Tuesday, June 24, 2008

early raw

Headed out for a run around 5am this morning. In the past I have sometimes had a hot time at the lake around dawn with stragglers from the night before or horny early birds. No such luck this morning: no signs of life at all. Carried on round the lakefront and checked out the gare routiere. Didn't look too promising but then ... the skinny guy with the glasses and the long hair seemed to be taking an interest.

He's not that pretty but hey, at 5.30 in the morning you can't be too choosy, right? I get up close and cop a feel. There's some serious meat in those pants. Next I'm on my knees slurping. His shirt goes up and I'm pulling on his tit with one hand while I grope his arse with the other. He's right into it, sliding his dick down my throat then across my face.

I get up and drop my shorts. Next his finger is up my arse. Well if that's what you're after bud I can sure help you out. I squat down to stretch my hole and push some spit up there. Then I stand, turn and bend. And he's in. There's something a bit special about a spit fuck: the other guy's dick kinda squeaks as it goes in, you know what I mean? Not like a lube fuck.

He's hard and keen. Slides it in and out, then starts banging me. He doesn't have any fat on him so it's bone to bone when his pelvis hits my arse. Nice. I chicken out and tell him not to cum inside me. He keeps banging hard then pulls out fast, wraps his arm round me, pulls me against him and blows all over the tiles. I cum straight after him. We're both laughing at the craziness of it all. Then it's ciao and back out into the early light. Hey ho hey ho.

Monday, June 16, 2008


Weekend before last was fickstutenmarkt in Mannheim. There is nothing in this world that makes me more horny than thinking about going to FSM as a stute - naked, blindfolded, tied to the wall, arse out, available to any takers. So how was the reality?

It was my first time in Mannheim. I counted about 25 mares. As a group they weren't as hot as the group last year in Berlin - more older/heavier guys. But still plenty of talent among them. But Jails is a great venue. And the deckhilfers were smart and friendly. And the hengste? About 40 turned up, I was told. I got seven of them.

It was a slow start for me. I ended up right next to the guy who had been stute of the month at the last event in Mannheim. He was tall and lean, with a tight little arse. Friendly too.

And when they let the hengste in it was like bees finding honey. Real soon Ralf was moaning and yelping and pleading, his nose in a bottle of poppers as he tried to loosen up for the big dick pounding his arse. As the first guy finished the next was ready to start. And so it went on.

For me this was real hot – for about 15 minutes. The sound of all the action right alongside left me all horned up. But after 30 minutes without getting any action I began to wonder whether lining up my arse alongside the star arse of the show was really a great idea. After 30 minutes I gave up and got a friendly deckhilfer to move me.

Bingo. Now I'm tethered to a saddle out the back. There's a finger working its way up my hole. I free my hand and have a feel. It's a lean naked dude with a fat uncut dick. Yee haa: he's in and away. That was the first. Later I ended up tag teamed by a couple of guys with one punk fucking me and the other doing the same to my mouth. Love it. I called it a night after number seven, feeling sore but happy.

In contrast to Berlin there was only one mare taking a red hood – taking it raw, in other words. I can't say I wasn't tempted. But the deckhilfe was a bit shocked when I said I was neg and was thinking of going bareback for neg stallions. Of course he's right but it doesn't stop me wanting it.

So that was FSM in Mannheim. Time to start planning for next time. Meanwhile congratulations to Ralf (just voted champion mare in Mannheim once again). But a word of advice: if you go to fickstutenmarkt and want to get your share then don't let yourself get harnessed next to the guy with the best pair of buns in the place. Keep moving and find a spot where your walk right past that guy with a body like a teenager and the best set of buns in the place and find your own spot.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


I checked out the gare routiere a little after midnight on Sunday. Haven't had much luck there in the past. This night it was buzzing. The light was out. There were half a dozen guys there, some in a huddle in the far corner. I got to suck on one nice dick. Checked out another but decided he was a bit old for me. Then down on my knees to work on a third - not really my type but nice dick.

Then there's a tug on my arm. Big tall guy, shaved head, goatee. He keeps his eyes on me and moves towards the cubicle. I don't need to be asked twice. Close the door, get in close and start making out. I've never been kissed like this - with his mouth wide open it's as if he is covering half my face and he's probing with his tongue and licking me while we bump groin to groin.

This goes on for a while then he unzips and pushes me down. I'm in pig heaven: long fat dick. I can't take him all the way down. He fucks my face hard. I rub his dick all over my face, then lick his balls, then turn him round and tongue his arse before going back on his dick. His dick is now hard, real hard. I can only just join finger and thumb around the base of it.

Time for action. He has been fingering my arse. He turns me round and bends me over. His dick is slick with all the slime from the back of my throat. He slides it in raw, really slow. I can't remember the last time I had dick like this. He keeps it moving slow and gentle, gradually pushing it all the way in, arms around me, leaning over my shoulder and into my face for more tongue to tongue action. I pull off my shirt and jeans so I can spread my legs fully. I am shaking with the sensation.

He has me all loosened up as he slides it in and out. Every so often he bangs it all the way in, enough to make me wince but still want more. Then he does his party trick: he's pushing from side to side and up and down, hard, to loosen my arse up further. Faaark...

I slide off, get down and suck some more and then stand to kiss and give him a taste of my arse juice. He burrows into my armpits for another taste. Then it's back onto his dick. He waits for the automatic toilet flush every few minutes to cover the noise as he bangs me hard against the door. He covers my face with his hand when this makes me moan. He keeps changing: soft, hard, side to side, all the way in, up against the door, back leaning on him with his face all over mine ... His dick stays rock hard all the way.
It's completely dark in the cubicle. He fucks me for close to an hour. I'm getting to my limits - I'm not used to being fucked by anything this big and hard for this long. I get back down on my knees to lick underneath his balls as he jerks himself fast. He finally sprays. I cum straight after him. He wraps his arms round me again and sticks his tongue down my throat. We're both exhausted, sweaty, sticky. He murmurs in my ear about my cul magnifique. I say the same about his dick. We finally let go and try to find our clothes on the tiles. A la prochaine, he says as he gives me a last kiss and heads out the door.

Friday, June 6, 2008

slutting in Paris

Piss night at Le Transfert last night.

It was slowing down by the time I got there. But still time to get my hair wet and suck on a few nice pieces.

Still horny I carried on to Mic Man. It was an older crowd (my age, I guess...) I got lots of stares – there's something about fresh meat.
Ended up with Jan from Sao Paulo. Big kisser with sweaty pits and a nice dick. I got naked. He got real excited with my socks then fucked me raw.

One of the guys who looked in the door looked hot, maybe Turkish or North African. Not tall but real man's man look. Jan pulled him in. He unzipped and fed me a fat dick. I bent over and he slid in raw. He was big and hard. Slid it in and out but quite gently and quite slow - maybe he didn't want to come too fast. He pulled out after five minutes and shot on the wall – wouldn't let me suck the spunk out of him.

I went on to QG. A much hotter crowd. Alain had just arrived from Quebec. Hairy chest and arse, big kisser, real friendly. He ficked my face real hard, then we kissed, then he sucked my arse, then I sucked his. I bent over and pushed back onto his dick. He fucked me slow then hard, then real deep. I wanted more and more. Then uh-oh, something doesn't smell good. I had cleaned out earlier but obviously hadn't gone far enough.

Finished the evening dropping a load in an Arab with the arse cut out of his pants. Hot.

All a bit stupid of course. Paris is not a great place to bareback if you want to stay negative. Jan (who had recently converted) warned me strongly against it. And I'm sure Alain was poz – something about the muscle tone on his legs and arse. I tell myself it's ok if I don't let anyone cum in me but of course I'm still running risks.

Sunday, June 1, 2008


When all else fails there's always the gare routiere.

A couple of Arabs standing there smoking watched as I walked round the side and down the steps. The tall one followed me down and moved in alongside me. Pulled out a nice fat piece. I went straight down on him. Cut and clean, and just wanted me to suck him gently. I pull down my shorts to see if I can interest him in my arse. The guy on the other side starts feeling me up, slides a finger in. We get a few interruptions but keep going. I want to see how far the beur will go. He follows me into the cubicle and gets real friendly. Chews on my nipples, sucks on my dick, pushes his finger up my arse, moves in for a sweet kiss. Bends down, turns me round and sticks his tongue up my arse. Nice ...

Then he's slapping some lube on my hole and ripping open a condom. He struggles to get his dick inside me (that's the trouble with condoms that make you soft). I open myself up with the old three-finger trick. It's nice having him inside me, playing with my nipples from behind, but he's not hard enough for me to feel really stretched. I pull off him, bend down, turn him round and put my tongue up his hairy arse. Finally some real musk, makes me harder than ever. I kiss him to give him some of the flavour.

He jerks me then takes me in his mouth again. He pulls off before I come. Not really what I was looking for but he's a sweet guy and he leaves happy.


Had a few hours to kill on Sunday.

Decided to check out Trixx for old times sake. Naked party from 3pm but not much talent left by the time I got there at 4pm–mostly older heavier guys. I follow one guy into the sling room. Ordinary looks but lean body and uncut dick. When I suck on him it turns out he has a nice piece of meat. Next he's fingering my arse. OK buddy, you want it ... I bend over, hands against the wall, he slides it in raw. Oh yeah. Off we go. He's moving in and out, slow and easy then banging me hard. I'm nervous, tell him not to come in me. He pulls out and blows over the floor. I suck the last few spurts out of him, wishing I could have taken his load. I ask him if he's neg. Smiles and says yes but warns you have to be careful in Lausanne.

I stick around for another half an hour but the place is fading fast. I'm still looking for more. On the way back I check out the lay-by on the autoroute near Coppet. The guy hanging around by the toilets follows me under the trees. We get straight down to it. We suck each other but then he's fingering my arse. Another fat uncut dick. He slides it in raw. Two minutes and he's ready to blow. This time I get off too. Drive back to the hotel with a smile.