Friday, July 22, 2011


I gave you a quick account of my hook-up with Yoshi but I don't think I really conveyed the flavour of it all. It was quite special.
That was partly the fact of the sleepover. I'm not one to root and run but the reality is that I hardly ever end up spending the whole night with a trick. I'm not even sure that Yoshi counts - we turned the light off around 3am and were up by 6am. And I woke him up to put a load up his arse around 4.30am. But for me there there is something special about waking up with a guy you are hot for. 
And I was certainly hot for him. It was a few things. I really like his body. A lean guy with smooth olive skin, big hands, big feet and a face that has seen a lot of life... 
The intimacy of it all was quite special. Most of the time we were awake we were kissing. Yoshi has a big tongue that he could push a long way into my mouth. Gripping it with my teeth and holding it there while I pulled his nipples or squeezed his balls was a buzz. He would purr if I licked his face or bit him on the nape of the neck. 
Maybe part of it was just the easy connection between two pain pigs. At one point I worked his nipples quite intensely for a few minutes. He lay there staring into my face, eyes wide open, the whole time. At another point we were talking about experience of being hurt. I showed him where I had the cigarette scar from Berlin, just under my navel. It turned out he had one himself, right on his belly button – a memento from a guy with whom he had spent a few months in a master-slave relationship.  
And I think there is also something about the fact that he was poz. It's not that I'm wanting to get pozzed myself. But for whatever reason I seem to find a rapport with poz guys I hook up with that I don't always enjoy with other guys. Maybe it's just that I feel I can be as slutty as I want with guys who are already poz. Certainly I felt with Yoshi that I could be completely uninhibited, suggest anything, try anything, tell him anything.
I don't know when I'll be back there but I know I will be wanting to spend a weekend with him, naked, before I do anything else. And this time I want his hand all the way up my arse. Just need to get past that last big knuckle ...  

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Steve said...

You refer to this poz thing as if it's no big deal. It IS a potential death sentence. The viruses keep evolving, and what's somewhat controllable with drugs now may not be in a few years. Don't take any chances.