Thursday, April 30, 2009

Slutty bloggers

Latest addition is hotpigg. Great to have you on the list, kiddo.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I've been thinking a lot about the guy from Friday night who wanted to hurt me. We've since made contact by email. The way it finished on Friday I wasn't sure if he was interested in a follow-up but he says he's up for it. These days it takes a bit to get me hard but the last few days I've been walking to work in the mornings with my cock stiff just from thinking about what I could get him to do to me. Mostly it seems to involve me getting naked, getting tied over a trestle or stool and then getting my arse thrashed, real hard ie bruises for a week. I figure I'll need to be tied down because otherwise I won't be able to take it. Probably also need a gag to keep the noise down. I had a taste of this a year ago in Sydney - got thrashed by a Brit at HQ. It was all spur of the moment, didn't tie me down, but it left my arse a bit bloody, and the bruises lasted about five days.

It didn't make me horny but I think back to that night a lot. It makes me think I can take punishment, and the idea of it is certainly a turn-on. I'm wondering if I need to provoke the guy into making a serious job of it. I told you he doesn't bareback. If I make a rendezvous with him I'm thinking I'll try to get a load in my arse first and then tell him. See if it will persuade him he really needs to punish me.

I guess all of this makes me a seriously kinky cunt.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Ended up at the tubs Friday night. One of those nights when I wasn't feeling particularly horny (ie I couldn't get it up) but really needed to get my rocks off.

i sucked off one guy without much enthusiasm (he was a lazy top, he had a cut dick and his aftershave put me off). He gave me a bitter load. Normally I swallow but I wasn't into him enough. I spat it out and went looking for something different.

When it came it wasn't what I was expecting. A younger guy, around my height (5'8"), a bit chunky but ok looks, groped me and then told me to follow him into a cubicle. He asked me if I was into dirty sex. I asked what he meant. He said he wanted to hurt me. Whew. I said sure, dropped my towel and locked the door.

He was serious. He pulled me down onto his dick, slapped me in the face, told me not to get any teeth on his dick. In the next few minutes he kept surprising me: a fist in the guts, then another. He slapped me in the face and made me say thank you. He brought his knee up into my balls. It hurt like hell and got me worried - I have zero tolerance for having my balls kicked. He pulled me up onto the squab, turned me on my back, head over the edge, and pushed his dick into me again. His dick was a bit bigger than average, nothing special, but uncut and juicy. Main thing was that he was hard and he was able to push it all the way in so his pubes were hard against my mouth and I was struggling to get any breath. You know how it is: you start to see stars after a minute of this, and then come up gasping. He gave me a couple of hits of amyl to open me up.

He continued this for a few minutes, talking dirty the whole time and slapping and punching me all the while. He pulled me all the way up on the squab and sat his arse down on my face, pulling his cheeks apart so his hole was on my mouth and my nose was blocked. I was running out of breath again.

He kept coming back to my balls. Got to the point I just couldn't take more. I called a halt and we talked. He seemed completely sane, which was part of the turn-on of the whole thing. He's into dominance and pain in a big way. I said I wanted to get tied down and take a serious belting on my arse. He's up for it. Unfortunately he's from out of town so I'm not sure when we'll be able to arrange it. He only plays safe so I won't be getting him to leave a load up my arse. He left soon after - he was there with his boyfriend. But he gave me his online contact.

After another wait I found a guy in the maze who was looking to get sucked. He looked Fijian or something like that. Not that young but nice body, all muscles. I dropped to my knees and got to work. There was plenty to work on: he had a big dick, uncut, with lots of foreskin and a moist shiny head. We started slow and then he started pumping, pushing his head down my throat and getting it all sloppy. I took some poppers and got back to work. I asked if he wanted to fuck me. The answer was yes. I stood up, turned and started to back onto him. He wouldn't do it without a rubber. We decided to go to a cubicle.

He rubbered up and tried to get into me. I was on my back on the mattress. He got his dick in and pushed for a while but something wasn't quite right. He pulled out and got me to suck him to harden him up before trying again. Still wasn't working. I got down and sucked him till his dick was standing out straight again then turned round. This time he pushed the head against my hole without a rubber, then pushed all the way in. I bent over the squab and took more poppers as he started pumping me harder. He pulled me onto him as he kept banging me. For the first time all night my dick was getting hard. I jerked myself as he fucked me faster and harder.

I could tell he was close. I made a mental decision I wouldn't make him pull out before he came in me. This is starting to be a habit. It worries me. It is also a huge turn-on - knowing I'm going to take a load. The Fijian guy was banging me hard, his breathing was fast. I couldn't hold off: I blew a load over the mattress, making a lot of noise as I did. That tipped the other guy over the edge. He pulled out then blew a load over my arse and my back. I was half sorry, half relieved. We laughed and then headed off for the showers. I think he's probably negative: the fact he wanted to use a rubber at first was a giveaway (unless he's poz and trying to behave ...) But I think he's the same guy that fucked me a few years ago and I sorta remember an issue then when he was fucking me raw and then his partner joined us and made him rubber up.

The real point of it all is that I seem to have crossed a line: I'm now basically wanting to take loads - even without asking if the guy is negative. Barebacking was risky enough even when I was telling guys not to cum in me. I'm into different risks if I'm taking loads from strangers. Objectively it's really stupid. But I'm not sure how I'm going to talk myself into going back to a no-cum policy. Watch this space.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Win some ...

Woke up late with a sore throat. Yesterday was another fine day. I went for a long run then headed up the hill. There was a bit of action there but none for me. I headed down to the park instead about 1030.

It was quiet. I played with one guy who said he was a top but had a little dick that didn't get hard. But kissed well and I liked his long goatee. He seemed happy on his knees sucking me plus another nerdy kid with a fat uncut dick who joined us. Nerd blew a load in my mouth, zipped up and left. I wiped half his load onto my dick and started skull-fucking goatee again. I was holding his head sidewise to get in deeper. He blew without warning. We kissed for a while then I got him to lean on the rail so I could eat his arse. It was ripe and tasty. I rubbed my dick up and down his crack and then started pushing against his hole. Nope, he wasn't letting me in without a rubber.

I chilled for half an hour then got talking to another dude on the bench. Young guy, beard, said he was aboriginal and samoan. Let's call him James. We made out for a while, then started working on each other's nipples. As I lifted his shirt and then unzipped him I started to realise what a hottie he was. Smooth skin, big chest, fat uncut dick.

We decided to go to the bridge up the gully, the scene of my antics over easter. He dropped his trou and took a couple of hits of poppers as I went down on him. Now he was standing up and had me on my knees he changed gear. He wanted to get right down my throat. He pushed his knob hard against the back of my throat, kept the pressure on and moved around to try to get further down, working my nipples all the while. After half a minute I gagged and pulled off. We tried again. Problem was that as well as being long, thick and rock hard his dick had an upward curve. Poppers helped but not enough - I was still gagging. A couple of times I brought up food I had eaten earlier.

I asked if he wanted to fuck me. He muttered something about a condom. I gave him one but he didn't take it any further. It was clear he wanted to get down my throat. I said we would try it another way. I lay on my back on the bridge and got him to put his dick into me from above (like doing a press-up). That works when you can drop your head back over the edge of a bed. On the bridge it helped - I could get him past my gag spot - but the angle was still wrong.

I was frustrated as all hell. I don't think I'd met a guy since Gaetano with a dick that strong. If I couldn't have him in my arse I at least wanted to get my face fucked and swallow his load but I couldn't find a way to get him down my throat without gagging.

He eventually jerked himself off. I got a taste after he came but not a proper mouthful. We chatted while he smoked one of his Russian cigarettes but I don't think he was looking for a repeat. Bit of a mystery man.

There was no-on else around so I headed down to the tubs. Quite a bit of life there but nothing that really worked for me. I had a half hearted fuck with a local guy but he wouldn't let me into him without a rubber and I eventually finger fucked him. He got off. I got some dirty fingers. Another guy, a small American, wanted to get his arse fucked but only with a rubber, but then changed his mind altogether.

I was feeling tired and completely fucked off. I came home and crashed.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Numbers are up

I'd like to think the extra traffic is just because of all the slutty posts I've been putting up. For sure, I've been doing my best. But from the traffic analysis the big change is that I've now got a link coming through from matt and dan as well as the one from pigboy. Great to have you on board guys. Keep it coming.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Suck my feet

Well I told you I had a kinda crazy night on Saturday. It was fun but problem was it left me all horned up. The Irish guy messaged me a few times but I think it was just a tease - he never delivered. By Monday I was frantic for some action. I took the day off and spent most of it looking for dick. It turned into quite a day.

I started down at the waterfront. There's a bog that goes off on weekdays but I've never really checked it out. When I went in on Monday there was a guy there in a suit who was looking for action. Bit younger than me, not pretty, getting a bit of a gut. But he started groping himself, staring at me as he did so, then within a minute his fly was all tented up. We walked over to the urinal, he unzipped, gave me a look and a feel. Aahh fuck. Long, fat, uncut. We had to wait for a cubicle. Inside he unzipped again and I knelt down to suck him. He was hard and juicy. I sucked him gently then took him in all the way and slobbered up and down the length of him. After a few minutes I stood up, dropped my pants, turned round and asked if he wanted to put it up my arse. Nah, not bareback he said. That seemed to put him off. I offered him a rubber but he soon zipped up and headed out. He was still hard: he stood in front of the urinal looking back at me, big smile on his face, showing me the outline of his dick through his trousers while I jacked myself in the cubicle. But he wouldn't come back in. I followed him across the road and asked if he wanted to try the bog in the library. He sounded half tempted but didn't take me up on it.

This left me even more horned up. There was one more bog to check out, again one I don't normally go to. I took the middle cubicle. I looked under the partition. The guy in the next cubicle beckoned me in. He was just a teenager but he knew what he wanted. He had a stubby uncut dick but with a shiny dark red head on it. I sucked him for a few minutes, having to keep it quiet as guys came and went. Eventually he decided he wanted to come. He jacked himself and blew a load into my mouth. I swallowed, licked my lips, zipped up and left him to it. I headed back down to the waterfront. There was a guy out in front who seemed to be cruising. I followed him along the waterfront to another bog. He had an uncut dick with an extra tight foreskin. I sucked him while pushing a finger up his arse. I got another load out of him but I still wanted to get my arse fucked. Back to the first place. I took the free cubicle. After a few minute the guy in the next one passed me a note on toilet paper: Can I suck your feet? Whew! Not really my thing, but since I was wearing flip flops ... I had forgotten what a sensation it is to have warm lips around your toes. But he pulled off as soon as someone came in. I left him to it.

I needed to get my arse fucked. I decided to check out the sauna. This was 4pm on a weekday - it's years since I've gone to the tubs at this time of the week. Looks as if I've been missing out on something: the place was buzzing. First one to make a move was an American. Maybe in his 30s, not tall, carrying a gut, but hot: tats all over including on his gut, buzz cut and heaps of attitude. In the cubicle he dropped his towel and pushed me onto his dick. Then he bent me over and started eating my arse. It felt as if he was all set to fuck me. His dick was average but real hard and with a big mushroom head on it. Then I blew it: I said I wanted to eat his arse. He got down on all fours and I went to work. He was a bit raunchy which was fine by me. I tongued him and bit him, pulling on his tits at the same time. He got up ... I was panting for raw dick up my arse ... and he said he was going to take a break. Faarck! Nooooo!

I mooched around for half an hour. Then a guy I hadn't seen before followed me into a cubicle. Nice looks, fit, big chest. I started with his nipples. Yee haa! Hit the right button there. He had big nipples and wanted them worked hard. He did the same for me. He pushed his tongue into my mouth. Yeaahh! Great kisser, big lips, strong tongue, tasted good. He pushed me onto the squab, legs in the air, and started eating me out. A few minutes of that and we swapped places. And the big test: yeah, I stretched forward for a big sloppy kiss, with my goatee tasting of his arse. He smiled and kissed back. I went back to his arse. Pushed a couple of fingers in. He was open and wet. I took my hand out, slobbered it with saliva and pushed back in. He was loving it. But he said it had been a long time since he had taken a fist, and I wasn't properly lubed. Another time maybe. I asked if he wanted a taste of my dick. Nah, not without a rubber. OK.

Somehow I had missed his pits. Not any longer. Picture this: he was lying back, arms behind his head, shoulders and muscles and dark hairy pits. I went in. Strong taste of fresh sweat. I went ape. Nothing does it for me like sweaty pits. Went from one to the other and back, stopping to make out and chew his tits. His arse was still in the air. What's that? Ah ... he was pushing his arse onto my dick. Yes. He looked me in the eyes. Fuck me hard. Sure thing. He was loose and sloppy and his arse was up in the air and I was on top banging away.

A few minutes of that then we paused to make out. Did I tell you he was a great kisser? Then he's on his feet, lifting my legs in the air and trying to push his dick in. Took some doing: I was horny for it but the guy was hung. He finally pushed all the way in. He knew what he was doing. Every dozen or so strokes he would push in that extra inch - you know, the stroke that makes you groan but also makes your toes curl in pleasure. He had one hand over my mouth to shut me up. He mixed hard and gentle for a few minutes then said something I couldn't catch. I said to him to go for it. All of a sudden he was fucking me like a madman, eyes wide, banging against my pelvis till he convulsed a few times and then pulled out and relaxed on top of me.

I caught my breath. I reached down to check. My arse was wet and creamy. I brought my finger back for a taste then reached down for more. I lubed up my dick with his jizz and started beating. To help me along he reached for a nipple and with his other hand fingered my arse. Hurt me, I said. He fucked me with one hand and with the other dug his nails into my tit. I blew in about 30 seconds.

The next morning I was sitting in front of my laptop after coming back from a run. I farted and felt my shorts filling. I hadn't realised how much of a load he had left inside me - my shorts were full of jizz. I jerked off frantically in the shower.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Another mild night so I headed down to the park. It turned into quite a night.

The first guy to make a move on me was a bit younger than me, solid, leather jacket, military type haircut. He pulled his dick out and pushed my face down onto it. He had a nice fat piece of meat, huge foreskin. I got down on my knees as he started rough-fucking my throat. He leant over my back, started fingering my hole. I stood up and turned to let him in. He rubbed his dick up and down my crack as he reached in his pocket for a rubber. He pushed inside me but soon pulled out - too much traffic up and down the track. We headed up the gully instead.

I knelt and sucked him again till he hardened up. He wanted to get back into my arse. He gave me a hit of poppers and then pushed in, this time with no rubber. He was a good fuck: got me to wrap my arms back around his thighs as I bent over double. Every few minutes he would pull out, give me another hit of amyl and get me to suck on his dick to get him hard again.

We started to attract an audience, five or six guys standing around us watching, some of them jerking themselves. There was bright moonlight which made the scene even hornier. I took turns on my knees to suck my juices from under his foreskin and bent double as he banged my arse. It was hot, though he wasn't quite hard enough to make this pig squeal. After 20 minutes he decided he'd had enough, zipped up without coming and headed back down the gully.

I wandered over to the bridge and squatted facing a couple of guys leaning against the opposite rail. A few minutes ... then the closest one, who had been in the moonshade, moved across, stood in front of me and unzipped. He was hot: 20s, dark hair, solid pecs, a little belly, long thin dick.

He hardened up fast and I took him down, first just in my mouth then all the way. He fucked me deep in my throat until I was gagging. I came up gasping then went back down for more. We carried on like this for 10 minutes, taking hits of amyl. His dick was getting covered in that mucus you get from deep throating.

I stood up, running my hands over his pecs, asked if he wanted more of the same or wanted to push his dick up my arse. He wanted my arse. I turned and bent, grippingthe opposite rail. He dropped his jeans all the way and slid his dick into me. It was a different kind of fuck: he wasn't into pounding away at my arse. He held me tight, around the waist, across the chest, at times with his arms under my armpits and pulling me down onto him by the shoulders, all the time pressing his pelvis as hard as he could against my arse. He made the most of the leverage on the narrow bridge: supporting himself on one side while pressing me hard against the other. We paused every few minutes for more amyl.

He wanted skin on skin. He kept wrapping his arms around me and squeezing me tight, at the same time as he was rubbing his thighs against the backs of my legs. He had downy thighs which felt amazing against my legs and arse. From time to time he slipped out and I dropped down to suck his dick before he slid it back in. I wanted more freedom to spread my legs and move on him so I pulled out of one leg of my jeans to let me spread my legs more. I was basically naked. He kept his shirt on. The guys who had been watching earlier hung around to enjoy the new show. One guy came and stood real close, playing with himself as we got into it.

Eventually my stud decided he'd had enough. He pulled out, just held me from behind while we chatted quietly. Turned out he was Irish. Eventually he zipped up and wandered off.

The voyeur from before was still standing there. Fuck that was hot! he said. I got closer for a look. Younger than me, curly red-brown hair and beard. He said he was bi and only there to watch. not play. He only fucks women but he gets off on seeing guys naked or having sex. He has fantasies about going to the Folsom street fair to see guys wandering around with their dicks hanging out.

The more we talked the more excited he was getting. I was still standing there with only one foot in my jeans, my dick waving in the air. He decided to be brave: pulled his trainers off, pulled his jeans right off and started pulling at his dick. He asked if he could touch mine. The way he did so it felt as if he had never touched a guy's dick before. I asked him to bend over and show me his arse. He did: tight little white butt, but too dark to see his hole, and he didn't want to get touched.

He wanted more. He asked if I would walk down the gully track with him with no pants on! I hadn't really got hard all night (I'd jerked off before I headed out to the park ...) but kinky red-head was making me hard. I took my jeans all the way off, put my trainers back on and followed him down the track in the moonlight. He had warned me he would run for it if anyone came along. But when another guy came up the track he brazened it out. We stopped and waited. The guy came across to check out these crazies walking around with no pants and hard dicks. He hung around, decided to join in for a laugh. Red-head stood there jerking for a few minutes till he blew his wad.

So that was my night at the park. I didn't get off but it was kinda crazy and fun. Can't complain.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


I found an item from last year I hadn't got round to posting. I've finished it off and published it. See bog sex in my archive for September 08. It still sticks in my memory: not my ideal fuck, but memorable because it was sleazy (Victorian era underground toilet across the road from the market), because of the smell (he was a red-head and like most red-heads whose pits or groin I've tasted he was pungent) and the taste (he had a dirty arse but I rimmed him anyway) and because he was such a slut (neither of us was really into the other but he wanted dick and he wanted jiz, so I left a load up his arse). Let me know if you like it.

Like I say, red-heads seem to taste different, and it's a taste that really turns me on. I tell you another occasion that sticks in the mind. It was Berlin a few years earlier. I had put on my running gear and headed across the city to the Volkspark Friedricshain around dawn for old times' sake. The area round the fountain was a construction site with no signs of life. I headed up the hill on the off chance. One guy turned up on a bike. He was sweating, he'd been riding hard. Just wearing street gear, I guess he was on his way to or from work. Tall guy, nice looks, red hair, pale skin. He dropped the bike and we started making out. He didn't stink but he certainly didn't smell of soap. I could smell old sweat as well as the fresh sweat. He was kinda raunchy.

This I had to have. I started pulling at his sweater to get to his pits. It was a cold morning, our breath smoky, but he pulled off his sweater and shirt so I could get under his arms. Pig heaven. One then the other then back, tongues down each other's throats. He had big pink nipples which I worked on with one hand. I pushed the other hand down the back of his pants and felt for his hole. We got into a frenzy of kissing, licking and tit-play with his scent driving me a bit wild and him licking out my pits to get at the sweat from my running.

I pushed his pants right down, turned him round and squatted behind him so I could eat him. He was a big guy, not fat but plenty of meat on him. His arse was also raunchy. I pigged out for a few minutes.

It was clear to me we were both bottoms. It was one of those times I would have loved to have a hard 10" dick swinging between my legs so I could shove his face into the tree, push my tool up his arse and fuck a load into him. It wasn't to be. Just two piggy bottoms having to find a way to get each other off.

We ended up squatting facing each other, both of us with our pants round our ankles. Does squatting turn you on too? There's something about the way it leaves your balls hanging free, gives access to the taint, plus the tension on the muscles in your legs and groin. We worked on each other for some time. I seem to remember I had my tongue down his throat and several fingers up his arse as I finger-fucked him hard. He was still only half hard but jerked himself till he eventually squirted over his hairy gut. I got a handful of it to taste.

I can't now remember how I got off. But like the Melbourne guy it was the taste and the flavour of him that sticks in my memory. After we had finished we stood up, both of us wearing big smiles, and fixed our clothes before he got back on his bike and headed off. I ran back to the hostel, still enjoying the taste of his arse and his pits on my lips and chin. Sweaty stranger in a park at dawn, no words spoken ... Ticks all the boxes for me.

Friday, April 3, 2009


I seem to have picked up a follower. Hi Kyle! To give him a proper home I've added a 'followers' box. But he needs some company. That's invitation to other jizz lovers out there to sign on and join him.

I've also reposted all my links using the blog list gadget so you can now see which of them have a new posting. Real handy. I suspect there's other ways of keeping track - RSS feeds? But this works for me.

Tracking visitors is interesting. The big numbers are western Europe and the United States, especially east and west coasts, but also western Canada. Most of the traffic seems to come via the blog list on boned n stoned (my favourite slut) but some also from montrealer's life (great but hasn't posted since October). Some one-time visitors but also plenty of repeat traffic. I guess that says there's a market for stories even without the pics or videos you get on most bb blogs, though the numbers are still nothing like the big sites.

Anyhow gotta run. Sun's shining, I'm heading out for a run. While I'm at it I'll see if I can find someone at the beach or up the hill to scratch that itch in my arse ...

I don't fuck guys

I said to him: Do you want to slide your cock up my arse? He replied that he didn't fuck guys. By which he meant he only fucked women. Pity. He was hot, and he had a long dick which was hard and slimy because I had had it down my throat. So far down that at times I was seeing stars - you know that sensation when you are choking on a fat dick?

Here's how it happened. I was down at the tubs, around 8pm. It was quiet. Then this young guy came in. He glanced at me as he walked past, looked again as he went past in the opposite direction. He was short, with wide shoulders, dark skin, muscly, hair tied back, lots of tats. Good enough for me. I got up and followed. I asked him if he wanted me to eat his arse out. Sure, he said. He went into the next cubicle, dropped his towel, bent over and grabbed his knees. I got down and into it. I licked up and down his crack, chewed on each cheek, fingered his hole, stuck my tongue in, tongue fucked him, all the while moving my hands up and down his thighs and under his balls and up his back. He liked it. It made my dick hard too.

After a few minutes of this he stood up and turned round. He had that boozy smell of a guy who's had a few drinks. Sweet. I played with his nipple then got back down on my knees. For a short guy he was carrying one big piece of meat. Uncut. Long rather than thick. I got into it. With the taste of his arse on my lips I was well horned up myself. I licked him, then sucked him into my mouth, pumped him, then tried to get him down my throat. Took a while to relax enough to go all the way. Eventually got most of the length of him down my throat, which made him moan at the sensation. I held him there, then pumped him a little till I was seeing a few stars. More sucking and licking and deep throating over a few minutes, until I asked him if he wanted to fuck me. Like I said at the start, he just said he didn't fuck guys. We carried on a few minutes longer until he said he was going to take a break. I said to come find me later if he wanted to sit on my face.

I took a break myself for a while. It was still quiet. I sat in the steam room for a while then decided to take another tour. There was a guy standing in one of the cubicles with a glory hole, with the door open, his back to me because he had his dick stuck through the glory hole with someone sucking him on the other side. I slipped in, ran my hands up and down his back and arse, hoping to get a taste of his dick. He had nice smooth skin. He looked Chinese.

A few minutes later the muscleboy from before, with the long dick, came by and decided to join in. It soon became clear what he was after. He was quickly down on the floor sucking on China guy's dick, making a real pig of himself. I stayed there to share the fun, sharing my amyl and groping both of them. It was a hot combination: the Chinese guy had a nice body and liked being touched, as did muscleboy who was squatting on the floor busy sucking cock. I got down and played with muscleboy's balls then started sucking him again. With my left hand I reached behind and under him to play with the area between his arse and his balls, which always feels great when a guy is squatting. I licked my index finger and rubbed it against his arse. He didn't object. I wet my finger again and pushed a little way into his arse. He spread his legs a little to make it easier. I pushed further in, and further again. That was far enough: I could tell that he hadn't cleaned out. I massaged him a bit without pushing further in. He seemed to get off on the combination on having a dick in his mouth and a finger in his arse.

Meanwhile the Chinese guy was getting a bit adventurous too. I felt a hand on my arse, then a finger probing my hole. I got the message. I stood up and asked if he wanted a fuck. He sure did. He pulled his dick out of muscleboy's mouth and pointed it in my direction. I thought he would want a rubber but no, he wanted to give it to me raw. He wasn't that big but he was hard, and the feel of skin on skin is always a turn on for me anyway. He pushed it all the way in, I bent over, and he started fucking me slowly. Then harder and faster. I didn't last long: I was excited from playing with muscleboy, and the feeling of a raw dick in my arse rapidly pushed me over the edge. I held onto muscleboy as I blew my load.