Saturday, November 15, 2008


I've never told you how I got into barebacking. It was 2003. I had been a good little slut until then, always insisting on a rubber.

This night I was loitering downstairs in the gare routiere. A young guy came in, about 5'7", east european looks and hint of a harelip. We ended up in one of the cubicles. The guy was a natural dom and seriously kinky. Kept me down on my knees, slapped me around, had me lick his arse, worked my tits real hard, had me lick his sneakers. He ended up slipping on a rubber and fucking me standing up.
Fast forward. Later in the year I ran into him again in the bog at saint gervais. Again I started blowing him. He told me to follow, went upstairs and crossed over to the women's side. Back down on my knees, sucking his dick, him fucking my face hard. He hauls me onto my feet, turns me round, pulls down my shorts, twists my arm behind my back and pushes his dick against my arse. So far so good: I like the idea of another dirty rough fuck.

Now he's pushing his dick up against my arsehole. I say he can fuck me but has to wear a rubber. He ignores me, twists my arm further up and pushes his dick into my arse. I tell him to stop, he keeps pushing in.

Here's the thing. He is using force but not violence. I could force him off. I am scared of getting pozzed. But I also want his dick. Now he is fucking me. I let him continue. It is frightening but hot all at once.

He keeps banging my arse. He still has my arm bent up behind my back. I bend further forward as he pumps in and out. He doesn't have a huge dick but he is hard and rough.

I tell him not to come in my arse. He carries on then pulls out, pushes me onto the floor and shoves his dick into my mouth as he blows.

I go home torn between anxiety and excitement about being forced to take a raw dick up my arse.

A few months later I was in Berlin in Stahlrohr having to make the choice myself. I'll tell you about it another time.


Checked out the beat at the top of the hill late afternoon today. Weather was shitty so hardly anyone there.

But ... the guy with the bike turned up again. I had seen him a couple of times before and couldn't work him out. This time I sat myself down close by and watched through the bushes. He knew I was there but he didn't move away.

I moved closer. He had his dick out and was jacking himself while he flicked through a girlie mag. I asked if he wanted some poppers. No. I offered him a blowjob. No but he asked me to jack his dick for him. Happy to oblige. Nice looking guy, 30ish, workman's hands, little goatee, average dick.

I jacked him while he kept flicking through the mag. With my other hand I played with his balls and then started pushing my fist up against his taint. He hardened up. A few minutes more and he blow - dribbled his load over my fist. Nice thick and creamy. I left him to it and walked back along he trail licking my fingers.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

cap n hood

Checked out the park tonight. First guy had a fat dick and just wanted to get blown. Couldn't taste anything when he came - maybe one of those guys with a tiny load. Nothing else promising so I end up in a clinch with one of the chinese guys. Tiny dick but friendly. Then the whiny kid wearing a cap under a hoodie decided to get interested again. I was on my knees trying to suck some juice out of the chinese guy. Hoodie poked his dick in my face. It was another nice piece so I got onto it.

He reached down to grope me. I said I wouldn't get hard until I got fucked. He went back to fucking my face. Then he pulled me up and said he wanted to slip it into my arse. I bent over, he lubed a finger and pushed it into my hole. Then his dick. It was a rabbit fuck. Not a huge dick but he was fast and rough. The soreness of it soon got me hard.

He pulled out and got me to suck him again. I said to blow it all over my arse. He wanted to push his dick back in to get it ready. I bent over and he pushed it in again. The chinese guy gave me another hit of amyl.

Not sure when and where hoodie came. I was holding onto the fence rail with one hand and jacking myself with the other as I came. I stood up to find a small crowd had gathered. Hoodie had disappeared. One of the new faces wanted my arse but as usual I was feeling lazy after coming. I'm now at home. Haven't yet worked out whether hoodie blew on my arse or up my arse. Will let you know.