Monday, December 21, 2009


I checked out the park Saturday night. Not much happening there - weather was shitty. First guy to turn up was the old drunk who wants to suck my toes. Last time I let him but somehow it doesn't do it for me.

Next up was an Italian-looking slut who I've seen there once or twice before. He dropped his pants and wanted me to fuck him. I tried but it wasn't great. He must have had nice looks when he was younger but he has a fat arse and his dick doesn't get hard. I tried screwing him anyway but it didn't do much for me. I don't get much sensation out of his arsehole - partly because he has such a big fat butt. Plus he doesn't keep still and let you go in real deep. I gave up.

The the guy in the tracksuit turned up. He fucked me raw for a few minutes while the slut was sucking my dick. He eventually got tired and took a pause. We just hung around on the bridge watching the clouds and the stars and waiting to see who else would turn up. Eventually I got bored and started playing with the slut again. Same problem as before - I couldn't get my dick into him deep enough plus he wouldn't bend over far enough or keep still. Tracksuit guy decided to have another go. He has a thick cut dick, wide rather than round. He pushed into me again just with spit. Had a bit of trouble getting in the second time but I kind of like that - it means when he does get in you get that squeaky sensation that you miss out on if you use lube.

Then he started banging me. Went at it for a few minutes while I took a few hits of poppers. Then he started banging me hard and said he was going to come. A minute later and he held me tight while he blew his load into me then slid out. I was feeling a bit woozy - I had taken half a tab of viagra earlier in the day so probably not a good idea to mix that with a new bottle of poppers. But I still wanted to get off. I reached down. There was spooge leaking out of my arsehole - he must have blown some of his load near my hole. I pushed out a handful and used it to lube my cock while I jacked off.

I started to feel an orgasm coming on just as the other two guys said someone was coming and pulled their trou up fast. I was at the point where I was more interested in cumming than in strangers coming up the gully but I figured I had better follow them. My dick was jerking and squirting as I reached down to pull my pants up. I blew most of my load into my underpants. I was still feeling half faint from the poppers so I just rested on the bridge railing for a few minutes to recover. Turned out the new guy who turned up was looking for fun as well but I had had enough for the evening. After I started to feel ok again I finished zipping up and wandered off down the track leaving them to it.

Tracksuit guy throws a mean fuck when he goes at it hard. My arse felt real sore when I got home and I can still feel it a couple of days later.

Sunday, December 13, 2009


I'm sitting here with spooge leaking out my arse as I type this. I headed up the hill late this afternoon to see what I could find. Nothing. Eventually the guy with curls and glasses turned up (I've mentioned him before, I'll try to find the link one of these days). He didn't look interested. Each time our paths crossed he hurried past. It was the same last time I saw him. No sweat, I thought I'd leave him to it. I settled down under a bush, lay back, watched the clouds and played with myself.

There was a rustle from along the track. Curly came around the corner ... with his pants half down and a hard-on bouncing around in front of him. He reversed fast and headed back the way he had come. But I figured that I wasn't meant to ignore what I had just seen. I ambled back along the track. Sure enough he was lying in a little clearing, pants around his ankles, playing with a big stiffy. I knelt, sniffed around his balls and his crack, had a lick, then moved up and gently started to work on the top of his dick. He moved his hand away to give me better access. I took him deeper - the guy has a long dick, and he gets real hard. I worked away for a while. He lifted his t-shirt. I went north and sucked on his nipples. Yeah, he liked that, especially when I started to use my teeth. A minute later he blew without warning. I didn't get any of it and he didn't want me to lick him clean. He wiped the jizz off his stomach onto the grass alongside him. I watched him zip up and leave then knelt down to get a taste of it from the grass. Nice.

I still had the itch. I headed down to the park after dark. One guy - sort of young Woody Allen looks as far as I could see - followed me down one track as soon as I got there. He got me to follow him down to the bridge, turned me round, pulled down my jeans and started dry humping me, pulling on my jockstrap. I thought he was going to fuck me but after a few minutes of this he told me to wait while he went to find some other guys to fuck me. He came back with the Sunday night regulars - the guy with the beercan dick and his buddy in the tracksuit. My new pimp watched and directed traffic as beercan and trackie tag-teamed me, both raw. Beercan eventually blew a load in me, zipped up and left. Trackie was in a cuddly mood, held me a chatted for a while but then left. Pimp disappeared part-way through proceedings. I still don't know what he was up to. Certainly he made no move to get his dick into me.

I still didn't feel properly fucked. Further up the valley one guy was sucking off another on the small bridge but they showed no signs of wanting a third. I headed back down the valley and waited. Eventually the guy who had been getting his dick sucked wandered down. I followed him and offered to suck his dick. It was only then I got a proper look at him. It was the Irish guy I've posted about before. I sucked him for a bit, shared my poppers, then dropped my jeans and bent over against the railing. He pushed straight in. He has a long thin dick but for some reason I felt it more than beercan's big thick meat. He fucked me for a while, doing his usual thing of levering his thighs up against the back of mine.

I took a risk and told him I had a load in me. That got a reaction: he dropped to his knees and pushed his face into my arse. He pigged out there for a few minutes. When he got to his feet I pulled him to me and put my tongue in his mouth. He reached down to check whether I was hard. I wasn't really - it was one of those nights when I needed something unusual to get my dick to stand up. But I figured he was looking for some dick too. I got him to bend over and I knelt down to rim him. His arse was a bit raunchy - just enough to be tasty. I ate him out for a few minutes, then followed up with a finger then kissed him to give him a taste of his own arsehole. Nice. That still wasn't quite enough - I tried pushing my dick into him but he was still tight and a three-quarter hard-on wasn't enough. But it got him going. He swung me around and pushed my face onto the dick of another older guy who had turned up. Then he pushed his dick back into my arse.

He banged me for a few minutes then pulled out, panting. Something felt a bit different down there. Yep, he had blown a load into me as he was pulling out. I reached over and pulled his face to me again for some sloppy mouth to mouth action. This time my dick was hard. I asked if he wanted a load in his arse. Nope, he was one of those guys that are finished once they've blown. He held me while I jacked myself and blew a load against the railing. Hawt.

Friday, December 4, 2009


I checked out the toilet under the bank today. A tall skinny redhead came in, stood at the next urinal and started playing with himself. He wasn't much of a looker, wasn't that young and certainly wasn't getting hard. Still I guess I'm not in a position to point the finger. We got talking and more. I soon found out that he was wearing a jockstrap. I pushed him forward and ate his arse a bit. Then pushed my finger in. That got a reaction. I asked if he wanted dick. Yes. Take it raw? That depends. I said I was clean. We're on.

This was a bit ambitious on my part - I wasn't remotely hard. But there's something about the idea of dropping a load in a slut, just standing there in front of the urinals .... Plus by now I had one finger deep in his arse. That sensation of warm slimy flesh gets me going. And I got him to suck me a bit. I eventually hardened and just pushed into him. I gave him a two-minute rabbit fuck and left a load inside him. We both just zipped and left. Not one of the alltime great fucks but hey, you take what you can get.

Now I need to find someone to do the same for me.