Sunday, September 14, 2008


Woke up with an extra sore throat this morning. I'll tell you why.

I decided to check out the piss party at the club yesterday afternoon. Bad idea. These days I've got to be open-minded about who I get it on with. But this crowd was a serious turn-off: just way too old, too heavy, too queeny.

There was one tall hunk in ripped shorts and a wifebeater. But he wasn't into me. I got it on for a while with a Canadian with a nice dick and lots of piss. But he lost interest. I fucked a Japanese guy raw for a while but it was all a bit one way. The westie with the board shorts and the little dick didn't want to do much more than piss and sniff amyl.

I was set to bail out when a punk arrived. He took his time but eventually wandered into the space between the drums where most of the action was happening. The westie got onto his knees and chewed the punk's dick through his pants. From what I could see, standing alongside, it was a nice piece of meat. Nice body too.

When westie pulled away I moved in. Got onto my knees, pulled punk's dick out the side of his briefs and sucked him in. This boy was hard. I slobbered down the length of it. Then he took charge. Starting fucking my face, then pushed hard to get me to take that last inch. He was too thick for me to get it down. I took a hit of poppers. He was harder than ever. He pushed again and forced the last inch down my throat. I eventually pushed him off, gasping, then took him down again.

I still had my jock on, soaked in piss. As he kept pumping my throat he leant down and started playing with my hole.

I don't need to be told twice. I got up, turned and backed onto him raw. The boy was horny and rough. He banged me hard and fast, pulling my hips back onto his groin with each thrust. I was wide open. A guy in front of me gave me his dick to suck on so I got it both ends.

I was starting to feel like a really happy little piglet. I decided to make it a real show. Spat out the guy in front of me, took a couple of big hits of amyl, bent down, held my ankles and pushed my arse into the air as punk upped the tempo. The crowd around us was tight and close, hands everywhere.

A couple of minutes of this and I couldn't hold out any more. I came with a roar. I slowly stood back upright, eased off punk's dick and staggered out through the crowd, all shaky.

So that's how I came to have a sore throat this morning.

Not a sore arse, you'll notice. The fact is that even a rough fuck from a guy like punk - with a fat hard dick - isn't enough to do much damage these days.

Which is why I'm taking a giant blue crackstuffer bone back with me when I head home. I'll tell you how I go ...

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