance to go looking for dick but the day before I left to come home I thought I would give it one more go. Back to the gare routiere. This place is something else. It's underground, all tiled, floor is always wet, and it's dark because someone has killed all the lights, so there's just a bit of light comes down from the street light outside.

So here we are. 5am. Dark and freezing cold, and I'm in my running shorts. Down the stairs. The place stinks of beer and stale piss and cigarettes. Fuck, there's action in the corner. One guy is bent over, hands against the wall, the other guy is pumping his arse. They are cool with watching. I go closer. This is so hot.

I get down underneath the slut who is taking it. He's got a fat uncut dick and he's real hard. I wrap my lips around the head and pig out. The other guy is really banging him hard now. I put my hand through his legs for a feel. He's fucking him raw. My dick likes that. I suck some more while I pull on my dick. Slut is real hard. He has one of those velvety mediterranean dicks, lots of foreskin, tastes of piss.

Tall top is now going at it like a rabbit. Slut pushes his dick down my throat every time the top bangs him. Suddenly he pulls out, moaning, jerks himself hard and blows over the floor. He stands there panting for a minute. Then he rinses off in the sink, zips and leaves.

So it's me and the slut with his pants round his ankles. I feel him out. The guy is not that tall. But he's got a real man's body - the muscles on his gut are worker's muscles rather than gym muscles. I'm all horned up. I turn him round, squat down and bring my face close to his arse, not sure what I'll find. I burrow in. He has a hairy arse, freshly fucked, savory but not shitty. I lick him, bite him, spread his cheeks further and push my tongue into his hole. I am feeling horny as.

I guess I know what he wants. I stand up, rub my dick up and down his crack, then slide it slowly in. Awww fuck, that feels so good. Once I'm all the way in I push on his shoulders, get him to bend right down. I grab his hips and start banging him real hard. A couple of minutes of hard fucking, pelvis to pelvis. Don't want to come too fast so I slow right down and give him some slow sliding in and out. Bang him again then slow again.

I'm feeling greedy. I ask if he will stick his dick up my arse. Tu veux? he asks, not sure what he's hearing, like a kid being offered candy for breakfast. I want it alright, buddy.

I back onto him real slow. I had put a gob of gunoil up my arse before I left the hotel, so I was just on the slippery side of dry. Nice. He pushed all the way in, wrapped his arms round me and got going. Root me, man. This one I could feel. He was swivelling his hips and pushing it up into me, not just banging. Aww fuck, love it, hard, raw meat.

I want more. I pull off, get down on my knees and suck my arse juices off his dick. That with the smell of beer and piss, it's something else. Then I'm on my feet again, his dick is back in my arse. Someone else comes down the steps, comes over. Then another. Hi fellas, enjoy the show.

Now slut is banging me hard and fast. I chicken out and tell him not to come in my arse. He doesn't answer. Uh oh. Makes me hornier of course. He bangs me harder, head back, moaning loudly. Then he says something, pulls out suddenly. I've got a feeling he started to cum in me before he pulled out. I race to get down and suck in the rest of his load. Hard dick with a fat head, covered in arse juice and spunk. I stay there a couple of minutes until I can jerk a load out of myself. Whew.

We clean up and wander up the steps and out onto the street. I run all the way back up the hill to the hotel. When I get back to the room I squat to push out anything he left up my arse. No spunk, just arse juice. I'm relieved, I guess. But it's the idea of carrying his load that makes me horny the rest of the day.

Diamond stud

I've been travelling again. So here's me pre-dawn on a wintry Saturday wanting to get my rocks off. Not many options so I head down to the gare routiere for old times' sake.

Doesn't look promising. A skinny black guy tries to get me to go down on him. I check him out. Soft dick, real small. I don't think so. An old guy comes down the steps, walks past, smelling of booze. I leave him to it. He ends up in the far corner with the black guy. I wait it out.

After a few minutes the old guy wanders back over. Hold on, this guy is 20 something with a shaved head. And a big diamond stud in his ear. Hey let's play dude. He wants to make out. Sweet. Soft lips, tongue down my throat, that taste of smokes and liquor... Hold me closer, bud.

I dive down to see what else he's offering. Awww, man, fat uncut olive oil dick waving in my face. I'm on my knees, take him down my throat and pig out. After a few minutes I'm breathless and drooling and it's back on my feet to make out again. Then down to blow him some more.

But I'm still not really hard. This pig needs more. I drop my shorts, turn and slowly back onto him. Ohhh yes. He's most of the way in, I turn so we can lock lips while he pushes it in the rest of the way. He's a romantic fucker, at least as much as you can be when you're having a stand-up fuck in a dirty freezing cold underground public toilet in the dark. He takes it slow, holds me tight, lotsa kisses, pushes his dick in deep but doesn't move too much. I bend right down to feel it more, then up for more kisses.

I'm still not real hard. What comes next ... well I guess this makes me one real sicko. I keep reaching behind to grab his arse and pull him further into me. I love the feel of his arse. Then it strikes me, the muscles on his butt have got that slightly wasted feel that you get with some poz guys, maybe from the meds. Makes me real scared ... and instantly hard.

He's still in pig heaven gently sliding his dick in and out of my arse. I bend over again to feel it more. I slide off, turn round and suck him for a while to taste my own arse, then back onto him again. This is so hot, for all the wrong reasons.

As we make out again I'm pumping my dick. Gonna blow, gonna blow. I shoot all over the wall while he keeps fucking me. Aaahh jeez. I slowly slide off and go down on him again. He hasn't come but I'm finished. We hold each other close, one long final kiss, then I pull my shorts back up and I'm outta there.