Monday, June 16, 2008


Weekend before last was fickstutenmarkt in Mannheim. There is nothing in this world that makes me more horny than thinking about going to FSM as a stute - naked, blindfolded, tied to the wall, arse out, available to any takers. So how was the reality?

It was my first time in Mannheim. I counted about 25 mares. As a group they weren't as hot as the group last year in Berlin - more older/heavier guys. But still plenty of talent among them. But Jails is a great venue. And the deckhilfers were smart and friendly. And the hengste? About 40 turned up, I was told. I got seven of them.

It was a slow start for me. I ended up right next to the guy who had been stute of the month at the last event in Mannheim. He was tall and lean, with a tight little arse. Friendly too.

And when they let the hengste in it was like bees finding honey. Real soon Ralf was moaning and yelping and pleading, his nose in a bottle of poppers as he tried to loosen up for the big dick pounding his arse. As the first guy finished the next was ready to start. And so it went on.

For me this was real hot – for about 15 minutes. The sound of all the action right alongside left me all horned up. But after 30 minutes without getting any action I began to wonder whether lining up my arse alongside the star arse of the show was really a great idea. After 30 minutes I gave up and got a friendly deckhilfer to move me.

Bingo. Now I'm tethered to a saddle out the back. There's a finger working its way up my hole. I free my hand and have a feel. It's a lean naked dude with a fat uncut dick. Yee haa: he's in and away. That was the first. Later I ended up tag teamed by a couple of guys with one punk fucking me and the other doing the same to my mouth. Love it. I called it a night after number seven, feeling sore but happy.

In contrast to Berlin there was only one mare taking a red hood – taking it raw, in other words. I can't say I wasn't tempted. But the deckhilfe was a bit shocked when I said I was neg and was thinking of going bareback for neg stallions. Of course he's right but it doesn't stop me wanting it.

So that was FSM in Mannheim. Time to start planning for next time. Meanwhile congratulations to Ralf (just voted champion mare in Mannheim once again). But a word of advice: if you go to fickstutenmarkt and want to get your share then don't let yourself get harnessed next to the guy with the best pair of buns in the place. Keep moving and find a spot where your walk right past that guy with a body like a teenager and the best set of buns in the place and find your own spot.


Anonymous said...

Thank you ;-) check out this emo boy one over this blog:

Anonymous said...

I sooooo want to be a mare there when I'm in Berlin next month, but I just don't have the guts. Such a hot fantasy being fucked by those Tops while blindfolded.