Saturday, September 20, 2008

afternoon at the tubs

The day I flew home I decided to check out the baths before heading out to the airport.

My first time there. Good set-up, though the cubicles upstairs were such a maze they have to be a serious fire-trap.

I got there too late for the lunch crowd. Those left were mostly older guys. I took it slow. Got the brush-off from one hot tradesman type. I tried it on with another young guy in the steam room who had a fat hard-on with loose foreskin. Great salty pissy flavour. But he pushed me away almost as soon as I got onto him.

I ended up in the dark room. Most of the room was taken up with a squab at knee height. I was followed in by a taller guy wearing a mustache. I backed up against him. He wrapped his arms round me and rocked his pelvis against my arse. He wasn't heavily muscled but his body was firm.

We both dropped our towels and got into it. He worked my nipples, stuck his tongue down my throat and chewed on my ears and neck. He pushed me onto the squab, held me down by the wrists and slid on top of me before making out some more. He worked his way up and down my torso.

Then he had my ankles over my ears so he could get his tongue into my arse. After a few minutes of this I made him kiss me to share the taste. Then he was back into it. I forget the sequence but before long I had his dick in my mouth. Then he pushed it all the way down my throat. He pumped away for a minute before pulling out, leaving me gasping for breath.

Finally he went for his real target. He put me on my back and rimmed me again before sliding his dick into me raw. He started slow, holding my ankles in the air, and then went at it hard and fast. For 20 minutes he alternated pace and position, with me on my back then doggy style then standing up. I was in fag heaven. Trouble was, I was running out of time to catch a plane. He had me down doggy style again, banging me hard and making my arse sing. I jerked myself to a climax and blew all over the squab, laughing from the pleasure of it.

I hobbled back to the hotel and took a taxi to the airport.

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