Saturday, February 2, 2013


We hooked up again last weekend. He told me when we exchanged messages that he had a stomach upset and couldn't take a fist. But he really wanted to get inside me again.
So maybe there wasn't quite the same sizzle this time round. But I was really turned on. Just like last time we started by making out, before I bent him over and pushed my tongue into his hole. The taste, the texture, the look and feel of his lean back ... it gets me horned up, fast. When I dig my fingernails into his nipples it's clear he wants to be made my bitch. Within a few minutes I was raw dicking him again, just with spit.
He's a natural sub. And can take pain. Last time I used the talon tit clamps on him. They hurt like fuck. I did the same again. Put his hands on his head. Got him to look in my eyes as I slowly released the clamp onto his nipple. Listened to him his, watch his face contort. He didn't complain or try to stop me. I gave him a minute to settle then started playing with the chain. He hissed again. I made him watch while I put the other clamp on my tit. Then wrapped my arms around him and pulled him hard against me. He was whimpering as the pressure bit but still opened his mouth for my tongue. I reached down to check: his dick was rigid. I kept pulling him closer, chest against chest, as he squirmed and whimpered with the pain of the clamp. Then let go, pushed him back the length of the chain while I looked him in the eyes. He yelped when I eventually took the clamp off but leant into me to kiss again.
We lay down for a while, talking. touching, making out. I now forget the sequence. All I remember is that at some point we were squatting on the floor, facing each other, I had the clamps back on with the chain joining us, and his dick was hard and oozing precum. He kept telling me he hated the talon clamp but his dick was telling the truth. At some point I pulled myself forward, put my feet behind his back, lifted myself up and slid my hole down onto his dick. He looked anxious and after half a minute asked about a condom. I just said I didn't want him to cum in me. I fucked myself on his dick for a few minutes, both of us hard and leaking, before I lifted myself off.
After a break we ended up in the sling room. I wanted to try for more depth. I got him to slide a long thing double-head dong up into me as far as I could take it. Then got him to use his hand, pushing his fingers up as deep as he could. For someone who a couple of weeks ago had insisted he never topped he was having a helluva lot of fun. We played for half an hour until I started to get a bit tender and called a halt. 
We ended up back in the other room where, a little while later, I fucked him while jacking him. We came at the same time, him blowing a load in my hand while I blew in his hole. 
I have to say it's great sex. The combination of sweet (all the kissing, touching, cuddling) and savoury (the pain stuff, the fist, the punk fucking) is a huge turn-on. The fact that he's poz and infectious ... not sure what part that plays. Anyhow he makes my dick hard like no-one else I've had sex with in a long time. And it seems to go both ways: he says he hardly ever gets hard, but the way I hurt him seems to make his dick go rigid. I told him i want to cane him. He says he would take it.