Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I got a comment from 'Duo' (Matt or Dan, I don't know which) saying what about the poz deaf guy I mentioned some way back and promised to tell you about.

His name is Shane. He's taller than me. In his 40s. Lean, muscles.

First time we hooked up was at the tubs. I was in a cubicle. I'd just had a not so great fuck from a guy I now can't remember. I was just lying there, the door was unlocked. He opened the door, came in and started playing with my arse. I figured he was poz. He had that look. I don't know if it's the virus or the meds. But when he dropped his towel I could also see that he had a big hard dick.

Well you know me. I said I wanted him to fuck me raw. I told him not to come inside me. So I put my legs in the air and he fucked me. It's quite a few months ago so my memory is hazy but I remember it was a really good fuck. He stayed really hard (a lot of guys don't) plus he could push deep enough to hurt me - which makes for an intense sensation.

The next time we hooked up on line and I went to his flat. It was a warm summer's day. He wanted to get fisted so I obliged. We had a long session. I opened him up and played with his hole this way and that way. Later he fucked me in the shower. I can't have had any grease inside me because I remember the unusual sensation of a spit fuck without lube, almost as if his dick was squeaking as he moved it in and out. In between times I remember just stroking and cuddling. He loved being touched. He talked away the whole time. I couldn't understand much: he's deaf and I can't lip read or follow sign language. But I guess you can communicate a lot with touch.

We hadn't hooked up for many months. I had been travelling and he had shattered his knee in an accident. I got in touch on Saturday and went round to his place. His leg is still healing but he wanted some action. First up I fisted him again. Had him doggy style then on his back then on his knees until he blew his wad. I got him to try fisting me. First time I couldn't loosen up enough. We took a break and I fisted him again. I still wanted to feel him inside me. We tried again. This time he got his hand all the way in. Yes! I got him to stay there for a few minutes while I fucked myself on his hand. Afterwards I gave him a long massage and then he did me. There's something about the touch of a man's hands.

I didn't get to sit on his dick. Maybe next time.

Sunday, August 8, 2010


i texted my Samoan fuck bud this afternoon to see if he wanted to sit on my face. Come on over he said. I hadn't seen him for a while. He looked good: a new beard, a black wifebeater and a beanie. And he was already all horned up.

He got me to kneel on the bed so he could look at my hole while he jerked himself. Then he moved me to the arm of the sofa: he wanted my arse up higher. He rubbered up - first time we haven't done it raw. It was painful as he pushed his dick in: I was still sore from getting fisted last night. But it was a good hurt. We fucked on the sofa for a few minutes. Then it was back to the bed. Then he sat on the sofa and had me sit facing him and slide down on his dick while playing with his nipples. He fucked his dick up into me while he watched my face.

Then it was back to the bed with me on my back as he pounded down into me. His dick swelled and hardened as I kept working his nipples. He got up higher and put more of his weight onto me each time he pushed down. His dick was going in deeper and harder until he blew.

He wanted to see me get off. I told him to empty the rubber over my face or into my arsehole. He knelt behind me and empited the condom into my mouth as I jerked himself. I pushed my head back and up so I could get at his arsehole. The taste of his arse mixed with his spunk over my face tipped me over and I blew all over my belly.

We talked as he had a smoke. He wasnted to know about me getting fisted the night before. Turns out he's been watching every fisting video he can find on x-tube and he's been wanting to give it a go. I said we could try but warned him I was still sore from last night. All he had for lube was coconut oil which in today's temperature was mostly solid. He pushed a few pieces into my hole and followed with his fingers while I took a few hits of amyl. He eventually got in as far as the knuckle but I was finding it hard to relax my hole enough to let him go deeper. Even so he was like a kid that's found the candy store: my hole normally is small and tight and he found it amazing how far he was able to stretch me. We'll try again next weekend. He wants to try taking it as well so that could get interesting. Meanwhile I need to find out why he's gone back to fucking with a rubber - I'd been hoping to come home with my arse full of jizz.