Monday, December 21, 2009


I checked out the park Saturday night. Not much happening there - weather was shitty. First guy to turn up was the old drunk who wants to suck my toes. Last time I let him but somehow it doesn't do it for me.

Next up was an Italian-looking slut who I've seen there once or twice before. He dropped his pants and wanted me to fuck him. I tried but it wasn't great. He must have had nice looks when he was younger but he has a fat arse and his dick doesn't get hard. I tried screwing him anyway but it didn't do much for me. I don't get much sensation out of his arsehole - partly because he has such a big fat butt. Plus he doesn't keep still and let you go in real deep. I gave up.

The the guy in the tracksuit turned up. He fucked me raw for a few minutes while the slut was sucking my dick. He eventually got tired and took a pause. We just hung around on the bridge watching the clouds and the stars and waiting to see who else would turn up. Eventually I got bored and started playing with the slut again. Same problem as before - I couldn't get my dick into him deep enough plus he wouldn't bend over far enough or keep still. Tracksuit guy decided to have another go. He has a thick cut dick, wide rather than round. He pushed into me again just with spit. Had a bit of trouble getting in the second time but I kind of like that - it means when he does get in you get that squeaky sensation that you miss out on if you use lube.

Then he started banging me. Went at it for a few minutes while I took a few hits of poppers. Then he started banging me hard and said he was going to come. A minute later and he held me tight while he blew his load into me then slid out. I was feeling a bit woozy - I had taken half a tab of viagra earlier in the day so probably not a good idea to mix that with a new bottle of poppers. But I still wanted to get off. I reached down. There was spooge leaking out of my arsehole - he must have blown some of his load near my hole. I pushed out a handful and used it to lube my cock while I jacked off.

I started to feel an orgasm coming on just as the other two guys said someone was coming and pulled their trou up fast. I was at the point where I was more interested in cumming than in strangers coming up the gully but I figured I had better follow them. My dick was jerking and squirting as I reached down to pull my pants up. I blew most of my load into my underpants. I was still feeling half faint from the poppers so I just rested on the bridge railing for a few minutes to recover. Turned out the new guy who turned up was looking for fun as well but I had had enough for the evening. After I started to feel ok again I finished zipping up and wandered off down the track leaving them to it.

Tracksuit guy throws a mean fuck when he goes at it hard. My arse felt real sore when I got home and I can still feel it a couple of days later.


Duo said...

Nice! Do you have any guesses about tracksuit's status? -Dan

The Lion Queen said...

Great story - so many of us have experienced similar situations.