Friday, November 23, 2012

Wen r u bak i want it

Just had a few days back home. Started getting horny texts and emails from Jamie the week or two before I got there. He took the day off. I had vodka, rum and smokes from the duty-free so we got comfortable on the sofa and got quietly wasted. 
Like always he wanted to fuck me before anything else. He's back into one of those phases where he's freaking out about bareback. Said it wasn't worth the mental anguish. So he rubbered up before he slid into me. He was cursing it at the same time – he hates condoms, doesn't stay hard so easily. But otherwise it was like old times. Fucked me for half an hour, missionary style, finally started banging me hard, pelvis to pelvis, and blew a load. 
After a smoke and more booze he wanted to get his fist in me. It was sweet. I was  relaxed and he got into me first time round. He's still fascinated by my hole and wants to get into me deeper. The last time in July he had started to find a route past first base. This time he went exploring again, fingers outstretched, looking for some depth. I sucked  on some poppers and he just pigged out inside me, pushing, twisting, probing. I was pretty much delirious.
It turned into a long night. Jamie gets real talkative when he's got liquor in him. Plus it was a Friday night so he was getting texts from some of his mates. He invited one of them up to play - some slut from nearby who wanted to get fucked. Not really my type: short, porky, completely passive. He wanted fist as well. I tried but couldn't get into him. He eventually left.
Then Jamie started getting texts from one of his straight/bi mates. He turned up around midnight, completely wasted. It was helluva funny. James and Steve were abusing each other, replaying years of parties, booze, girls and sex. I was just sitting in front of them on the floor, naked, watching porn on the TV. Jamie eventually got into Steve's pants, got him hard, sucked on his dick for a while. This went on - smokes, more vodka, cocksucking, more chat - for hours. Steve kept shedding clothes until he was starkers as well. 
Jamie was pimping my hole, wanted Steve to fuck me. He tried a few times, always with a rubber, but couldn't keep it up for more than a few minutes. At one point he got me to eat his arsehole. Mmmm. The guy was hot, no doubt about it. He had a bit of a gut but he had a muscly butt, with fine blond hair all up his taint and hole. His hole was kinda raunchy. There was enough booze in me and enough sex in the air that it just turned me on more. I hardened up fast and jacked myself while I sniffed and ate him out. The taste lingered on my lips. 
About 3am something changed. Steve must have decided he wanted to get off. He took charge, got me on my knees on the couch and just pushed straight in, no rubber. The guy is six foot, big uncut dick. He was still sloppy drunk and it was a sloppy drunk rough fuck. He banged me hard for a while, pausing to pull all the way out then drive all the way back in. Jamie was urging him on, calling me a dirty bareback slut.
Eventually Steve gave up, said he couldn't come. He was still half hard when he pulled out. I fingered my hole and tasted it. The bastard had stealthed me. 
Jamie eventually kicked him out, still wasted, around 4am. We slept a few hours before he had to get up for work, hung over but complaining because he hadn't woken up early enough to fuck me again.

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Duo said...

Fuck, man -- nothing hotter than seducing a straight guy. AND you got his load! -Dan