Friday, April 3, 2009

I don't fuck guys

I said to him: Do you want to slide your cock up my arse? He replied that he didn't fuck guys. By which he meant he only fucked women. Pity. He was hot, and he had a long dick which was hard and slimy because I had had it down my throat. So far down that at times I was seeing stars - you know that sensation when you are choking on a fat dick?

Here's how it happened. I was down at the tubs, around 8pm. It was quiet. Then this young guy came in. He glanced at me as he walked past, looked again as he went past in the opposite direction. He was short, with wide shoulders, dark skin, muscly, hair tied back, lots of tats. Good enough for me. I got up and followed. I asked him if he wanted me to eat his arse out. Sure, he said. He went into the next cubicle, dropped his towel, bent over and grabbed his knees. I got down and into it. I licked up and down his crack, chewed on each cheek, fingered his hole, stuck my tongue in, tongue fucked him, all the while moving my hands up and down his thighs and under his balls and up his back. He liked it. It made my dick hard too.

After a few minutes of this he stood up and turned round. He had that boozy smell of a guy who's had a few drinks. Sweet. I played with his nipple then got back down on my knees. For a short guy he was carrying one big piece of meat. Uncut. Long rather than thick. I got into it. With the taste of his arse on my lips I was well horned up myself. I licked him, then sucked him into my mouth, pumped him, then tried to get him down my throat. Took a while to relax enough to go all the way. Eventually got most of the length of him down my throat, which made him moan at the sensation. I held him there, then pumped him a little till I was seeing a few stars. More sucking and licking and deep throating over a few minutes, until I asked him if he wanted to fuck me. Like I said at the start, he just said he didn't fuck guys. We carried on a few minutes longer until he said he was going to take a break. I said to come find me later if he wanted to sit on my face.

I took a break myself for a while. It was still quiet. I sat in the steam room for a while then decided to take another tour. There was a guy standing in one of the cubicles with a glory hole, with the door open, his back to me because he had his dick stuck through the glory hole with someone sucking him on the other side. I slipped in, ran my hands up and down his back and arse, hoping to get a taste of his dick. He had nice smooth skin. He looked Chinese.

A few minutes later the muscleboy from before, with the long dick, came by and decided to join in. It soon became clear what he was after. He was quickly down on the floor sucking on China guy's dick, making a real pig of himself. I stayed there to share the fun, sharing my amyl and groping both of them. It was a hot combination: the Chinese guy had a nice body and liked being touched, as did muscleboy who was squatting on the floor busy sucking cock. I got down and played with muscleboy's balls then started sucking him again. With my left hand I reached behind and under him to play with the area between his arse and his balls, which always feels great when a guy is squatting. I licked my index finger and rubbed it against his arse. He didn't object. I wet my finger again and pushed a little way into his arse. He spread his legs a little to make it easier. I pushed further in, and further again. That was far enough: I could tell that he hadn't cleaned out. I massaged him a bit without pushing further in. He seemed to get off on the combination on having a dick in his mouth and a finger in his arse.

Meanwhile the Chinese guy was getting a bit adventurous too. I felt a hand on my arse, then a finger probing my hole. I got the message. I stood up and asked if he wanted a fuck. He sure did. He pulled his dick out of muscleboy's mouth and pointed it in my direction. I thought he would want a rubber but no, he wanted to give it to me raw. He wasn't that big but he was hard, and the feel of skin on skin is always a turn on for me anyway. He pushed it all the way in, I bent over, and he started fucking me slowly. Then harder and faster. I didn't last long: I was excited from playing with muscleboy, and the feeling of a raw dick in my arse rapidly pushed me over the edge. I held onto muscleboy as I blew my load.

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