Saturday, April 18, 2009

Win some ...

Woke up late with a sore throat. Yesterday was another fine day. I went for a long run then headed up the hill. There was a bit of action there but none for me. I headed down to the park instead about 1030.

It was quiet. I played with one guy who said he was a top but had a little dick that didn't get hard. But kissed well and I liked his long goatee. He seemed happy on his knees sucking me plus another nerdy kid with a fat uncut dick who joined us. Nerd blew a load in my mouth, zipped up and left. I wiped half his load onto my dick and started skull-fucking goatee again. I was holding his head sidewise to get in deeper. He blew without warning. We kissed for a while then I got him to lean on the rail so I could eat his arse. It was ripe and tasty. I rubbed my dick up and down his crack and then started pushing against his hole. Nope, he wasn't letting me in without a rubber.

I chilled for half an hour then got talking to another dude on the bench. Young guy, beard, said he was aboriginal and samoan. Let's call him James. We made out for a while, then started working on each other's nipples. As I lifted his shirt and then unzipped him I started to realise what a hottie he was. Smooth skin, big chest, fat uncut dick.

We decided to go to the bridge up the gully, the scene of my antics over easter. He dropped his trou and took a couple of hits of poppers as I went down on him. Now he was standing up and had me on my knees he changed gear. He wanted to get right down my throat. He pushed his knob hard against the back of my throat, kept the pressure on and moved around to try to get further down, working my nipples all the while. After half a minute I gagged and pulled off. We tried again. Problem was that as well as being long, thick and rock hard his dick had an upward curve. Poppers helped but not enough - I was still gagging. A couple of times I brought up food I had eaten earlier.

I asked if he wanted to fuck me. He muttered something about a condom. I gave him one but he didn't take it any further. It was clear he wanted to get down my throat. I said we would try it another way. I lay on my back on the bridge and got him to put his dick into me from above (like doing a press-up). That works when you can drop your head back over the edge of a bed. On the bridge it helped - I could get him past my gag spot - but the angle was still wrong.

I was frustrated as all hell. I don't think I'd met a guy since Gaetano with a dick that strong. If I couldn't have him in my arse I at least wanted to get my face fucked and swallow his load but I couldn't find a way to get him down my throat without gagging.

He eventually jerked himself off. I got a taste after he came but not a proper mouthful. We chatted while he smoked one of his Russian cigarettes but I don't think he was looking for a repeat. Bit of a mystery man.

There was no-on else around so I headed down to the tubs. Quite a bit of life there but nothing that really worked for me. I had a half hearted fuck with a local guy but he wouldn't let me into him without a rubber and I eventually finger fucked him. He got off. I got some dirty fingers. Another guy, a small American, wanted to get his arse fucked but only with a rubber, but then changed his mind altogether.

I was feeling tired and completely fucked off. I came home and crashed.

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