Monday, February 9, 2009


Hey fellas. Gettin near 5000 hits. Who woulda believed it! Course the big names in piggy gay sex are hitting 100-200k. But even so ...

I guess I'm doing this blog as much for my own fun as anything else. But I'm curious what it is that pulls in 5000 hits from around the world. See no-one ever leaves a comment.

So do me a favour, folks. Leave a comment now and again. Tell me what it is in these stories that catches your interest or makes you horny. Tell me if there's stuff you find a turn-off. Let me know what it's going to take to get from 5000 hits to 100,000. Share some stories of your own. See if you can make my dick stand up and start leaking.

And if you do, maybe I'll tell you about the hard 8"+ I took up my arse in the park at the weekend. And the curious sequel ... 


Sean said...

I love the blog but do have a few suggestions:

1. comment on other blogs - people will click on your link to see your profile, especially if you have a pic (doesn't have to be your)

2. add more blogs to your links

3. add a few pics

4. keep up with the regular blogging

5. add a few more personal details- like how and why you like/do something

hope this helps

pigboy said...

we all started off somewhere dude....

keep it hot n interesting and they will cum :)