Saturday, August 20, 2011

I like em pint size

Yeah that's what Jamie said to me yesterday when we hooked up. He was explaining why he enjoyed fucking me haha. He had had another trick a week ago while I was away but said the guy was too big. I hadn't exactly thought of myself as pint size – I'm 5'8" and 160lb. But Jamie is a lot bigger and taller, maybe 200lb, and a lot stronger. A few times when he's fucked me he's just picked me up from the bed and carried me to the sofa or picked me up with his dick inside me to fuck me standing up. 
Yesterday he seemed particularly horned up. He said it was a week since he had last hooked up. As usual we started with me sitting on him while he rocked up into me. Then he got up on his knees, pushed my legs back and fucked me missionary style. At times it got really intense - when he's extra hard he seems to gain a bit of length which makes it painful for me but in a good way, if you know what I mean. He went for about half an hour before he put a load in me. 
I told him I wanted his fist again. He tried both hands but once he had me loosened up he switched to his left. We knew from last time that it seemed easier to get his left hand in the last inch or two. I must have been feeling relaxed: within ten minutes he had his left hand in me up to the knuckles. I could feel that I had loosened up enough to take him the rest of the way. A few final hits of amyl and he slid in all the way to the wrist.
It's hard to describe the sensation of having a fist in you. This time for some reason was quite special. Jamie has a big hand so it was still tight and the sensation was intense. It made me hungry for intimacy. He doesn't kiss but I reached out and pulled him down to me, wrapped my hands around his head, pulled his face down alongside mine, ran my hands up and down his back, held him close ...
At some point I think I twisted onto my side, and then I was up on my knees, wanting to feel him from different angles. I was breathing hard and making a lot of noise. He moved his fingers in me a bit but didn't try to fuck me with his fist. I don't think I was loose enough for that. From what Jamie told me today he was in me for about ten minutes. There came a point where the sensation was too much to take and I asked him to pull out. I was on my belly at this point. He wasn't finding it easy. Eventually I just moved forward and pulled off him. Aaahhh! Fuck that was hard. I just lay there overwhelmed for a few minutes till I got my head back together. When I recovered I was still hungry for closeness. I remember wrapping myself around him, sort of purring or whatever you call the noises you make when you just have to be skin to skin everywhere with the guy who's been doing magical things inside your guts. 
We lay there for a well just replaying the whole thing. He is completely hooked on it. He loves looking at my arse, playing with it and above all getting up inside it. I think he would do it all day if I could take it. Next time he wants to video it. I forget sometimes that this is all new to him. When I was wondering why it was so hard to get his fist out of me at the end I asked whether he had his fingers extended or in a fist. He said he had been holding them in a fist. Duh.
He texted me today to see if I was up for another round. He was all horned up again and gave me the second load he had promised but not delivered yesterday. I got to enjoy it more too – I hate the flavor of the Vaseline lotion he always uses so this time I took some silicon lube instead. After he pulled out I reached down and pushed out a handful of fresh Vaseline-free jizz to lick off my fingers. Yuummm. I wanted his fist again. We tried but couldn't get in that last inch. Still too tender from yesterday. I think that might have something to do with the fact that he made a fist inside me as I was pulling off yesterday ... 
We compromised. I pushed out some more of his jizz and used it to jack off while he sat on my face and I ate him out. It didn't take me three minutes haha.

Monday, August 8, 2011


Things are warming up with my Samoan fuckbud. He's getting in touch every weekend. 
Friday he texted me to see if I could go up to his place for a quickie at lunchtime (couldn't unfortunately). Saturday he sent me another message. I went over round 2pm. He had a Fort Troff video playing. Usual story: he wanted to drop a load in my arse before anything else. He was really horned up. Once he gets going he likes to have me on my back, legs pushed right back. He works my nipples hard because he knows that makes me want more dick. He pushes deep into me and then just grinds away, pelvis to pelvis. He can easily go half an hour like that, and he's a big guy, so it gets intense. For the last minute he was banging me extra hard. I could tell when he came because I felt the heat as he blew his load into me. After he pulled out I pushed my fingers in hoping to get a mouthful. I got a taste but nothing more.
We relaxed for a while watching the video – lots of piss, then fisting and fucking. I asked if he wanted to have another go at getting his fist into me. Last weekend he thought he had got into me but he hadn't gone all the way, only as far as his knuckle. He was keen to have another go. First time he tried was a replay of last weekend: he got as far as the knuckle but couldn't go further.  I got him to pull out and we relaxed for a while. 
Eventually I said to have another go. It wasn't easy. I was on my back, on the bed. He was just using one hand, and the angle didn't quite seem right. But finally I could tell that it just needed a bit of a push to get in all the way. I rocked and twisted, trying to get the angle right, until I felt it happening.
Then he was in. Aahh fuck! It was just too intense. 
"You'll need to take it out". 
He just looked at me. "I can't".
"Just straighten your fingers and pull slowly backwards".
"I can't. It won't come out."
Aahh ... I couldn't take it. I braced myself and just pulled off him. Sheeit! Whew. 
I just lay there for a minute, overwhelmed. He had a big hand. Pulling off had hurt.
Then he fessed up. It wasn't that he couldn't take it out. It was just that having finally got all the way in he didn't want to pull out. I abused him about it. He just laughed. Prick. 
It was nice just lying there touching, with my arse throbbing and the smell of jizz in the air. I was feeling extra relaxed. I said to him to try one more time. I could tell straightaway that this time was different. I don't know whether it was the angle or the j-lube or what but I could tell that he was going in easily. It happened quite fast. He got in as far as the knuckle. I rolled onto my side, pulled my legs up and started bucking to help with the final inch or two. All of a sudden he was all the way in. This time my arse was relaxed. I rolled onto my back and lay there just loving the sensation of having him inside me.
He was like a kid with a Xmas present. It was clear from the first time we talked about fisting that he was fascinated by it and wanted to get into my hole. The other week when he got most of the way in he had taken a couple of pictures with his phone. Now he was in me up to his wrist, the first time he had got his fist inside another guy. We lay there for a while as he moved around in me, tested how far he could push and pull and tried opening his fingers out. He was babbling away about wanting to video it and put it up on xtube. Next time, bud. 
I eventually got him to pull out. He asked if he could fuck me again. You kidding? I pulled my legs back to my ears and smiled at him. Yeehaa! This time he had a load in me within five minutes. 
The interesting thing is that he seems to be getting more relaxed with me. More chatty, more funny. Talks more, touches me more even if he still doesn't kiss. I think he likes that I respond so much. I go wild when he plays with my nipples or when he gets his fist inside, I end up bucking and jerking like crazy. Yeah he likes that. At the start when he fucks me he makes me sit on him with my knees on the bed and sometimes the sensation is so intense I lie on his chest as he is pushing up into me from behind and i hold onto his head, real tight. Mmmm. This could get interesting. 

Friday, July 22, 2011


I gave you a quick account of my hook-up with Yoshi but I don't think I really conveyed the flavour of it all. It was quite special.
That was partly the fact of the sleepover. I'm not one to root and run but the reality is that I hardly ever end up spending the whole night with a trick. I'm not even sure that Yoshi counts - we turned the light off around 3am and were up by 6am. And I woke him up to put a load up his arse around 4.30am. But for me there there is something special about waking up with a guy you are hot for. 
And I was certainly hot for him. It was a few things. I really like his body. A lean guy with smooth olive skin, big hands, big feet and a face that has seen a lot of life... 
The intimacy of it all was quite special. Most of the time we were awake we were kissing. Yoshi has a big tongue that he could push a long way into my mouth. Gripping it with my teeth and holding it there while I pulled his nipples or squeezed his balls was a buzz. He would purr if I licked his face or bit him on the nape of the neck. 
Maybe part of it was just the easy connection between two pain pigs. At one point I worked his nipples quite intensely for a few minutes. He lay there staring into my face, eyes wide open, the whole time. At another point we were talking about experience of being hurt. I showed him where I had the cigarette scar from Berlin, just under my navel. It turned out he had one himself, right on his belly button – a memento from a guy with whom he had spent a few months in a master-slave relationship.  
And I think there is also something about the fact that he was poz. It's not that I'm wanting to get pozzed myself. But for whatever reason I seem to find a rapport with poz guys I hook up with that I don't always enjoy with other guys. Maybe it's just that I feel I can be as slutty as I want with guys who are already poz. Certainly I felt with Yoshi that I could be completely uninhibited, suggest anything, try anything, tell him anything.
I don't know when I'll be back there but I know I will be wanting to spend a weekend with him, naked, before I do anything else. And this time I want his hand all the way up my arse. Just need to get past that last big knuckle ...  

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Yoshi's profile said he was poz, bottom, into fisting. I had work stuff until late Monday night so it was midnight before he arrived at the hotel. I liked him immediately. Tall, real skinny, liked kissing. We opened a beer, talked, felt each other all over, kissed. I turned the airconditioning off. We spent about an hour just making out and chatting before we got physical. I pulled his head back over the side of the bed so I could push my dick all the way down his throat. He was a good little pig, let me choke him with my dick before I bent down and licked his face. He wanted my fist so I pulled his briefs off, lubed him up and got in there. He eventually took me almost as far as the elbow. I wanted his fist too. He got most of the way but not the final knuckle - he had big hands. He left me sore but happy. We kissed and cuddled and talked before sleeping. 
I woke up hard a couple of hours later, sweating in the heat. I kept my eyes closed, just nosed down his body to his hole, stuck my tongue in and then my dick. He's a dancer, really flexible body. I folded his legs right back behind his ears and starting fucking him, slow at first then harder and faster as I pumped down into him from above. I blew a load into him five minutes later as he pushed his tongue into my mouth. 

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Where's my bitch?

I don't think I've told you before about the Spaniard. He sent me a message on a local dating site. I hooked up with him one time a few months ago. He's a big guy, 30ish, has a foot fetish, is into flip-flops. He has a big fat uncut dick. He likes to take charge. Last time he spanked me with the flip-flops and then fucked me. It was kind of fun. He has sent me a few messages since then. For one reason or another the timing hasn't worked out. But today I was back in town and he was horny.
I was running a bit late. He texted me: "Where's my bitch?" When I got there he dropped his sweats and pulled me onto his dick while he put his nose into a bottle of amyl. Once I had him hard and juicy he told me to strip and took me over the other side of the room. Sitting back on the sofa he could get me to suck on his dick while he kept spanking me. 
We tried variants on this. A couple of times he leant down and hoisted me over his shoulder in a fireman's carry, getting me to jerk him with one hand while he held me up. 
I was getting a bit bored - there was no rhythm to the spanking and it was getting irritating rather than stimulating. I reminded him he'd said he wanted to give me a proper belting. I gave him the strap and explained what he needed to do. He gave me a couple of dozen but I don't think his heart was really in it. Eventually we ended up with him back on the sofa slapping my arse while I licked his feet and sucked his dick.
Then he wanted to fuck me. Last time he insisted on wearing a rubber. I said I didn't have one and just to go ahead anyway. He didn't protest. He pushed my head onto the floor and nailed me from above. The weight of him felt good as he pushed down into me but he wasn't very hard. He pulled out and got me to suck him off, giving me a big but bitter load in the back of my throat. 
This all left me a bit unsatisfied. As I left I texted my Samoan FB who lived nearby. Come on round, he said, I want to rape your arse. As usual he wanted a lazy start – he was on his back in bed, wanting me to play with his nipples and suck his dick until he hardened up. Then I knelt over him so he could slide it in. He pushed up into me, pushed it deep, kept rocking into me for 20 minutes (with one eye on a machofucker scene on the TV behind me ...) until he was warmed up. Then he threw off the blanket, stripped off his shirt, flipped me onto my back and started banging me. I felt his load go into me 10 minutes later, partly because I felt his dick pulse but more because I felt the wetness and heat from his cum as he spurted into me. I dipped a finger into my arse for a taste. Yum.
He was a bit more chatty than usual. Talked about a few of his other fuckbuds (all of them white guys – said he doesn't go for brown guys at all, and most of them straight with wives or girlfriends by the sound of it). Sounds as if he flips (he took a load up his arse from one of them last night).  At one point he asked if I was negative – we hadn't discussed status since the first time we hooked up. I said I had tested negative for everything in May. He thought he was ok – his fuckbuds were all negative. I said he should get tested himself. He told me about a kinky scene from the week before – a white married guy who turned up with a video of his wife getting fucked by another guy, wanted my mate to humiliate him and piss on him. We had a bit of a laugh – good to know the straight guys have got their kinks too. 
So that was my Saturday.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I had heard stories about Thai and Vietnamese guys being into older white guys but hadn't really tested it until Saturday night. The first guy grabbed me pretty much straightaway. He was 20ish, small, lean and muscled. He wanted to fuck me. His dick was strictly average but he made up for it in energy. He banged me hard and long before blowing into the condom. The second guy wanted to get fucked by a white guy. Sure thing. I took a breather before going roaming again. This time I ended up in a threesome: a young Thai guy and a 30something Scot. After the Thai boy tried to fuck him Scottie hardened up enough to get into my arse. He had a big piece of meat and banged me as if his life depended on it. He must have hit the right spot - cum starting pulsing out of me even though I hadn't had an orgasm. 
Same story on Sunday. First one was a skinny Vietnamese boy with tattoos who got inside me and then rabbit-fucked me. He said he only topped. But ... he sure liked it when I rimmed him. Kept coming back for more. Eventually he asked me in a low voice if I wanted to fuck him. Ok yeah sure. I fucked him doggy style. Muscly little arse, tight hole, yum. I pushed him down lower. There's something special about it – with a lean guy it lets you go in real deep, and having him crouched right down tightens up his hole something amazing. The next one was another skinny kid. He was completely focused on getting my load down his throat. The blowjob wasn't doing much for me so I told him to sit on my dick. He slid down onto me without asking for a condom. He was small and tight. Felt great, but after a while he started whimpering and then called a halt.
I was ready to call it a night – I had played with some sexy guys but somehow it was all a bit too tame. I figured I wasn't going to find it there.
I was wrong. I was wandering around, not really looking any more, when a guy started groping my arse and talking to me. I pushed him off at first – he sounded like another twink looking for vanilla. I'm not sure why I eventually caved but we ended up in a room. He was different. Like the others he was really small – 5'6", 120lb max. But he had a big man-sized dick that was standing tall. The face was different too: big nose, big ears, receding chin, bright eyes ... Imagine a not-pretty but horny skinny jewish boy with a blend of IndoChina. His name was Ken. Ethnically he was Vietnamese-French, he said. 
He said he came after me because my big butt looked so good in the shorts I was wearing. OK guys, this is the first and last time you get anything here on clothes: I was wearing some blue polyester N2N sprinter shorts, without underpants or a jock to hold my junk, so yeah I was looking pretty slutty I guess.   
Ken was pretty good in the slut department himself. We kissed, I rimmed him, he went nuts on my poppers and then wanted to sit on my dick. He didn't hesitate, just slid down onto it raw. Bingo, I finally felt I had found the dirty boy I had been looking for all weekend, though as he slid up and down on me I was also thinking I really wanted to find someone to top me. 
I was misjudging the guy. He was just as keen to get into my arse. I stopped him and had the little barebacking/HIV chat. Maybe I was a bit paranoid after the other guys all used a rubber. He said he was neg. In he went. The sequence blurs a bit after that. We carried on for a couple of hours. He put one load in my arse and then sucked it out of me before crawling back up my body to make out, tasting of arse juice and cum. I told him I sometimes took a fist. He was really turned on by that idea, said he wanted to see my rosebud. He squatted at my feet, completely absorbed as he pushed a few fingers and then his whole hand slowly into my arse. He had me so relaxed that I wasn't even sure he was in there until he told me. I was in heaven as he moved his fist around inside me until something triggered and all of a sudden I was cumming everywhere, laughing and smiling with the sheer joy of it.
I'm usually a goner after I've come but after lying there a while chatting, kissing and stroking I didn't try to stop him when he wanted to fuck me again. This time it was a slower fuck, all the more intense because my arse lips were so sensitive. He eventually dropped another load inside me. At the end of the night we shared a shower. His final stunt was to piss against the shower wall as I stood behind him with arms round his chest. 
I'm still smiling at the memory. Partly it was his body. I'm used to guys with chunky thighs. Ken was different: with no fat on him, plus his big dick, there was a whole landscape to taste and explore between his scrotum and his arsehole, the first guy I've encountered like that since a Japanese boyfriend years ago. Plus he was so completely slutty, game for anything. And sure, the fact that he was into me – including my big arse in the slutty shorts – was a real turn-on, no doubt about it. We're going to keep in touch, see if we can rendezvous somewhere in Europe some time and carry on where we left off.


Thursday, June 16, 2011


I got a text from my Samoan fuckbud. "My balls are the size of melons. I want to rape your arse". I said I would go to his place during my lunch break.
Usual story. He was in bed, on his back. Wanted me to warm him up. I nuzzled his pits, licked up some of that man smell. Made me hard. I tried to fuck him but he wouldn't let me in his hole. 
I went back to licking his pits, pulling on his nipples, then lifted his legs and rimmed him. He wanted me to sit on his dick. Eventually he was in me though he wasn't particularly hard. 
As he started sliding his dick in and out he hardened up. He pulled out, flipped me onto my back and got on top. As he worked up some momentum he pushed my legs right back so he could go deeper. Another five minutes and he was pounding me before coming.
That's when it got interesting. So far it had been a so-so fuck. I thought he would pull out and I would leave. Nope. He left his dick in me and said he wanted to go again. His dick was already harder than it had been before when he came in me. He started to pump in and out, long, slow and juicy. The sensation was intense. I found myself lying there squirming, laughing, wrapping my legs around him, running my hands up and down his back and thighs, trying to pull him deeper into me. He continued for quarter of an hour.
Then came the point where he decided to go for it. He put all his weight on top of me and started banging it into me, pelvis hard against pelvis, before coming with a roar. He pumped me a little while longer. When he pulled out I put my mouth straight onto his dick to get a taste of all the juices.
He paused for a minute then swung round and sat on my face while digging his nails into my nipples. I sucked on his hole then on his dick then licked his taint. Lick, repeat. He pulled on my nipples, hard. I blew my load in about two minutes. 
I wandered back down the hill to the office, enjoying the sunshine, the freshly fucked feeling and the knowledge I had a couple of loads in my arse. Hey ho.

Saturday, June 11, 2011


Funny how one thing leads to another. I was skimming the latest post from Ace. Ace of course starred in a series of posts – all the way from sizzling to sweet – from my all-time favourite gay sex blogger, The Breeder, before starting his own blog.
Yesterday Ace mentioned in passing his favourite porn site, BerlinStar Film. I took a look. And what do I find but Fickstutenmarkt: the movie. I have only watched the preview but I can see it's going to be hard to resist buying the full version. I had posted here previously about going to FSM one time in Mannheim. Before that I had gone once in Berlin. I went again last summer in Berlin but hadn't blogged about it. 
I should have. It became quite a story. The previous week I had spent a night at Böse Buben and some of the cane welts were still visible on my arse. At FSM these caught the eye of the deckhelfer who hooded and tied me after I had stripped down. He slapped my arse and teased me about them and we kept chatting during the evening at times when I wasnt getting dicked. 
We ended up hooking up a few days later. We spent a long slow Sunday afternoon doing most of the things a couple of kinksters can do to each other with dicks, tongues, fists and a strap. For the finale we lay there tongues down each other's throats while he pressed a series of cigarettes against the skin just under my navel. I wanted to have something to remember him by. The scar has now faded a bit but the memories are still sharp.   

Friday, June 10, 2011


The hookup with the Samoan guy and his buddies was a bit of a fizzer. Started well – I walked in and he was kneeling naked on some cushions, arse up in the air. I pushed my tongue straight into his crack. Nice. After a minute he started doing that whimpering thing he did last time I rimmed him. 
It was mostly downhill from there. Dunno if he was on P or just all poppered up but he was hard to keep up with. Wanted his arse licked lying down then his cock sucked then his arse licked standing up then ... And the traffic was all one way. 
It got interesting for a while when one of his fuckbuds turned up. Marrried guy, 40ish, big dick. He fucked my face and then rubbered up and fucked the Samoan. But it was all over in 15 minutes. The other guys that were supposed to turn up never showed. So I decided to call it a day.
I was still horny so I texted a guy I have played with a few times. Since he first fisted me a few years ago he has gone onto meds and says he is now undetectable. He has come in me at least once. He texted right back to say he was up for some fun. I got there and stripped down. First time he tried I couldn't relax enough to take his fist. He eventually pulled out, then I felt his dick sliding into me. He's big and uncut and he's always hard. He fucked me doggy style for a while while I lay there moaning – it just felt so good. I got him to try fisting me again. He got in but it was too intense for me and I got him to pull out. 
After a pause I flipped onto my back and took him that way. Bullseye! I loosened up enough that he could fuck me with his fist, pushing and pulling it back and forth through my ring. I have only managed that once before, at a party in Sydney. I just lay there laughing with the joy of it, rubbing my feet against his neck as he worked his fist in and out, laughing along with me. 

More Samoans?

The Samoan kid with the Raybans from last year has texted me a few times since then. We hooked up once in the park – his scene was kneeling down on the grass sucking on a bottle of poppers while I ate him out. He texted again this week. "Wen u free?" We sorted out a time. Then it got interesting. "Swt got a mate who wants his cock sucked too." Yesterday I asked him what he was looking for. "Fuck ur throat while da other guys have their way u like gettin fuckd?" So it sounds as if the little fucker has been inviting a few mates. Could get interesting.

I've hooked up with the other Samoan a few times since I last posted. I'll tell you about that some other time. The last txt I got from him said "fuk I wanna pound your arse and breed that manhole!" Yeah he's a bit of a poet. 

Sunday, June 5, 2011


I got woken around 6am by a text from the skinny white boy who wants to get his arse whipped. He doesn't get in touch often. But when he does he really needs it.
He had been out drinking. He was still in the city. It was raining and we couldn't go to his place or my place. We ended up going to one of the toilets on the coast.
He's not much of a spanko – he won't take anything too hard. But when he heard I had got a cane he told me to bring it. 
We went into a wheelchair-sized cubicle, complete with diaper table. Plenty of room to swing a stick. He stripped down. I started with a rubber slapper. After a minute or two of that he stopped me – too much noise. He wanted the cane instead.
I was enjoying the view. The guy would be in his 30s, maybe 5' 10", naturally lean, long back, tight little butt. He's a petrolhead – just bought an old E55 Merc. He's got that nerdy character you get with some guys who are into computers or machines. 
I started with the cane, sets of six, just flicking it at his arse, not using any force. He hissed once or twice when I went low or high. As he warmed up I put more wrist into it. He seemed to have much more tolerance of the cane than the strap I had used on him previously. Most of the strokes I gave him were little stingers that didn't leave a real welt. He started jacking his dick after each set. 
After 15 minutes I figured he was ready for the real thing. Now he was really feeling it. When I inspected his arse after each set I was starting to see and feel welts. A couple more sets and he took a hit of poppers and told me to go for it. He bent back down, stuck his arse out and gripped the bar as I started whipping him continuously. After a minute he grabbed his dick and started spewing cum all over the floor. I eased off but kept whipping him till he had finished. 
That was it. I dropped him off near his house then went home and back to bed.