Friday, November 23, 2012

Wen r u bak i want it

Just had a few days back home. Started getting horny texts and emails from Jamie the week or two before I got there. He took the day off. I had vodka, rum and smokes from the duty-free so we got comfortable on the sofa and got quietly wasted. 
Like always he wanted to fuck me before anything else. He's back into one of those phases where he's freaking out about bareback. Said it wasn't worth the mental anguish. So he rubbered up before he slid into me. He was cursing it at the same time – he hates condoms, doesn't stay hard so easily. But otherwise it was like old times. Fucked me for half an hour, missionary style, finally started banging me hard, pelvis to pelvis, and blew a load. 
After a smoke and more booze he wanted to get his fist in me. It was sweet. I was  relaxed and he got into me first time round. He's still fascinated by my hole and wants to get into me deeper. The last time in July he had started to find a route past first base. This time he went exploring again, fingers outstretched, looking for some depth. I sucked  on some poppers and he just pigged out inside me, pushing, twisting, probing. I was pretty much delirious.
It turned into a long night. Jamie gets real talkative when he's got liquor in him. Plus it was a Friday night so he was getting texts from some of his mates. He invited one of them up to play - some slut from nearby who wanted to get fucked. Not really my type: short, porky, completely passive. He wanted fist as well. I tried but couldn't get into him. He eventually left.
Then Jamie started getting texts from one of his straight/bi mates. He turned up around midnight, completely wasted. It was helluva funny. James and Steve were abusing each other, replaying years of parties, booze, girls and sex. I was just sitting in front of them on the floor, naked, watching porn on the TV. Jamie eventually got into Steve's pants, got him hard, sucked on his dick for a while. This went on - smokes, more vodka, cocksucking, more chat - for hours. Steve kept shedding clothes until he was starkers as well. 
Jamie was pimping my hole, wanted Steve to fuck me. He tried a few times, always with a rubber, but couldn't keep it up for more than a few minutes. At one point he got me to eat his arsehole. Mmmm. The guy was hot, no doubt about it. He had a bit of a gut but he had a muscly butt, with fine blond hair all up his taint and hole. His hole was kinda raunchy. There was enough booze in me and enough sex in the air that it just turned me on more. I hardened up fast and jacked myself while I sniffed and ate him out. The taste lingered on my lips. 
About 3am something changed. Steve must have decided he wanted to get off. He took charge, got me on my knees on the couch and just pushed straight in, no rubber. The guy is six foot, big uncut dick. He was still sloppy drunk and it was a sloppy drunk rough fuck. He banged me hard for a while, pausing to pull all the way out then drive all the way back in. Jamie was urging him on, calling me a dirty bareback slut.
Eventually Steve gave up, said he couldn't come. He was still half hard when he pulled out. I fingered my hole and tasted it. The bastard had stealthed me. 
Jamie eventually kicked him out, still wasted, around 4am. We slept a few hours before he had to get up for work, hung over but complaining because he hadn't woken up early enough to fuck me again.

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Tumblr seems to be where it's happening. Check out this clip. And this one. Love this stuff. 

Sunday, September 23, 2012


Finally scored tonight after a few weeks of drought. I saw a new profile on BBRT this afternoon and messaged him to see if he wanted to fuck. He was real slow replying to messages and it looked as if he had lost interest when I said I couldn't host. But then things livened up:
Me: Do you like fucking in public toilets? Or outdoors, in parks?
Him: I love it. Just let me know i will be there and fuck u.
I asked if he was poz. His profile said "ask me". He replied that he was undetectable so I said that was fine by me. We agreed to meet at the station and then try to find somewhere in the park. I went out for a run and then met him in front of the station. It was still raining and already getting dark. 
We walked and talked for a while. He was taller than me, younger, nice body, regular-guy looks. On the north side of the park we found a spot off the path and away from the lights under a fallen tree. He was a bit nervous - we could still see people walking along the path - but also seemed to get a buzz out of the exposed location. 
We kissed. He tasted of cigarettes and coffee. He went straight for my nipples. He worked them hard, using his nails. I was hard almost immediately. After a while he used one hand to undo his belt and with the other, digging his nails into my nipple, he slowly pulled me down onto his dick. He was uncut and hard. I went down on him, speeding up as he dug harder into my tit. He used his other hand to pull me further onto his dick, then started slapping me. 
After a few minutes of this I got back onto my feet and kissed him again. I asked if I could eat him out. He turned round, dropped his trousers all the way and bent forward to let me get at his hole. He was clean but tasty. He moaned as I pushed my tongue up his hole. After a few minutes I stood up, turned him round and kissed him again. 
Then it was his turn. He pushed me forward against the gate, squatted behind me, spat onto my hole and started rimming me. Before long he was standing behind me sliding his dick up and down my crack. Then he slipped the head into my hole, just with saliva for lube. Before I knew it he was all the way in. He fucked me slow then fast, holding me round the waist, nibbling at my neck then my ear, then using both hands on my nipples again.
Eventually he said he wanted to cum with me. He started a jack-rabbit fuck while I bent all the way forward, holding onto the lowest bar on the gate. Then he wrapped his arms around me, squeezed my torso and said he was going to cum. He pulsed a few times, groaned and stood up, his dick still inside me.
He wanted me to cum too. I pulled off him, turned round, squatted and went down on his dick, still hard and still tasting of his cum and my arse juices. Made my dick harden up again. I shat out a handful of his cum and licked it off my hand while I jacked myself with the other hand. He reached down and dug his nails into my nipple again as I came hard between his legs, still sucking on his salty dick.
I missed a chance at the end: he wandered over to the fence and pissed, a long loud man-piss. I should have been on my knees in front of him drinking it down or getting a hair rinse. Next time maybe haha.
Walking home I had that ache in my arse that comes from being well fucked. And a big smutty smile on my face. Especially when I found I could still taste his arse on my lips.  

Friday, September 21, 2012


In my last post I talked a bit about poz guys, barebacking and risks. 
If you haven't already seen it the guy who blogs at mydirtyfavourites - another one who mostly fucks raw these days - has also talked about how he sees risks with guys who are poz but undetectable. Check it out. As a bonus you get lots of dirty pix and video clips in between the chunks of text.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Sorry about the lack of updates lately. The fact is I'm not getting much action right now. The past year or so I was getting dicked pretty much every weekend by Jamie, plus he was fisting me most times as well. Now I'm in a new city and haven't yet found anyone to take over. 
I have hooked up a few times with Yoshi. We have a lot of fun - if anything he's more of a slut than me. But he's basically a hungry bottom, ultimately more interested in what goes into his hole than what he can put into mine, to the point where if he's fisting me he will sometimes manoeuvre himself so he can get me to fist him simultaneously. Now I may be generous and giving but when I'm getting fisted I really want the top to be completely focused on me, not trying to get some for himself. My deaf FB Shane is another hungry fist bottom but at least when he's doing me he's completely focused on opening me up and seeing how hard he can work my hole.
Maybe I'll have better luck next weekend. I got hit up by a guy on bbrt who is going to be visiting. He describes himself as Arab, from London. Top, with an extra big dick, ticks just about all the boxes you can tick in a bbrt profile. He says he's poz and undetectable.  
Which raises the question: why do I end up hooking up with so many poz guys? Yoshi, Shane, the deckhelfer in Berlin, the guy in Sydney I didn't tell you about, the black guy in Chicago I didn't tell you about, the S&M top in SFO who broke a cane on my arse, the skinny ginge back home I fucked last year and didn't tell you about, the mad bug chaser/gifter 20 year old that I really don't even want to think about right now... And the cockney Arab who wants to breed me next week. Bit of a pattern there, huh?
I guess the first question is whether I'm a chaser myself. The answer is no. Sure, there is a bit of a frisson that goes with the risk. But I really don't want the hassle that goes with being poz. I'm still just risk averse enough that I won't hook up with guys on bbrt who list their status as unsure or don't care. I'm working on the (maybe dangerous) assumption that a guy who says he's undetectable is probably telling the truth, and the (also risky) calculation that my chances of getting infected by a top who's undetectable are low. But the risk is obviously there, especially if I get fisted before or after taking a load. 
But there is definitely something about poz guys that works for me. I think a lot of it's the attitude. Being completely unapologetic about slutty high-risk sex. The fuck-you view of middle class sexual morality. Fewer hang-ups about age, looks, body. 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Missing me

It's been a few weeks now since I had my last session with Jamie and then left town. 

I sent him an email over the weekend complaining I wasn't getting any action up here, told him to send me an email about who he is rooting now he hasn't got me to play around with. I got an email back:
nothing much to report apart from the odd bit of casual encounters, to be quite honest im not even remotely interested in reporting back the usual boring stuff. i want the nasty five times over in your face rosebud cumpig loving hours on end hot sweaty dripping long sessions.... i want the lie on your back with the crisco next to you kind of excitement.... i wanna fuck someone knowing my fist is gonna be in their hole after i blow kind of fun....sadly none of that.. just the usual normal stuff....
i walk and drive past your street all the time so i think of you often... ill be driving then a greasy fist will suddenly appear in front of me and ill be like oh thats my mate hahaha or a nice rosebud and ill be like oh thats my mate hahahaha

I couldn't have put it half as well.   

Friday, June 29, 2012


Am I just imagining it or are Canucks on tumblr now the hot place to be? I've added Jimmy at Loose Consciousness (bitemarks.tumblr) to my blog list. His pix ... well let's just say every time he posts a pic of his arsehole I just want to get in there and eat him out, endlessly. And when I can work out how to do it I'll add Moustache Rides For Free (abeardedboy@tumblr) to my blog list as well. With pix like that who needs words? 


I celebrated the winter solstice last weekend by hooking up with my deaf mate for some fist. It was cold outside but the sun was pouring into his room. He's been having a rough time. He broke his leg in an accident last year and it took a long time to heal. From what I could understand he's also had some melanoma scares. When I saw him last weekend he had had his head shaved - I think because of some lumps on his scalp that the doctor wanted to check. He still has a lean and muscled body, with a great arse, but he has the look of a guy who has lived life the hard way. 

I still hardly understand a word he says but once we get going it doesn't matter. He loves being touched and held. And he goes wild with a fist up his arse. We took turns. I think he took four sessions in the end, while I took three. He's getting rougher with me, in a good way: a couple of times when he wanted to push back into me I signaled no and he pushed into me anyway, and it was fine. He wasn't being stupid about it – he judged it right. He got me very loose and relaxed, to the point where he could finally fuck me with his fist, pushing in and out over his knuckles. I love it. 

He's a bit upset that I'm leaving this city. For whatever reason he's a bit sweet on me. But it was a good note to end on.