Friday, May 29, 2009

Buena Vista

When I was wandering around the top of Buena Vista at dawn I was hoping to find some action. There were a couple of 20ish guys there who had been having a good time - a boy-next-door type white guy and a hot latino with jacket open and bare torso. But that was it. I headed back down to Castro for some food and then crashed.

After some sleep I headed back up Buena Vista early in the afternoon. There was a bit more life. The first guy I got talking to was Santos from Costa Rica. He was around my age, a lot heavier than me, but real friendly. We talked for a while then walked down the side of the hill to a more private spot and started making out. He had a big smooth uncut dick. I sucked on it for a while. I told him I liked to get fucked. Santos was happy to oblige. It was a bit difficult - we were in a small clearing under some low shrubs. But I sucked on his dick to get it all wet and hard, and fingered myself to loosen up my arse. He slid it in raw with no trouble. He immediately started fucking me fast, banging me hard. In not much more than a minute he pulled out and said he was coming. I turned round and took a mouthful as he blew his wad. Pity he came so fast - he had a nice dick and I would have liked to feel him inside me for a lot longer. And I would have taken his load if he had wanted to blow in my arse.

After Santos left I went wandering again. Next was an older white guy, had the look of a drifter. He had a big piece of meat and I sucked on him for a while. I said I wanted to get fucked. While I had my back to him he slapped some lube on my arse, which I hate. Even that wasn't enough: he was struggling to stay hard. I left him to it.

On the other side of the hill I found a latino guy in running shorts wanting to get his dick sucked. He was a bit strange: I would suck him for a bit then he would get nervous with other guys wandering around. He took me further down the hill to a clearing and stuck his dick in me raw but kept pulling out. I gave up on him - too many interruptions. I tried another latino guy who had just had a joint (great smell) but was also on the booze. He had a nice dick but he was too stoned or pissed to get hard.

There was a skinny twink wandering around in cargo shorts. I didn't even try to chat him up - I figured he was looking for something similar. So I was surprised to see him making out with a guy who looked older than me and not in great shape. After a bit the twink turned round and dropped his pants so the older guy could fuck him. I wasn't close enough to get a good look but he was taking it raw as far as I could see. The twink was bent over, holding onto a branch while the older guy stuck it into him. There were several others just standing around watching. Quite a view ...

Saturday, May 23, 2009

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I didn't head down to Folsom St until well after midnight. Ran most of the way to work up a bit of a sweat.

Oscar said he was portugese american though he talked more like an irishman. He was shaved all over, liked to kiss but didn't really get hard. He mostly just lay there. I got bored and went soft, left him to it.

Roy was from nicaragua. He was short - maybe 5'6" - but hot, with a Che beard, treasure trail, tight little butt under his tighty whiteys. We kept running into each other. First he would just talk. Next time he let me cop a feel. Later he dropped his pants and we made out, with Oscar joining us for a bit. Roy liked having me bite the back of his neck. He had a long thin dick. When I got down and sucked him he grabbed my head and turned it sideways, I guess so he could push his dick further down my throat. But I couldn't get him to fuck me. And he wouldn't let me eat his arse.

I did get to eat arse with a black guy, maybe around 40. We made out for a while. I sucked his dick but he wasn't getting very hard. I turned him round and bent him over the chair in the cubicle. Some guys are specially edible. He was one of them. His arse was tasty without being raunchy. Pink hole, a bit of hair. Plus he really got off on it. It made me hard. I said I would give him a taste of my dick. Now this was a bit strange: he was physically bigger than me, and was certainly much better hung. But I was all horned up from eating him out, and his arse was tight and muscular, with no lube to kill the sensation. I alternated screwing him slowly and banging him hard. Through all of it his arse stayed tight. Felt great. I guess we were at it for about 15 minutes when he told me he was about to blow his wad. I felt his arse clench as he came. He stood up, we laughed, then chatted and made out for a while before he wandered off. I wished later I had left a load in him.

There were a few others but nothing that turned into anything special. As usual I was looking for some hard raw dick to take up my arse and didn't manage to get it. But then, another night on Folsom without taking a load up my arse is another bullet dodged I guess.

I left just before dawn and walked up Haight to the top of Buena Vista to watch the sun rise.

Friday, May 22, 2009


I checked in at Becks around 3.30. They gave me a corner room up on the second level. As I walked round the landing I passed an open door with a couple of guys inside who were keeping an eye on the passers by.

I dumped my bags inside then came back out onto the landing, pretending to check my phone for messages. One of the guys was standing in the door pulling on his crotch. I watched him for half a minute then wandered along. When I got inside the door they both had their dicks out. I took a suck on one of them and then said that if he wanted to get inside my arse I'd better go and hose out first. Yep, that's what he wanted.

I came back in 10 minutes. I started on the younger guy. He had a fat cut dick with a downward curve. Even with me down on my knees (ie the wrong angle) I was able to get it down my throat. I sucked him for a few minutes before he dropped his pants and lay back on the bed. I sucked him some more then got under his balls. He lifted his legs and I went further down, started on his arsehole. He tasted of baby powder. I was all horned up and thought I might stick my dick into him. He obviously liked to take it up the arse. I pushed a little way in. But I quickly realised he hadn't cleaned out. And besides I wanted to get my arse fucked.

I turned my attention to the other guy. He was older, had latino looks, nice dick, real hard. I backed onto him slowly. He pushed me forward so I was sucking on the young guy's dick and balls again. Meanwhile latino started to throw a fuck into me. He didn't waste time: he had a kind of jackrabbit fucking style, fast and rough. With his fat dick and no rubber it felt real nice.

It didn't take him long. He pulled out and said he was going to come. I got onto my knees fast and got him to give me his load. I got most of it in my mouth, some on my face. The younger guy came at the same time.

We all had a good laugh. I pulled my pants back on and wandered back to my room. Welcome to San Francisco.

Saturday, May 9, 2009


I checked out the park one night last weekend. There was a huddle of three guys down one end of the path when I got there. The youngest - around 30 as far as I could tell - was wearing glasses, looked as if he was red-headed. I played with his tits and sucked him for a bit. He sounded a bit camp but he had a muscled body and a nice uncut dick. I asked if I could eat his arse. He hesitated and said ok. He bent over and held onto the rail. His arse was a bit raunchy but not enough to put me off. Plus he had fine hair over his arse and his back and muscles in all the right places. I tongued his crack and his hole and bit into his cheeks.

After a few minutes I stood up and turned him round. He wouldn't kiss me to get a taste of his own arse but his dick was now standing out straight and hard. I sucked him again and then asked if he wanted to fuck me. I tried to back onto his dick but he softened or pulled back. I tried different ways but it didn't feel as if he was really wanting to stick it into me.

He said something about the other guy who was still standing alongside us. I reached out for a feel. Faarck! I hadn't been interested in him - he was an older guy, not much hair, saggy belly. But he had a spectacular piece of meat between his legs. I bent down for a taste. His dick was unusual for several reasons. It was thicker than anything I can remember taking into my mouth since a guy about six years ago on the hill in Barcelona. This one was thick all the way from the base to the head. Plus he had inches of loose foreskin. When he pushed into my mouth it had the feel of a true gobstopper.

I sucked him for a few minutes or more correctly he pumped my mouth (he couldn't get it down my throat). But I wanted more. I stood up, turned and put his head against my arsehole. Surprisingly I was able to get him inside me without much trouble. I bent right over to give him maximum access and then started chewing on the other guy's dick while beercan started to pump me.

For 15 minutes or so I alternated between taking beercan dick and sucking the other slut and eating slut's arse again. Eventually the slut lost his hard-on. I sucked beercan up to full hardness, slid back on to him and bent over again. I blew a load as he pounded my arse. He didn't come.

Nothing much to report from today. I swallowed a load from a young Aussie guy with a thin dick at one of the toilets in the city. We kissed while I worked his nipples then I got down and blew him in front of the urinals. He was hot but he wouldn't kiss me again after I stood up with a load of his jizz in my mouth.

Monday, May 4, 2009

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In the next day or two I'll update you on what I've had in my holes over the weekend.