Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Dumb but fun

I guess that means me rather than him. Let me tell you what I mean.
We arranged to rendezvous at a small local club. Hiro shook off the snow, stripped and put his gear in a locker and disappeared into the toilet. He emerged just wearing a jock.
We didn't wait to get to a cubicle. I started on his nipples. Hard. He whimpered but didn't  flinch. I took him through to a cubicle, bent him forward and started tonguing his hole. He tasted good and made all the right noises. Within a minute I was hard. Another few minutes and we were in the cubicle with the door half open and I had my dick deep in his hole. No rubber.
The thing is, we had had chatted online beforehand. He told me he was poz. When I pressed further he said he wasn't yet on meds and had a high viral load. So we would have to play safe. Anything else would be stupid, right? And unnecessary.
So like I say, within five minutes I was spit fucking him raw. Over three and a half hours I dicked him standing, on his back, on his side, in the sling, before I fisted him, while I was fisting him. And at the end I dropped a load in him. No, I'm genuinely not a chaser. But I was turned on like crazy while I was fucking him. Explain that please.
I don't mean to spend a whole post whingeing about how stupid I've been. We have to live with the consequences of our actions, I guess. And it's not exactly as if I've been playing safe these past few months. But by any rational standard this was pretty stupid.
Back to Sunday. Hiro was 30ish,  5'9", 150. Nice body, short hair. Really small dick. And he made it clear he was all bottom. Really wanted to get fisted.
We clicked right from the start. The thing is, I'm mostly bottom myself, as you know. Yet I found myself all horned up the whole night, wanting to do to him the things I usually want a top to do to me.
He was certainly a natural sub. Early on, once it was clear he could take it rough, I made him close eyes and put hands on his head while I put a talon tit clamp on him. That thing hurts like a bitch. He stood there and took it. Whimpered as I played with it, even more when I tugged. But he took it.
He was completely pliant. I wanted him on his back, he went on his back. I wanted him to sit on my dick while I dug my nails into his nipples, he did it. I wanted to spank his arse and his hole after I finished eating him out: all good by him.
The original point of hooking up was to fist him. I had limited expectations, apart from getting to play with a younger guy with a nice body. With fisting I mostly get off on bottoming and beforehand I was wondering whether I could even get him to flip. He had said he had no real experience, that his ex had complained he was a useless fister.
I'll tell you later how that turned out. But the revelation of the session was what a turn-on it could be to fist a guy like him – narrow waist, really tight hole, really wanting to be opened up. His hole was as tight as fuck. I don't have big hands but I struggled to get into him, and could really only make it work with my left hand, which is smaller. But once I was in there ... WOW! With my fist in there up to the wrist there was a ring about where my knuckles sat. He loosened up enough to let my knuckles through and not much more. But the sensations! For him and for me.
I think most of the guys I've fisted up till now have had a lot more room inside their shitter – so once you're through the anus it's pretty easy going for a while, at least until you try to go deep. With Hiro it was tight tight tight all night, to the point my hand hurt just from being in there. Yet he kept begging me to punch my way in or push deeper. It was intimate and intense and wonderful.
It helped that he was a big kisser. Like me he got off on kissing during the most intense moments – while being fisted or fucked or having his nipples wrecked.
One more thing. A light went off in my brain at one point. I suddenly realised why Jamie gets such a high when he fists me. I think it's the same thing: my hole is really tight, I never loosen up to the point where his fist just gets sucked in, it always involves a lot of effort from me and from him. And the whole time he's in there his fist is being tightly gripped by the muscles in my arse. That means that any movement generates intense sensation for both of us. So that realisation – the parallel between what Hiro was feeling as a bottom and what I get with Jamie – was my eureka moment for January.
Speaking of which ... After two frustrating weekends I wanted to get some action in my hole too. I didn't have high expectations but I got Hiro to lube up and try my hole. His hands are real small so that wasn't too much of a challenge. He was scared of hurting me so I had to keep telling him to push. Eventually I got up, told him to lie on his side and aim his arm straight up. I slid down it and then went nuts on it for a few minutes. Sometimes a man's gotta do ...
He didn't seem too traumatised by it in the end. In fact he emailed me last night to say how much he had enjoyed fisting me. I think there's a lesson in there for confirmed bottoms – for both of us, in fact.
So that was my big night with Hiro. I don't know whether it will go anywhere. Even though I had my tongue down his throat for much of the night I'm not looking for anything romantic. But the idea of seeing how much further I can take his pain slut side turns me on. He said he's game for it. I said I wanted to cane him. We'll see. Certainly he said he liked the way I worked him over, and wanted to do it again. And the idea of getting back into his hole makes my dick hard.
I'll keep you posted.