Monday, February 3, 2014

Lost in translation

I hooked up again with K-boy last night. Earlier he had told me he was busy. Then he got in touch in the afternoon to ask if I was still free. Turned out he had arranged to fuck another guy around middle of the day but he hadn't got off and was still feeling horny.
I'm now getting to know what he likes – sweaty pits, eating me out, swallowing as much saliva as I can give him, long kisses. I had an empty stomach so even managed to deep throat him briefly before starting to gag again. I need to work on my technique.
But that's all foreplay. Before too long he rubbers up and he's back in my hole, big and hard as ever. He must have been frustrated from lunchtime: as soon as he got into me he started pummelling me, hurt like fuck but getting banged pelvis to pelvis is also a huge turn-on. 
And so it went, for about three hours. Making out long and slow, some hard fucking, while in between he buries his tongue in my arse or my pits and pigs out. And he fisted me. When he has his fist in my hole he watches it the way a little boy watches a new toy: wide-eyed, completely absorbed. 
He has a tall mirror near the bed. His big dick sticking out from his lean legs and torso is great to watch. So is the variation: up high, plunge fucking me as I'm on my back with legs wide; kneeling between my legs and just swivelling his pelvis as he slides in and out. All good. Only let-down is that when he's fucking me that hard I can't get it up at all – I was limp most of the night.
Eventually he lay back and jacked himself while I licked his armpit. He squirted a big load over the two of us then squirmed as a I licked it all up – he gets ticklish after he cums.
Then we kissed and talked. I had been teasing him about him saying no more kinky stuff – when he said it originally I thought he was only half serious, and I thought he was just a bit worried about getting hooked on piss play and fisting. At one point he asked if I minded that we hadn't done any piss play this time. I was a bit puzzled: it was more his kick than mine, and it was really his call whether he wanted to do it. 
As he went on, talking about his reasons for being uneasy about the "hentai" stuff I slowly realised I had completely missed the point. What he had been getting at the previous week (and the time before, too) was the unsafe stuff – sticking his dick in me raw so he could piss up my arse, or the times when he had stuck his dick in me raw for a few minutes just for the fun of it, or maybe because he knew I got off on it. He talked about the big spike in infections in this town right now among local guys (I had to admit that was news to me) and explained why it would be such a problem for him at work if he got infected. Stuff like that. He was matter of fact about it, wasn't trying to guilt me out or anything, just explaining why it was an issue for him.
I felt a bit stupid because I had so completely missed the point earlier but also embarrassed because I had been making a joke out of something he had been trying to tell me as a serious point. I emailed him later to apologise. He came back to reassure me there was nothing to apologise for.
The funny thing is I had been starting to think that maybe I should stop barebacking with other guys if that was going to be an issue for K-boy. I enjoy screwing around but if I knew I was going to get his dick every week I would just about give up the rest, he's that good. I'm not looking to start a romance or anything but apart from the fact the sex is brilliant the after-sex is also great, and I like just being with him. Anyway I've said we should have a talk about all of that next time we get together. After all these years of careless sex maybe for a change I need to be a bit more responsible. 
You believe me? Haha. Tell me what you think. And I'll let you know how it goes. 

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Kinky boy worried he's getting too kinky

I hooked up with Kinky Boy the other night. We get straight down to it. He's a great kisser, fat juicy lips, but also gets off on licking arse. I love it when he surfaces from between my legs and comes up  for a deep kiss with the smell of my arsehole on his face. Now when he's kissing me his big hard dick is rubbing up against my pubes. Then he tries to go down my throat, which turns me on big time, but I keep gagging, he's just too big for me (or I'm out of practice haha).
The sequence blurs from here on but pretty soon he was rubbered up and pushing into my hole. He wants to do me all ways: missionary, doggy, on my side.  Whichever way he goes in it hurts – not the width, though he has a fat dick, but the length, when he pushes up against my inner ring. He stays hard and he likes to go deep so I spend a lot of time in that intense pain/pleasure place.
After a break for a drink and some more kissing he rubbers up and pushes back into me. At one point I'm squatting over him while he slams into me from below. It hurts like fuck but the stimulation has my hole buzzing, close to an orgasm just from being pummelled. 
Then he can't resist. He puts a towel underneath me, slides in raw and smirks as he watches my face. It takes a minute but then I feel the pulsing and the warmth as he starts pissing in my hole. He stays in there a while, still hard. He hesitates and then asks if he can fuck me just like that. I guess. He gets down to it, slowly. My hole is gripping his dick but it still leaks now and then. He reaches down for a taste each time there's a little spill. 
He pulls out, starts fingering my hole, tasting his fingers. Then he puts in two, three. He lifts his eyebrows, asking me. Sure. He makes a fist, lubes up, starts to stretch me, then he's in. Whew, I felt that - I couldn't find my poppers to help relax. But now he's in ... first time I've ever been fisted while my hole is full of piss. Can't quite describe the sensation but it was a turn-on. Still leaking a little bit of course. K boy is wide eyed, fascinated. He's never done this either. 
I forget just where things led from there. It was a long session. He fucked me a lot, there was a pile of rubbers on the floor when we had finished. What I do remember, toward the end, is both of us lying on our backs, opposite ends of the bed, him jacking himself with one hand and pushing the other hand up my hole - it hurt like fuck going in, no extra lube, no poppers, but super hot as he punched my hole the same time he was jacking himself. 
At the end I held him, his tongue down my throat, as he jerked off. He's a big squirter, ended up with cum all over him and me. 
In between times he was telling me he worried he was getting too hooked on the kinky stuff - especially the piss play, though I suspect he was also worried about how often he has started sliding into me raw. Says – with a smile – it's my fault he's getting into all this perverted stuff. Yeah right.