Sunday, July 17, 2011


Yoshi's profile said he was poz, bottom, into fisting. I had work stuff until late Monday night so it was midnight before he arrived at the hotel. I liked him immediately. Tall, real skinny, liked kissing. We opened a beer, talked, felt each other all over, kissed. I turned the airconditioning off. We spent about an hour just making out and chatting before we got physical. I pulled his head back over the side of the bed so I could push my dick all the way down his throat. He was a good little pig, let me choke him with my dick before I bent down and licked his face. He wanted my fist so I pulled his briefs off, lubed him up and got in there. He eventually took me almost as far as the elbow. I wanted his fist too. He got most of the way but not the final knuckle - he had big hands. He left me sore but happy. We kissed and cuddled and talked before sleeping. 
I woke up hard a couple of hours later, sweating in the heat. I kept my eyes closed, just nosed down his body to his hole, stuck my tongue in and then my dick. He's a dancer, really flexible body. I folded his legs right back behind his ears and starting fucking him, slow at first then harder and faster as I pumped down into him from above. I blew a load into him five minutes later as he pushed his tongue into my mouth. 

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