Friday, January 15, 2010


I seem to have found myself a fuckbuddy. He hit me up on squirt a few weeks ago. I agreed to head over the hill to his place to get fucked.

We'll call him FB. He's Maori, younger than me and he's hot - six foot something, big chest, strong legs, not a gym body but muscled. And he's exclusively top.

The first time we had a short exchange on whether he would fuck me wrapped or raw. His profile said he was into barebacking but when we chatted online he told me a different story. We chatted some more. We confirmed we had each recently tested neg.

He's not a guy with a lot of small talk. Soon enough he led me upstairs to his bedroom. His profile hadn't been exaggerating: big piece of meat, uncut and smooth. I sucked him for a few minutes until he signalled he wanted to get into my arse. He got me to bend over the bed and pushed slowly into me from behind, raw, taking a couple of hits of poppers. Nice. We continued for half an hour, bent over the bed and then doggy style, before he started to bang me hard and then dropped a load inside me.

I headed home feeling well fucked. At one point in the afternoon I farted a whole lot of jizz in my shorts. Out of curiosity I tasted it. Nice. I squatted down to see if I could push out more. There was a whole handful. I licked up the lot. This was hot. Believe it or not I hadn't done that before.

A few days later we hooked up again. I told him I had been leaking spooge all afternoon after our last fuck, that I had pushed his load out of my arse and eaten it. He chuckled at that. This time we tried a few new things. He got me on my back and fucked me with my legs down behind my ears while he looked at me. Then for a while he had me on my side so he could push in real deep. Again he took a few pauses to stop himself from coming before settling in to bang me hard and fast and drop a load inside me.

Third time was today. When we went upstairs and I knelt in front of him to suck his dick I found he was hard even before I started. He's not aggressive when he's getting blown. I said I liked it rough. I got on my back with my head over the side of the bed and told him to fuck my throat. He pushed all the way in and fucked me until my throat was all slimy, though he still wasn't as rough as I would have liked. From this position I was able to lift my face up and lick his taint and get my tongue into his arsehole. He had a little tight hole and his arse was slightly musky but soon enough he got up and turned me round so he could fuck me.

We went at it for a few minutes with me on my back and him pushing into me from above. He paused, said he didn't want to come just yet. Then he said he had partly come inside me. When he started moving again I quickly realised he had put a full load inside me: earlier it had been a smooth fuck (I had put some gun oil in my arse before setting off). Now the feeling of his dick moving in and out of my arse was squeaky rather than smooth. I've only felt that maybe a couple of times before when I've been fucked while I've had a load in me. It's a wonderful sensation. And on top of that I started to feel his cum leaking out of my arse and running down my crack while he was fucking me. I reached down and got a few fingerloads which I sucked off while I looked up at him. He smiled but didn't seem interested in getting a taste of it himself. He turned me on my side and we fucked slowly for a while.

He was watching the clock - he needed to head out for a job interview. We've got five minutes to make you good, he announced. He took a few deep hits of amyl, hardened up and started pumping me deep and hard before announcing he was coming inside me again. After I got home I squatted and pushed his load out into my hand and licked it all up. This could become habit-forming.

So there you have it. The guy is hot, no doubt about it. He seems uncomplicated - he's only interested in fucking me, his only obvious kink seems to be that he prefers to fuck raw. He doesn't kiss, shows no interest in rimming or armpits or piss or any of my other kinks. There's nothing faggy about him, from what he's said he's not really into the gay scene. With his body and dick and looks he could pull plenty of younger guys but I don't get the impression he's getting his dick into someone new every night. Maybe he's a bit shy. He says he really likes my arse. And perhaps he gets a kick of the fact I'm taking his loads.

Whatever the reason I'm not complaining. In fact I'm hoping I'll get more of him. Funnily enough it's the idea of sleeping with him or having a beer with him rather than getting fucked by him that is starting to interest me more. We'll see where it all leads.

There are a few other spoogy stories from the past few weeks that I need to write up.


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a.) fucking hot post! love that you ate the cum out of your own ass! b.) we got one of these nutty comments too; I think it's spam -Dan

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