Thursday, March 25, 2010


Well I've told you about Friday evening. But I had other plans for later. I'd been exchanging messages with a guy who wanted to beat me. I'd had a couple of mild spankings over the years. But this guy didn't do vanilla: if he was going to beat me it was going to be the real thing. Whew. I decided I was game for it. Anything once, I guess. We arranged to meet at the club about midnight.

We had a long talk before we got under way. I was nervous but figured it was now or never. I confirmed I knew what I was letting myself in for. It wasn't going to be slaps and taps. I was looking for someone to take me to my limits, and then some. There would be no safe word. And I would be tied down.

He took a while to organise the room and then came out to bring me in. He had me strip and bend over the bench before shackling my wrists and ankles and strapping my thighs to the legs. Then it began.

He started with his hands. I hadn't imagined that bare hands could hurt that much. That was just the start. He had brought all his toys. He used a flogger next. I guess he knew he could use that on my back and legs without leaving bruises.

The bruising started with the next toy. He had several wooden paddles. I couldn't see which one he was using but it felt like being hit with a wooden plank. It hurt like fuck even though he only gave me half a dozen strokes first time.

Beyond that the sequence blurs. He would beat me for a couple of minutes at a time, mostly unhurried strokes, then pause, check the damage to my arse, sometimes stroke my head or my back to reassure me before getting back into it. He would push poppers under my nose when he was going to use the paddle or the big strap.

What I had feared most was the cane. I was right to be afraid. He had brought several with him and he didn't hold back. He was very accurate: he was able to place his strokes anywhere from the top of my butt to the join at the top of the thighs. I think he gave me half a dozen strokes at a time, though I can remember one point later in the session when he was started lashing me harder and faster. I was writhing and yelling.

From what I could work out later we must have gone about two hours altogether. He stripped down at the start and wore just a jock the whole time. Between beating me he would often squat down and play with himself - he obviously found it all a real turn-on. And if you want to know whether all of this made me horny the answer is no - i didn't get a hard-on at all.

A week later I still have bruises all over my arse. From the bottom of my back to the top of my thighs he didn't leave any place untouched. I took some photos in the mirror the morning after and I could see that he had even got right into my arse crack - everything except my hole was red and swollen.

My mind is still buzzing from the whole experience. I was a bit shaky when it ended, took a while to regain my composure. The strange thing is that I've come out of it a bit dissatisfied: I had expected to be pushed beyond my limit, lose control, end up a complete emotional wreck. Yet through it all I was able to force myself to push my butt up to take each stroke. I remember making a lot of noise, especially when he really started laying it on after the first half hour: a guy I met when I was walking around the club afterwards said he had found it a huge turn-on looking through the port-hole at what was happening, and hearing me yelling. The guy who beat me said he eventually stopped because the thought he would start to do real damage if he kept going.

If I do it again I think I would be looking for a full-on punishment beating. Yet the idea of that sends a chill down my back. We'll see.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Had a bit of fun Friday night. Went out for a run late afternoon and checked out the bog in the gardens. It was buzzing. First up I blew a leather guy who was sitting jacking himself in a cubicle. Nice dick, huge balls, good kisser. I sucked him for a while, then we kissed. I told him to slide his dick up my arse. He tried but then got nervous and said not here. He ended up cumming against the wall. I got a taste. Number two was a married suit, Italian looks, 40ish. He just wanted to get blown. He had a big fat uncut dick, stayed real hard the whole time. He was 100% trade: pushed my head back against the wall, fucked my throat real hard for maybe 15 minutes, taking a few pauses to take a hit of poppers. He eventually pushed his dick right down my throat and blew a load. Big turn-on, only problem is that when a guy comes down your throat like that you don't really get to taste it. He zipped up, patted my arse and left with a big smirk on his face. Hot.

A little later there was a scene with about five guys. There was a short muscle guy, mediterranean looks, face with that look that some poz guys get on meds, XXL size dick. There was a young white guy, bit of a gut, not pretty but big uncut dick, real hard. Then there was the cyclist: 30ish, in lycra, faggy looks. And a couple of other spectators. The first two guys starting getting it on, just standing in front of the urinal. Risky and extra hot because of that. The cyclist pulled his dick out too and joined in - they were jacking each other then sucking each other. I pulled the cyclist's pants down and slid a wet finger up his arse. I think he wanted to get fucked by the muscle guy but didn't get what he wanted. Eventually cyclist blew a load while muscle guy and young white guy went into a cubicle to have some private fun. Leaving me frustrated ...

I continued with my run and decided to check for earlybird action at the club. I got hit on pretty much straightaway by a guy with unusual looks. Turned out he was Portugese-Chinese. He was short and muscled. We went into a room and started making out. It soon became obvious he wanted his arse filled. He lay back on the squab and put his legs in the air. I ate him out, enjoying the feel of his muscled arse and the taste of his hole. He moaned quietly as I pushed my dick into him. He had a nice little butt and his hole was really tight. Yumm. I moved in and out of him slowly, just enjoying the sensation, making out and sucking poppers in between times.

We played for maybe two hours. We paused halfway through to share half a joint and chat. He was poz, said he was undetectable. I said I would like his load in my arse. And I wanted to put my load in him and then get him to shit it into my mouth and snowball. We fucked again for a while, taking turns to top, then smoked the other half of the joint. We snowballed most of it. Hot.

He had been fucking me for a while when he pulled out, moaned and said he was cumming. He explained later that he sometimes found it hard not to cum when he was topping. I pulled him down on top of me, wrapped my arms around him and kissed as his dick kept pulsing on my belly.

He said he wasn't really up to getting fucked after coming. We made out for a while then I started sucking his dick before lifting his legs and rimming him some more. Oh yes. This slut was still fuckable. I got him on his knees and fucked him doggy style, but real slow, teasing his hole with the end of my dick. I eventually decided I wanted to put my load in him. I pushed in deep, wrapped my arms around his chest, held him tight and shot inside him. We'll keep in touch: I'd love to get into his arse again.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Park fun

I checked out the park the other night after getting back from the movies. It was quiet when I arrived. Ended up in a strange scene with a couple of guys. One was an old geezer with a crutch (he said he had had a walk-on at the AC/DC gig as the Grim Reaper - he certainly had the right face for it) who had a big fat hard dick. The other was a short guy who had been drinking heavily and was in an aggressive mood. He worked my nipples extra hard and belted my arse then pushed my face down onto old geezer's dick. I got bored after a while. Drunk guy also had a big fat dick but he didn't want anyone sucking it and he wouldn't fuck me.

I wandered up the gully to check for action. I waited a while before anything happened. Ended up with a young guy in a hoodie. He'd just come from a party, he'd had a few. I think it was his first time in the park at night, he was a bit hesitant about the whole thing. But he was all horned up.

The guy wasn't the hottest thing I've ever met up there but he was friendly and enthusiastic. He was big on kissing so we made out for a while. I eventually got his pants down and got a taste of his dick. Average size but hard and uncut. We took turns blowing each other, making out in between. I asked if I could eat his arse. Didn't need to ask twice. A few minutes of that and the guy was getting real excited. I turned round and told him to rub his dick against my crack. Nice. Then sucked him some more. The drunk guy before came along and joined us.

I asked the young guy if he wanted to fuck me. Sure, but he wanted a rubber. Drunk guy handed him one. He fumbled for a few minutes trying to get it on then struggled to get it in. He eventually worked it out. He was so excited it only took a couple of minutes before he was ready to cum. I told him to blow it up my arse or on my arse. He jerked himself and then sprayed a load over my arse. He must have been saving it up - he was still squirting when I got my mouth down onto his dick for a taste. I stood up, licking my lips, turned round and got him to hold me while I jerked off. Yeehaa! Nice.

Around the same time three other guys turned up. I was starting to pull my pants up but the young guy was standing there beside me still all horned up. The first of the new guys unzipped and pulled a fat dick out. I bent over for a taste. He was average length but had a fat knob. Sort of nerdy face but nice skinny body. I dropped my pants again and started sucking. Next to us there was a tall Asian guy who looked like the guy that fucked me in the park last year, the night I took three loads. Plus there was a taller guy, lean gym body, high and tight haircut.

Soon all of them had dropped their pants and we were all were making out and sucking each other's dicks (except mine - takes me a while to get going again after I've cum). It was a hot scene. Soon enough high/tight made it clear he wanted to get his arse fucked. Asian guy - who had a nice dick - was happy to oblige. I carried on sucking skinny guy while also playing with high/tight's nipples and his muscled chest. Skinny guy got pretty excited at all of this and blew a sweet load in my mouth. A minute later Asian guy started moaning and came, followed soon after by high/tight.

In other news: Got myself bred again by FB a few days ago. I've had a few messages from the Samoan but always when I'm fast asleep. And there's a poz guy who's fucked me several times the last few months, interesting story there but it will have to wait for another day.