Saturday, May 9, 2009


I checked out the park one night last weekend. There was a huddle of three guys down one end of the path when I got there. The youngest - around 30 as far as I could tell - was wearing glasses, looked as if he was red-headed. I played with his tits and sucked him for a bit. He sounded a bit camp but he had a muscled body and a nice uncut dick. I asked if I could eat his arse. He hesitated and said ok. He bent over and held onto the rail. His arse was a bit raunchy but not enough to put me off. Plus he had fine hair over his arse and his back and muscles in all the right places. I tongued his crack and his hole and bit into his cheeks.

After a few minutes I stood up and turned him round. He wouldn't kiss me to get a taste of his own arse but his dick was now standing out straight and hard. I sucked him again and then asked if he wanted to fuck me. I tried to back onto his dick but he softened or pulled back. I tried different ways but it didn't feel as if he was really wanting to stick it into me.

He said something about the other guy who was still standing alongside us. I reached out for a feel. Faarck! I hadn't been interested in him - he was an older guy, not much hair, saggy belly. But he had a spectacular piece of meat between his legs. I bent down for a taste. His dick was unusual for several reasons. It was thicker than anything I can remember taking into my mouth since a guy about six years ago on the hill in Barcelona. This one was thick all the way from the base to the head. Plus he had inches of loose foreskin. When he pushed into my mouth it had the feel of a true gobstopper.

I sucked him for a few minutes or more correctly he pumped my mouth (he couldn't get it down my throat). But I wanted more. I stood up, turned and put his head against my arsehole. Surprisingly I was able to get him inside me without much trouble. I bent right over to give him maximum access and then started chewing on the other guy's dick while beercan started to pump me.

For 15 minutes or so I alternated between taking beercan dick and sucking the other slut and eating slut's arse again. Eventually the slut lost his hard-on. I sucked beercan up to full hardness, slid back on to him and bent over again. I blew a load as he pounded my arse. He didn't come.

Nothing much to report from today. I swallowed a load from a young Aussie guy with a thin dick at one of the toilets in the city. We kissed while I worked his nipples then I got down and blew him in front of the urinals. He was hot but he wouldn't kiss me again after I stood up with a load of his jizz in my mouth.

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