Wednesday, September 10, 2008


It's a different city this week. Not sure how it will go.

Monday afternoon for old time's sake I checked out the bog opposite the market. Sat in a stall and foot-tapped but it turned out to be an old guy. I waited up top to see what turned up. Next arrival was a young guy, tall, student look to him. After a couple of minutes I followed him down. He was in a stall. Through the crack I could see he was jacking himself. I tapped and he let me in.

He was red-headed and hairy with an XL dick, uncut. I got straight onto it. He hardened up. I slobbered all over his dick for a few minutes, chewed on his nipples and licked out his-extra ripe pits. My dick liked all of this but somehow it didn't feel as if he was really getting into it.

I got back down on my knees, turned him round and pushed my face in between his cheeks. He was now starting to get interested. His arse was real ripe. I hesitated but went back for more. His arsehole was loose and deep. I gave him tongue and fingers. He was moaning and opening up and really getting into it. And showing no sign of wanting to turn round again.

Eventually I got the message. I stood up and slapped my dick on his arse cheeks. He stayed bent over, waiting. I spat on my dick, spat on his arse and slid it in. I fucked him slow, fucked him harder, then slow again. He just knelt there and grunted. I'm not that big so I wasn't getting that deep - the reason I normally only fuck small guys. I guess he wasn't feeling as much as he would with a bigger guy either.

Before long I was getting close. I whispered to him to see if he wanted my load. He nodded. I banged him hard for half a minute then unloaded into him. I slid around inside him for another minute enjoying the slop then pulled out and wiped the shit off my dick. Slapped his arse and left.

It wasn't the greatest fuck of the year. But doggies can't be fussy. And there's always something hot about fucking in a bog.

I should tell you about the last time I was here. I only found the bog on my last day in the city. I picked up an English tourist there. Young guy, skinny with spots on his face. I took him back to the hotel. We made out and sucked each other. Eventually I put him on his stomach and fucked him raw. That one I did enjoy. He had a little arse so I could get in deep. He had a tight hole so he was feeling it even with my average-size dick.

I have another few days here. Will let you know what else I find.

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