Saturday, February 28, 2009


I've been travelling. Had a night in the big city on the way back. Ended up at one of the clubs.

I didn't know what to make of it early on. Not a lot of guys there but most of them were too old or too heavy for me. Some like me in jeans but a lot were wearing towels. I just watched the action for the first hour and there wasn't much to watch.

Eventually things started to warm up. Early on there was a black guy who was making eyes at me. He was short with a big belly and I decided to keep moving. Later on in the evening he dropped the towel and was walking around waving a fat piece of meat in front of him. The pig in me took charge. I copped a feel then dropped to my knees and sucked him in. He grunted with pleasure as I worked his tool, leaning over my back and playing with my hole as I sucked him. After a few minutes he pulled me over to a cubicle, turned me round and rubbed his dick up my arse crack. I bent over and helped him in, telling him not to cum in me. It felt good to start with. But soon he started holding his dick with his fist as he fucked me. Dunno why - to help him stay hard? Whatever the reason it meant I was only getting an inch or two of his meat.

I eventually slid off him and went down on a latino guy standing behind him. Latino was real friendly, big smile, held me tight, put his tongue down my throat and played with my arse. We made out for a few minutes before he turned me round and rubbed his dick up my crack. I bent over as he slipped it in. Hot. He fucked me for a few minutes but other guys started pestering us. I told chico we needed to go upstairs.

Up on the platform we both stripped and got down to it. He was real tactile, hands and tongue everywhere, then spanking my arse before he pushed his dick back into me. He started slow but then lifted the pace. Eventually he was banging me doggy style while I kept hitting the poppers. He said he was going to come. Fuck. He said earlier he was neg but in this place it was stupid to trust anyone. I told him to keep going. he banged me even harder. A minute later he grabbed me by the pelvis, pulled my arse toward him and called out as he spasmed inside me.

After a minute I slid off him, turned and went down on him. His dick was still semi-hard and still slimy with jizz and arse juice. My arse was sore and throbbing but my dick was hard. I jacked myself for a minute as I sucked him and then blew on the squab. We lay there for half an hour catching our breath and talking. Turned out he was from somewhere in the Middle East, not south of the border (for some reason that disappointed me). We compared notes on Berlin and Zurich before I called it a night and headed off with a load up my arse.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


This was a classic case of dick ruling brain.

The guy has been around for years. He must be in his 50s. I think he's Iraqi. In fact I suspect he's the brother of the Iraqi I used to blow in the toilets on main street years ago before they flattened them. They have the same big dark smooth dick, though the brother is a bit thinner and seems paranoid. I guess if you came from Saddam's Iraq that's not a surprise.

I've called him Khaled because that was the label on his tightey whiteys today. The ones with serious skid marks. He sticks in my memory because he was the first raw sex I had in the safe sex era. This must be nearly ten years ago. He hit on me up the top of the hill one afternoon. He wanted to fuck me raw and I wouldn't let him. He was insistent he wanted a fuck so instead he backed on to me, raw. I tried to stop him but he was real pushy. Afterwards I was convinced I was going to die.

I've seen him up there a few times since. Each time I try to stay away from him. One time a few years he persuaded me to fuck him again, raw of course. I did but my dick came out covered in soft yellow shit. I stayed away from him after that.

When he saw me up there today I took off in the other direction. About half an hour later he found me under a pine tree with my finger up my arse. He came down, undid his belt, faced me, pulled down his Khaleds and pulled out his dick. Trouble is, I'm a slut, I had already spent two hours looking for dick, and he looked like the only option. Plus he has a really fine piece of meat: dark, fat, hard, with soft skin on the outside and a downward curve. And he is a lecherous pushy fucker who knows from other times that my dick rules my brain.

He waved his dick in my face. I leant forward and sucked. He pushed it in, enjoyed me sucking it for a few minutes, then pushed it right down my throat. With the downward curve I was able to deepthroat him in spite of the size. And needless to say my dick got hard - being choked seems to be as effective as having my tits pulled.

Of course he wanted more. He pulled me to my feet and turned me round. I took my shorts right off, took a hit of poppers and backed up against his dick. I told him not to come in my arse. His muscles feel ok but since he always insists on fucking raw I've gotta assume he's poz.

He pushed all the way in and starting crooning in his Arab accent about my hot white arse. He had his arms round my waist. He had a tattoo in Arabic script inside one forearm. He pushed in and out harder and faster. It was all over in a couple of minutes he suddenly pulled out, turned and blew over the clay. I knelt down, sucked the rest of the jizz off his dick and blew my load between his legs. I sat back down against the tree and pulled my shorts back on.

The best part? He then stood side on to me and pissed all over the clay where we had both just blown our loads. He was putting on a show: he spread it around as if he was watering the garden. Sorta like he was making me his bitch, though he didn't go as far as pissing on my leg. I ignored him but I was sitting there thinking privately what it would be like to have him hose all over me. With his big dick he was a copious pisser, which always turns me on, and on the warm clay it bubbled and frothed in front of me. If I hadn't just blown my load I would have been kneeling in front of him taking it all over my face.

So there you are. Taking this guy up my arse raw is real stupid - he's gotta be one of the riskiest fucks in this town. I'm always determined not to let him in my arse. And yet more often than not he gets in there anyway. There's a lesson in there somewhere.

PS No sign of Moby up there this afternoon. But I'm sure he'll turn up one day. Still haven't managed to hook up again with Jono. He must work strange hours because whenever he messages me wanting to hook up it's a few hours before dawn. I'll keep trying. I want his arse.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Saturday night was mild and still. I decided to check out the park.

I started with the dude on the park bench on the other side of the bridge. Funny kind of guy: he never spoke, just gave a strange laugh when I said things to him. Maybe he was deaf or mute.

He was surely well equipped. He had a long hard dick and he was happy for me to go down on him. Which I did. I slobbered over him, tried to deep throat him, tried to get my tongue under his balls to get a taste of his arse. Somehow it all ended up a bit one-sided. He just sat there while I chewed his dick. He was enjoying it but he wouldn't drop his pants so I could eat his arse, he wasn't so into it that he would skull fuck me.

Relief turned up. I looked around to find another dude at the other end of the bench. There was another slut that already had the dude's dick out chewing on it. I took a look. The dude was hot, big guy, good body, in charge. And a piece of meat that was really something special. The slut was all over it. I grabbed a feel. About the same length as the dude I had been blowing, but much thicker and real hard. Santa had arrived late but he had sure delivered.

Let's call him Moby. The little slut knelt there slobbering all over Moby's tool. Before long he did the natural thing, turned round, dropped his shorts and sat down on it. Raw. He whimpered as it went in. I'm sure he was pretending: that arse would take two fists and still have room for a foot. But he liked it. He bounced up and down on it. I gave away the dude and concentrated on Moby instead. Chewed his nipples, stuck my tongue down his throat, shared my amyl, moved my hand all over his torso while slut, with his back to us, moved up and down moaning like a bitch.

This went on for some time. Slut eventually climbed off. Not sure why. Who cares. I dived in. Put Moby's dick straight into my mouth. So that's what slut's arse tastes like. No taste of shit, but a sort of metallic tang to it. I blew him for a couple of minutes. But it was clear where this was heading.

I stood between Moby's legs, back to him, dropped my jeans and pressed the head of his dick against my pucker. Took a while to get in. I had put a finger of vaseline in there before I set out but this boy was hung. I got all the head in, then climbed off and restarted. Eventually I got him in all the way. Faaarck. Raw meat. Big hard fat raw meat. In the park. After midnight.

Moby grabbed my tits and pulled me down onto him. I leaned around and put my tongue down his throat. Then we got into it. I started slow, sitting all the way down then lifting up to the point where his head was just starting to slip out. He dick stayed big and hard, so every time I sat all the way down on him there was that ache around the prostate. And then the hungry empty feeling as you pull almost all the way off.

My arse was demanding more. I shifted from slow sliding up and down to bouncing on him hard and fast while I took hit after hit of the amyl. My dick was standing up straight. in another couple of minutes I blew my load. I slowly climbed off him, my knees weak and wobbly, and sat back on the bench alongside him.

Slut moved in. This time it was for real. He sucked Moby's dick to get a taste of my arse juices. Then he pulled his shorts all the way off and climbed on, this time facing Moby. To give him his due he may have had a few wrinkles but he sure had good knees. And Moby liked what he was getting. They made out while slut wrapped his arms round Moby's neck and bounced his arse up and down on his dick. This went on for maybe 10 minutes until they both starting moaning and jerking. Slut got Moby's load.

As slut put himself back together Moby pulled up his jeans and headed off down the bottom track. I followed slowly on the top track, expecting I might see where he went. He moved fast, maybe not wanting to be followed or spotted. He had disappeared before I got to the road, though I thought I saw him outside the city housing block. Hmmm. A lot of guys there are on welfare, some maybe cos they've got the virus. Anyhow, I went home with my arse happy.

The following day I was up the top of the hill in the sunshine. There was a hot looking dude there reading. Later our paths crossed further down the hill. Looking back I saw his face from a different angle and realised it was Moby. I'd never seen him before. He looked different in daylight, not much hair, but still hot. He showed no sign of interest in me: maybe I looked older in daylight, maybe he's not into repeat fucks. But I'll keep an eye out for him. I want to feel that dick in my arse again.

Monday, February 9, 2009


Hey fellas. Gettin near 5000 hits. Who woulda believed it! Course the big names in piggy gay sex are hitting 100-200k. But even so ...

I guess I'm doing this blog as much for my own fun as anything else. But I'm curious what it is that pulls in 5000 hits from around the world. See no-one ever leaves a comment.

So do me a favour, folks. Leave a comment now and again. Tell me what it is in these stories that catches your interest or makes you horny. Tell me if there's stuff you find a turn-off. Let me know what it's going to take to get from 5000 hits to 100,000. Share some stories of your own. See if you can make my dick stand up and start leaking.

And if you do, maybe I'll tell you about the hard 8"+ I took up my arse in the park at the weekend. And the curious sequel ... 

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Jono's first fuck

That's what he said, anyway. And I kinda believe him: he was so hungry for everything. Kissing, biting, sucking, arse-licking – he seemed a bit like a puppy dog being let loose on the world.

He and another guy arrived around the same time. Jono came across to me straightaway and started kissing. Nice. I love the taste of a man who is full of booze. Plus he was hungry for it, tongue down my throat, licking and biting and lip-locking. He took his shirt off straightaway, and then within a minute we were both naked. The other guy made up the threesome. He was tall, leaner than Jono, dark, wearing a hoodie, with a cock that was a bit above average size but real hard and with a big mushroom head.

Jono didn't get hard. He wanted dick - mine or the other guy's. I wasn't getting hard either: I had gone to the park to get my arse fucked, not to play top. But Johnno was hot. We stood there holding tight, grinding groin against groin, feeling each other all over. While he sucked hoodie I squatted down and put my tongue up Johnno's arse. He was raunchy. He loved having his arse eaten. And yes he took it when I kissed him again, deeply, after rimming him. My goatee must have been real tasty.

Jono said he wanted to get fucked. Hoodie wasn't into that. I said I would fuck him but we would have to do it my way. I got him to bend over and suck hoodie's cock while I squatted down him, ate his arse for a while and then put several fingers inside him. His arse easily took the fingers as I moved around inside him probing and massaging. Some way inside I could feel the end of a big turd, though it was solid and firm. I told him I would fuck him raw, and that because of the turd in there it would be a shit fuck.

He was up for it. But I still couldn't get properly hard. I said we would take a pause and start again. I slapped his hand away every time he tried to touch my dick and got him to work my nipples instead, using his teeth. My dick started to stand up. I got him to bend over and get back to sucking hoodie while I slid my dick up his arse, raw. It felt great, though he still hadn't learnt to keep his arse steady and at the right height. I fucked him fast and then slow, then banged him for a while, with him sucking hoodie all the while. He got me to pull hard on the piercing in his nipple.

We eventually took a pause. I got him to suck my dick, shit taste and all. Then I slowed him down a bit. We got talking. He is around six foot, a farmer's son from up country. He said he had had sex with one other guy, a friend, also in the park. They just jerked each other off. He really wanted to get fucked. He was frustrated that the others around either were bottoms or weren't getting hard enough to fuck him.

We talked a bit about his kinks. I suggested we go a little further up the valley where we would have some privacy and I could hurt him. He agreed but disappeared before I could find my shirt in the dark and follow him up the track.

Postscript: Got a message from him today. Said he was sorry for taking off but seemed keen to get together again to have his arse worked over. We'll see if it happens.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

This town is too small

It was a warm night so I headed down to the park last night looking for dick. I should have known better.

When I got there there was one guy bent over against the rail taking it up the arse, raw. The guy who was topping him was a bit old and chunky but had a nice dick. I had a taste, was even tempted to give let him up my arse. But as I sucked him I found a lump on top of his dick which felt like a big wart. Sorry bud, I've had warts burnt out of my arse once already, don't want to go through that again.

I waited for a while. The next guy to turn up looked promising, for a minute. Skinny dark guy. We groped and made out. But he didn't want to take charge. Small soft dick. This guy wanted to bottom. I was thinking I might oblige until prof turned up. He's a regular. He has a big dick and he was all horned up. I blew him for a while, then turned round and backed onto him. He banged me for a while. Problem is, I know he's really a bottom, and he's only hard cos he's taken a little blue pill, and it's not quite the same as getting a fuck from someone who really wants to get off in your arse.

He lost interest after a while and wandered off. Everything stopped for a few minutes as a group of drunk straight kids wandered through making lots of noise. The skinny dark guy reappeared. I think I've seen him there before. He liked being held while I banged him groin to groin.

Another familiar face showed up. It was the red head who I've got off with both at the park and at the beach and at the tubs. On line he says he's versatile but he doesn't get hard except when he gets raw dick up his arse. I've always ended up fucking him and giving him a load. He's hot, nearly six foot tall, real skinny body. He's gotta be poz–something about the muscle tone in his arse too–but hasn't said so explicitly. But he always wants a load.

That's what he was after in the park. He dropped his pants and backed onto me. Took a hit of poppers. I slid in and out of him for a while. Felt real nice - for a change he hadn't filled his arse with lube and there was a bit of friction.

He moved onto the dark guy. His dick was smaller and softer than mine but red head wanted variety. I asked if he already had a load in him. No, he said. He took off his shirt as well, he was bent over completely naked.

He came off the dark guy, slid back onto my dick and started riding me hard and fast. Owww. I couldn't take too much of this, especially when he started squeezing his arse muscles. I blew inside him real quick. Bit of a bummer, I would have liked to bang his arse properly. I pulled up my shorts, headed down the track and left them to it.

At least I got off, I suppose, but it would be good for a change to get my arse fucked by a big-dicked real top.

Course that does happen from time to time. As a matter of fact I was in the park the previous night. My old mate Dave was there. Tried to back onto him but he wasn't hard enough to get in. There was a youner guy next to him with a fat dick, extra long and real thick at the base. I sucked him for a while but he wouldn't fuck me.

He called a break and headed over the other side of the bridge. I followed him, knelt down and got into his pants. He hardened up as I worked on his cock. I slobbered over his dick, rubbed it over my face then deep throated him. No easy feat: when I got him most of the way down it triggered my gag reflex and I started to throw up. I backed off, then started again.

He had a great body: a wide chest, narrow waist, smooth skin, lean bod, a treasure trail, small hard nipples. And sensitive to being touched, in a good way. He shivered when I rubbed my hands over the cleft in his groin, and then over his chest and his belly. I worked on the head of his dick and then deep throated him again.

Eventually he chucked his cigarette, pulled out a condom and told me to turn round. I had lubed up with gun oil before I went to the park but it was hard work getting him inside me. He was big and I was tight. Plus latex is nasty staff, doesn't go well with arse membranes. It reminded me why I want it raw. I eventually got him all the way in and pushed back on him. It was a good feeling, especially as he wrapped his arms right round and held me tight.

He wasn't a slam fucker. He preferred to hold me tight, push right up into me hard, but not pull back and bang me. I took a few hits of poppers and shared with him. Then it was more deep thrusting from him. It didn't last long: he pushed into me extra hard and then groaned. He stayed in me for a minute then slid out and buttoned up. He said thanks bro and wandered off.

Uh oh. Something don't smell quite right. I had hosed out before I went down to the park. But this guy was big, and he had gone deep and hard. He had stirred up my insides in a way I hadn't reckoned on. I wiped what I could, pulled my jeans back on and headed down the track, hoping I hadn't left any of it on the other guy. Yeah I know accidents happen but I hate that when that stuff happens. Kinda spoilt what had been a good fuck.