Friday, April 3, 2009


I seem to have picked up a follower. Hi Kyle! To give him a proper home I've added a 'followers' box. But he needs some company. That's invitation to other jizz lovers out there to sign on and join him.

I've also reposted all my links using the blog list gadget so you can now see which of them have a new posting. Real handy. I suspect there's other ways of keeping track - RSS feeds? But this works for me.

Tracking visitors is interesting. The big numbers are western Europe and the United States, especially east and west coasts, but also western Canada. Most of the traffic seems to come via the blog list on boned n stoned (my favourite slut) but some also from montrealer's life (great but hasn't posted since October). Some one-time visitors but also plenty of repeat traffic. I guess that says there's a market for stories even without the pics or videos you get on most bb blogs, though the numbers are still nothing like the big sites.

Anyhow gotta run. Sun's shining, I'm heading out for a run. While I'm at it I'll see if I can find someone at the beach or up the hill to scratch that itch in my arse ...

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