Thursday, April 9, 2009


I found an item from last year I hadn't got round to posting. I've finished it off and published it. See bog sex in my archive for September 08. It still sticks in my memory: not my ideal fuck, but memorable because it was sleazy (Victorian era underground toilet across the road from the market), because of the smell (he was a red-head and like most red-heads whose pits or groin I've tasted he was pungent) and the taste (he had a dirty arse but I rimmed him anyway) and because he was such a slut (neither of us was really into the other but he wanted dick and he wanted jiz, so I left a load up his arse). Let me know if you like it.

Like I say, red-heads seem to taste different, and it's a taste that really turns me on. I tell you another occasion that sticks in the mind. It was Berlin a few years earlier. I had put on my running gear and headed across the city to the Volkspark Friedricshain around dawn for old times' sake. The area round the fountain was a construction site with no signs of life. I headed up the hill on the off chance. One guy turned up on a bike. He was sweating, he'd been riding hard. Just wearing street gear, I guess he was on his way to or from work. Tall guy, nice looks, red hair, pale skin. He dropped the bike and we started making out. He didn't stink but he certainly didn't smell of soap. I could smell old sweat as well as the fresh sweat. He was kinda raunchy.

This I had to have. I started pulling at his sweater to get to his pits. It was a cold morning, our breath smoky, but he pulled off his sweater and shirt so I could get under his arms. Pig heaven. One then the other then back, tongues down each other's throats. He had big pink nipples which I worked on with one hand. I pushed the other hand down the back of his pants and felt for his hole. We got into a frenzy of kissing, licking and tit-play with his scent driving me a bit wild and him licking out my pits to get at the sweat from my running.

I pushed his pants right down, turned him round and squatted behind him so I could eat him. He was a big guy, not fat but plenty of meat on him. His arse was also raunchy. I pigged out for a few minutes.

It was clear to me we were both bottoms. It was one of those times I would have loved to have a hard 10" dick swinging between my legs so I could shove his face into the tree, push my tool up his arse and fuck a load into him. It wasn't to be. Just two piggy bottoms having to find a way to get each other off.

We ended up squatting facing each other, both of us with our pants round our ankles. Does squatting turn you on too? There's something about the way it leaves your balls hanging free, gives access to the taint, plus the tension on the muscles in your legs and groin. We worked on each other for some time. I seem to remember I had my tongue down his throat and several fingers up his arse as I finger-fucked him hard. He was still only half hard but jerked himself till he eventually squirted over his hairy gut. I got a handful of it to taste.

I can't now remember how I got off. But like the Melbourne guy it was the taste and the flavour of him that sticks in my memory. After we had finished we stood up, both of us wearing big smiles, and fixed our clothes before he got back on his bike and headed off. I ran back to the hostel, still enjoying the taste of his arse and his pits on my lips and chin. Sweaty stranger in a park at dawn, no words spoken ... Ticks all the boxes for me.

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