Sunday, November 2, 2008

cap n hood

Checked out the park tonight. First guy had a fat dick and just wanted to get blown. Couldn't taste anything when he came - maybe one of those guys with a tiny load. Nothing else promising so I end up in a clinch with one of the chinese guys. Tiny dick but friendly. Then the whiny kid wearing a cap under a hoodie decided to get interested again. I was on my knees trying to suck some juice out of the chinese guy. Hoodie poked his dick in my face. It was another nice piece so I got onto it.

He reached down to grope me. I said I wouldn't get hard until I got fucked. He went back to fucking my face. Then he pulled me up and said he wanted to slip it into my arse. I bent over, he lubed a finger and pushed it into my hole. Then his dick. It was a rabbit fuck. Not a huge dick but he was fast and rough. The soreness of it soon got me hard.

He pulled out and got me to suck him again. I said to blow it all over my arse. He wanted to push his dick back in to get it ready. I bent over and he pushed it in again. The chinese guy gave me another hit of amyl.

Not sure when and where hoodie came. I was holding onto the fence rail with one hand and jacking myself with the other as I came. I stood up to find a small crowd had gathered. Hoodie had disappeared. One of the new faces wanted my arse but as usual I was feeling lazy after coming. I'm now at home. Haven't yet worked out whether hoodie blew on my arse or up my arse. Will let you know.

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