Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I've been thinking a lot about the guy from Friday night who wanted to hurt me. We've since made contact by email. The way it finished on Friday I wasn't sure if he was interested in a follow-up but he says he's up for it. These days it takes a bit to get me hard but the last few days I've been walking to work in the mornings with my cock stiff just from thinking about what I could get him to do to me. Mostly it seems to involve me getting naked, getting tied over a trestle or stool and then getting my arse thrashed, real hard ie bruises for a week. I figure I'll need to be tied down because otherwise I won't be able to take it. Probably also need a gag to keep the noise down. I had a taste of this a year ago in Sydney - got thrashed by a Brit at HQ. It was all spur of the moment, didn't tie me down, but it left my arse a bit bloody, and the bruises lasted about five days.

It didn't make me horny but I think back to that night a lot. It makes me think I can take punishment, and the idea of it is certainly a turn-on. I'm wondering if I need to provoke the guy into making a serious job of it. I told you he doesn't bareback. If I make a rendezvous with him I'm thinking I'll try to get a load in my arse first and then tell him. See if it will persuade him he really needs to punish me.

I guess all of this makes me a seriously kinky cunt.

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