Saturday, February 20, 2010

FB and dragon tattoo

Hadn't heard from FB for a while so I texted him yesterday to see if he was interested in some action. We agreed to hook up today. Same drill as normal: he's not one for chatting so we headed straight upstairs. He was hard as soon as I started nuzzling his briefs. When I pulled his dick out I found he was leaking precum too. He said he hadn't hooked up with anyone for a few weeks.

His dick is long and thick and curves upwards. I wanted to get the full length of him down my throat so I got onto the bed, head backwards, and told him to push in. I had been forgetting just how big he is: he triggered my gag reflex and I started to throw up. I pushed him off, swallowed, got my breath back and then started again a bit more carefully.

With my head underneath him I alternated between sucking his dick and licking his balls and taint. Naturally I wanted to explore further. I pulled him further forward so I could get a taste of his arse. He didn't need any persuading. He got up on the bed himself and knelt over my face to give me better access. Pig heaven. I chewed on his nuts, tongued his arse, chewed his arse lips for around 15 minutes while I jacked myself.

For a change of pace I knelt on the bed and started blowing him while he stood in front of me. I got him to work on my nipples. He took a bit of persuasion to work them hard but once he worked out that twisting my nipples made me pig out on his dick he started to get enthusiastic. Soon I had his dick covered with slobber.

Time for the real thing. I got on my back and helped him line up his dick with my hole. He put just the tip in and went back to twisting my nipples. This guy is a fast learner... Then he slid all the way in while I held my legs back. Yeehaa! He kept changing pace: one minute taking it real slow, pulling all the way out and pushing slowly back in, the next banging me hard, bone against pelvis bone, looking down at my face all the while. He had to stop a few times to stop himself cumming.

We took a pause. I lay on the bed and licked him clean. I think he had cum a little bit - I could taste a bit of spunk as well as arse juices. After 15 minutes of fucking the texture of his dick was different - firmer than when he started. We changed positions: I got on the bed doggy style and we both took a hit of poppers. He started into me standing on the floor, then got on the bed and started working my nipples again from underneath. After minutes of this he as having to stop all the time to avoid cumming. I told him to go for it. He lifted his speed and started banging me hard again. He kept going for a couple of minutes after putting his load into me. It was a big load - he said he hadn't fucked for a few weeks. There was spooge around my arse and balls as well as inside. Finger-lickin good! His flatmate was due back so I didn't stick around.

I was still looking for more action so I headed up the hill with a load in my arse. Didn't have much luck. One guy sucked me for a while but I wasn't really into it. Then I recognised the guy who came along one time when I was getting fucked by the Iraqi. He said he had let the Iraqi fuck him raw one time. We chatted for a while but he didn't seem interested in hooking up.

Half an hour later I came across him down the side of the hill getting blown by an older guy. He beckoned me over, signalling he wanted my poppers. I got down and started blowing him while the older guy went behind him and started rimming. The dude had a nice dick with a fat head on it. With the poppers and all he was getting pretty excited. He stripped his shirt off so he was naked. Nice dragon tattoo over his back. I did the same. He turned around and started sucking the older guy who had a nice dick. Dragon guy was getting pretty excited. I said he was welcome to put another load in my arse but he was already blowing. I got a mouthful from him but that was it.

I thought originally he was basically bottom - one time we had hooked up a few years ago he didn't really get hard when I was trying to blow him. But he said today he doesn't get fucked much. I think it's more that he's really into blowing guys with big hard dicks as well as getting blown himself. I'm not that big and today I wasn't getting hard. I think he also gets a kick out of group sex - he was telling me about a hot foursome he'd had up the hill a few weeks back, and he certainly got right into it that time with the Iraqi. So that might be my best chance of getting action with him in future. He's a hot package.

Meanwhile I'm sitting here with my arse leaking cum but still unable to get off ...


I guess I should tell you about the German. A few weeks back a young guy hit me up on a cruising site. Said he was into older men. We chatted then he sent me a pic. He had lots of ink, mainly on his back, and piercings in his face. He said he wanted to get drunk and fuck.

Well that was easy enough. We agreed to meet outside a hamburger joint near the place he was staying. We didn't have a place to go so I said let's go to the park. I had brought a bottle of cheap red with me. He said he was from Cologne but had been here for a few months backpacking around the country.

When we got to the park I took him up the gully. It was unusually dark - no moon at all. But that made the glowworms all the more spectacular. We went up to the top bridge and got into the wine. I had a few mouthfuls. He got through most of the bottle in about twenty minutes. Didn't seem to affect him - he was still chatting away happily, without slurring his words at all.

With the bottle empty I stood in front of him, pulled his head towards me and kissed him. He kissed back. I reached under his t-shirt. He was lean and smooth. We made out for a while before I got down on my knees, pulled his dick out and got to work. He was a nice size, uncut with lots of foreskin. He got hard fast and stayed hard. What it is to be 26.

I asked if he wanted to fuck. Sure did. We talked about rubbers. He was relaxed about it but preferred to fuck raw with neg guys. Suits me. I backed onto him slowly, just with spit for lube. Took a few minutes for my hole to relax enough to get him all the way in. Then it was all on. He was an athletic fucker, holding me by the hips and fucking up into me, real fast and hard. He had endurance: we must have gone for about 15 minutes which seemed a long time at the pace he was going. Then I felt him tense up, he pulled me hard against him, groaned and then slumped forward.

We rested like that a few minutes. When he pulled out I squatted down to taste my arse juice and lick him clean. After a while he said he wanted to see if there were other guys looking for action. We wandered down the track to check things out around the lower bridge. He got involved in a few scenes, one with a group of half a dozen guys (he squatted down and sucked off one guy before fucking an older guy who looked like the one with the beercan dick who's fucked me in the park a few times. Later he hooked up with a guy who looked like a young Elvis and had a nice dick. My German buddy sucked him for 15 minutes till Elvis blew his load.

All kinda fun. I haven't heard from him again. He has taken down his ID on the cruising site so I guess he's moved on to the next town.

Sunday, February 7, 2010


On the track up the hill yesterday I came face to face with a young guy heading down. He stopped, looked at me and grabbed his crotch. OK, we're on. We headed off the track into the trees.

He looked familiar but I couldn't place him. He was Samoan, nice looks, short black hair, Raybans. We stopped under a tree, he pulled his dick out and pushed my head onto it. He had a nice dick, cut, maybe 7", with a big fat head on it. We mixed it up. I blew him for a while, then he gave me a rough face fuck. We went at it for about 20 minutes before he pulled out, zipped up, shrugged and headed back down the track. I figured he had decided he wasn't going to come.

Half an hour later I ran into him again up the top of the hill. He was still horny. I blew him a little bit more but he was kinda jittery and took off after five minutes. Half an hour later he found me in a little clearing where I was lying enjoying the sun. He said he needed somewhere more private. We headed down below the main track and found a spot that was completely out of sight of passers by. I blew him while he got all poppered up. At the same time I reached up and worked his nipples with my fingers, then pulled him down onto me and chewed them harder.

I told him I wanted to eat his arse. He dropped his pants and knelt facing up the hill so I could get into his arse. Oh yes. He had a hairless crack and a tight little hole. And did he love getting rimmed. After a minute he started whimpering. I've never heard anything like it. I think he would have let me eat him all day. He squirmed when I tried to get a finger into him so I just went back to rimming him, reaching under his belly for his tits while he had his nose jammed in a bottle of amyl. He folded his dick back and got me to suck that from behind.

Eventually my neck and jaw couldn't take the angle any more. He stood up and got me to blow him. Still didn't look as if that was going to get him off. I wrapped an arm around his waist, bit onto a nipple and jacked his slimy dick hard and fast with the other hand until he started moaning. I bent down and took his load in my mouth. I kept it on my tongue and showed it to him but he didn't lean over for some mouth to mouth. It was all kind of fun but I didn't get off. And I couldn't persuade him to fuck me, at least not without a rubber.

About 4am this morning I got a text from last week's Samoan saying he wanted to fuck me now. I texted him back about lunch time and he said to come on over. It sounded as if he had been partying since Friday but he was real horny. Same routine as last time, only now we knew we were both into hard nipple work. He sat on his bed jacking himself and then grabbed my nipples to pull me down onto his dick. While I blew him I reached up and rubbed his tits.

After a few minutes of this he reached across for a jar of grease. I thought it was Crisco but it felt a bit different when he rubbed it into my arse. He greased up his dick at the same time. Then I realised from the smell: he was using coconut oil. It wasn't quite warm enough to liquefy. He wanted to get inside me. He put me on my back with a pillow underneath my hips.

I told him to go slow: I had been sitting on my big dildo last night and my arse was pretty sore. He said it looked from my swollen arse lips as if I had just been fucked. He twisted my nipples and pushed straight in anyway. He was hard and it hurt, but it was a good hurt. He soon lifted the pace, pulling all the way out and then all the way back in. He pushed his nips into my face one at a time so I could chew on them while he fucked me. With my arse being so sore I could feel every stroke. At one point he had the full length of his dick inside and all his weight on top of me. It was like having an 8" solid bar inside being forced against my prostate by a big heavy guy. I was groaning and running my hands up his back. He told me to wrap my legs more tightly round his butt.

He didn't last much longer. All of a sudden he started banging me hard and fast, his eyes went wild and his face twisted up as he blew a load into me. I sucked him clean after he pulled out. I reached down and pulled some of his jizz out of my arse and licked my finger while I jacked myself. Nice.

We lay there for a while. He had said he could give me as many loads as I wanted but he was looking pretty weary. I think the partying was catching up with him. I think he must have decided he needed to get me off so he could get some more sleep. He started working my nipples again and I hardened up fast. I said I wanted to eat his arse. He squatted on the edge of the bed while I ate out his coconut-flavoured arsehole. I asked him if he wanted a load. Sure. I put him on his back and got him to hold his ankles while I pushed in. I fucked him fast for a few minutes before blowing a load inside him. He was leaking a little bit after I pulled out. I knelt down and licked up all I could find. He was asleep before I was out the door.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Got a message on Saturday from a guy I didn't know. We exchanged emails. Long story short, he was basically a top, into some of the same stuff as me (rimming, nipple play, bareback) and was looking for a fuck. He said he was negative. We arranged to hook up at his apartment across the road from the park.

Turned out he was Samoan, late 20s. Taller than me, muscled but not toned, with a short beard. He went straight for my nipples, started soft then worked them harder. I did the same for him. After a few minutes we stripped and he pushed my head down onto his dick. He had a nice piece of hard uncut meat. We played for 10 minutes or so, with him working my tits harder and harder and pulling me down onto his dick.

After I got his dick all slimed up he told me to get on my back, knelt in front of me and slid his dick in raw. He started slow and then went hard and deep. For the next half hour he worked me over in every position: on my knees, on my side (he went in real deep), on my back on the edge of the bed (he stood on the floor and banged me hard).

He made me suck his dick clean every time he took it out to change positions, telling me to taste my arse juice. At one point he told me to lick his arse. He lay on his back and lifted his legs. His hole was clean but not soapy. I licked him, pushed my tongue in, chewed on his arse lips. Then I asked if he wanted some dick. Yep. I was real hard. I slid my dick in raw, pushed in and out slowly a few times, then got up on my feet and started banging him from above. Pelvis to pelvis. He liked it.

I took a pause after a few minutes. We went back to the tit play. I kept telling him to work my nipples harder, told him to do some damage. He started using his nails. I kept working on his, though he wanted me to flick them rather than pull them.

Eventually he started fucking me again. The tit play was getting him close to cumming. He warned me he was nearly there. He pulled me to the edge of the bed and started banging me hard before unloading in my arse. After he finished there was spooge all through his pubic hair. I licked him clean as best I could while collecting the stuff that was leaking out of my arse and sucking it off my fingers. He liked that.

He wanted to see me cum. He got back on top of me, stuck his cock (still hard) back in my mouth and started to work my nipples extra hard. I lasted a couple of minutes then blew all over my belly.

He left a big load inside me. I was leaking spooge that night.

Sounded as if he was interested in a repeat some time. Suits me. Haven't heard anything from FB since my last post so I need some other options.