Saturday, September 20, 2008

afternoon at the tubs

The day I flew home I decided to check out the baths before heading out to the airport.

My first time there. Good set-up, though the cubicles upstairs were such a maze they have to be a serious fire-trap.

I got there too late for the lunch crowd. Those left were mostly older guys. I took it slow. Got the brush-off from one hot tradesman type. I tried it on with another young guy in the steam room who had a fat hard-on with loose foreskin. Great salty pissy flavour. But he pushed me away almost as soon as I got onto him.

I ended up in the dark room. Most of the room was taken up with a squab at knee height. I was followed in by a taller guy wearing a mustache. I backed up against him. He wrapped his arms round me and rocked his pelvis against my arse. He wasn't heavily muscled but his body was firm.

We both dropped our towels and got into it. He worked my nipples, stuck his tongue down my throat and chewed on my ears and neck. He pushed me onto the squab, held me down by the wrists and slid on top of me before making out some more. He worked his way up and down my torso.

Then he had my ankles over my ears so he could get his tongue into my arse. After a few minutes of this I made him kiss me to share the taste. Then he was back into it. I forget the sequence but before long I had his dick in my mouth. Then he pushed it all the way down my throat. He pumped away for a minute before pulling out, leaving me gasping for breath.

Finally he went for his real target. He put me on my back and rimmed me again before sliding his dick into me raw. He started slow, holding my ankles in the air, and then went at it hard and fast. For 20 minutes he alternated pace and position, with me on my back then doggy style then standing up. I was in fag heaven. Trouble was, I was running out of time to catch a plane. He had me down doggy style again, banging me hard and making my arse sing. I jerked myself to a climax and blew all over the squab, laughing from the pleasure of it.

I hobbled back to the hotel and took a taxi to the airport.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Woke up with an extra sore throat this morning. I'll tell you why.

I decided to check out the piss party at the club yesterday afternoon. Bad idea. These days I've got to be open-minded about who I get it on with. But this crowd was a serious turn-off: just way too old, too heavy, too queeny.

There was one tall hunk in ripped shorts and a wifebeater. But he wasn't into me. I got it on for a while with a Canadian with a nice dick and lots of piss. But he lost interest. I fucked a Japanese guy raw for a while but it was all a bit one way. The westie with the board shorts and the little dick didn't want to do much more than piss and sniff amyl.

I was set to bail out when a punk arrived. He took his time but eventually wandered into the space between the drums where most of the action was happening. The westie got onto his knees and chewed the punk's dick through his pants. From what I could see, standing alongside, it was a nice piece of meat. Nice body too.

When westie pulled away I moved in. Got onto my knees, pulled punk's dick out the side of his briefs and sucked him in. This boy was hard. I slobbered down the length of it. Then he took charge. Starting fucking my face, then pushed hard to get me to take that last inch. He was too thick for me to get it down. I took a hit of poppers. He was harder than ever. He pushed again and forced the last inch down my throat. I eventually pushed him off, gasping, then took him down again.

I still had my jock on, soaked in piss. As he kept pumping my throat he leant down and started playing with my hole.

I don't need to be told twice. I got up, turned and backed onto him raw. The boy was horny and rough. He banged me hard and fast, pulling my hips back onto his groin with each thrust. I was wide open. A guy in front of me gave me his dick to suck on so I got it both ends.

I was starting to feel like a really happy little piglet. I decided to make it a real show. Spat out the guy in front of me, took a couple of big hits of amyl, bent down, held my ankles and pushed my arse into the air as punk upped the tempo. The crowd around us was tight and close, hands everywhere.

A couple of minutes of this and I couldn't hold out any more. I came with a roar. I slowly stood back upright, eased off punk's dick and staggered out through the crowd, all shaky.

So that's how I came to have a sore throat this morning.

Not a sore arse, you'll notice. The fact is that even a rough fuck from a guy like punk - with a fat hard dick - isn't enough to do much damage these days.

Which is why I'm taking a giant blue crackstuffer bone back with me when I head home. I'll tell you how I go ...


No real luck at the bar on Saturday night. So after midnight I headed across to the club.

It had already started to empty out. Most of the action was in one corner of the basement where it was completely dark. I spent some time there but the bodies I was groping didn't excite me that much. And I didn't find anything too hot in the glory holes upstairs.

I eventually ended up down the other end of the basement where there's a bit of light and more space. I hung around at the edge of the group for a while. Pants were coming off. Guys were making out. A few were getting naked. There was sucking and rimming.

One guy got into my pants and started sucking me. Then another guy knelt down behind me and stuck his face in my arse. Yes please! I bent over the squab to give him better access. Rubbed my arse up and down his chin. Then pulled him to his feet and put my tongue down his throat. He kissed back with a long warm and slippery tongue.

He was lean and dark, with a hairy chest. I assumed he was Italian. I got into his pants, pulled his dick out and swallowed it. Nice dick, uncut and not too big. I took it all the way down. We made out on the squab for a while. I got up and sat on his face, rubbing my arse back and forth on his mouth and chin. We kissed again, talking dirty to each other the whole time.

I was getting real excited. I pulled off my trainers and pants, leaving just my jock. I sat slowly down on his dick and then rode it. Fast for a while then real slow, up and down. he reached up and starting moving me up and down fast again. After 10 minutes of this my knees were set to give out. We made out again for a while. I said I wanted his load in my arse and then I wanted him to suck it out of me.

All this time there was action going on around us. The black guy with the beercan dick turned up again and punkfucked a piggy bottom next to us on the squab. The bottom was groaning and cursing and begging for more. He was getting it raw and extra rough. I was desperately hungry for it myself but just had to watch and listen.

The guy I was with said he wanted to watch someone else fuck me. In the crowd around us I saw a young arab with a fat dick. I reached over, pulled him closer and took him into my mouth. I sucked him for a while then turned over, knelt and pushe my arse up against his dick. He pushed in raw and then started pumping. Nice dick, and his pelvis was banging against my arse, which turns me on. But after 15 minutes it was starting to get a bit mechancal, and he wasn't big enough to give me much sensation deeper in my arse.

I got up and asked if he wanted his arse eaten out. He didn't need to be asked twice. The guy was really lean, with a skinny arse. I got into it. Nice. But couldn't taste too much down there. He showed every sign of wanting to stay bent over. I guess he was just another bottom after all.

I got the answer when I pushed my dick into him. All of a sudden he was bucking and squirming and really getting into it. This was hot - he had a bony arse and a tight hole. Great view too - his back was arched up, his ribs showing through and the skin glistening with sweat. The harder I banged him the more he bucked and arched and responded. I found myself a slut. I asked him if he wanted my load. Hell yes. I banged him for another couple of minutes and unloaded into him. The best knee-trembler I've had in a long time.

Beercan dick had just fucked another guy at the other end of the squab. I wandered over hopefully. I wrapped my hand round his dick, had a suck at the end of it, but he pushed me off with a laugh. Too late, he said.

I dragged myself home around 5am, head sore from poppers, knees sore from squatting on dick, but hole still unfilled and unstretched. Three days left. Will let you know what I find.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

bog sex

Yep, I'm taking a week off work. It's a couple of years since I've been in this city but I have good memories from last time.

Monday afternoon I went chasing memories. I thought I would check out the bog across the road from the market where I had picked up a skinny English boy two years ago. I took him back to the hotel where we made out before I put him on his stomach and fucked him raw.

This time it didn't look promising. One old geezer in one of the cubicles. I went up top to watch and wait. Eventually a young guy arrived, went down the steps and didn't re-emerge. I went down and checked him out through the crack in the cubicle door. He was jacking himself already. He let me in when I tapped.

He was tall, scruffy, with a bit of a gut. Red-brown hair. And a fat uncut prick. I got onto my knees and got down to it. Mmmm. Nice mouthful. I went at it for a few minutes. Surfaced to stick my nose into his pits. He was seriously ripe which of course just made my dick harder. Back onto his dick.

But I sensed this wasn't going to work for him. I got him to turn round and pushed my face between his checks. I tested with my tongue. He was real raunchy. I hesitated but went back in. His hole was loose and deep. And he seemed to like the mix of goatee and tongue. He jacked himself as I tongued and fingered and nibbled at him.

After a few minutes of this there was no sign he wanted it to end. He stayed bent over with his butt cheeks spread. Hmmm. I stood up and slapped my dick on his arse. And again. He used his hands to spread his cheeks wider. I spat on my dick and on his arsehole and slid it in. I fucked him slow and fucked him harder.

Not much reaction from him. I'm not that big, and he had a big arse, so he might not have been feeling that much. That's why I usually only fuck little guys with skinny arses and tight holes.

I banged him some more. I was getting close and asked him if he wanted my load. He nodded yes. I fucked him hard for a minute and then unloaded into him. I slid around in there for another minute, pulled out, wiped the shit off my dick and left. Maybe it wasn't a great fuck for either of us but there's something special about bog sex. I guess it's the doggie in me ...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


It's a different city this week. Not sure how it will go.

Monday afternoon for old time's sake I checked out the bog opposite the market. Sat in a stall and foot-tapped but it turned out to be an old guy. I waited up top to see what turned up. Next arrival was a young guy, tall, student look to him. After a couple of minutes I followed him down. He was in a stall. Through the crack I could see he was jacking himself. I tapped and he let me in.

He was red-headed and hairy with an XL dick, uncut. I got straight onto it. He hardened up. I slobbered all over his dick for a few minutes, chewed on his nipples and licked out his-extra ripe pits. My dick liked all of this but somehow it didn't feel as if he was really getting into it.

I got back down on my knees, turned him round and pushed my face in between his cheeks. He was now starting to get interested. His arse was real ripe. I hesitated but went back for more. His arsehole was loose and deep. I gave him tongue and fingers. He was moaning and opening up and really getting into it. And showing no sign of wanting to turn round again.

Eventually I got the message. I stood up and slapped my dick on his arse cheeks. He stayed bent over, waiting. I spat on my dick, spat on his arse and slid it in. I fucked him slow, fucked him harder, then slow again. He just knelt there and grunted. I'm not that big so I wasn't getting that deep - the reason I normally only fuck small guys. I guess he wasn't feeling as much as he would with a bigger guy either.

Before long I was getting close. I whispered to him to see if he wanted my load. He nodded. I banged him hard for half a minute then unloaded into him. I slid around inside him for another minute enjoying the slop then pulled out and wiped the shit off my dick. Slapped his arse and left.

It wasn't the greatest fuck of the year. But doggies can't be fussy. And there's always something hot about fucking in a bog.

I should tell you about the last time I was here. I only found the bog on my last day in the city. I picked up an English tourist there. Young guy, skinny with spots on his face. I took him back to the hotel. We made out and sucked each other. Eventually I put him on his stomach and fucked him raw. That one I did enjoy. He had a little arse so I could get in deep. He had a tight hole so he was feeling it even with my average-size dick.

I have another few days here. Will let you know what else I find.