Saturday, June 11, 2011


Funny how one thing leads to another. I was skimming the latest post from Ace. Ace of course starred in a series of posts – all the way from sizzling to sweet – from my all-time favourite gay sex blogger, The Breeder, before starting his own blog.
Yesterday Ace mentioned in passing his favourite porn site, BerlinStar Film. I took a look. And what do I find but Fickstutenmarkt: the movie. I have only watched the preview but I can see it's going to be hard to resist buying the full version. I had posted here previously about going to FSM one time in Mannheim. Before that I had gone once in Berlin. I went again last summer in Berlin but hadn't blogged about it. 
I should have. It became quite a story. The previous week I had spent a night at Böse Buben and some of the cane welts were still visible on my arse. At FSM these caught the eye of the deckhelfer who hooded and tied me after I had stripped down. He slapped my arse and teased me about them and we kept chatting during the evening at times when I wasnt getting dicked. 
We ended up hooking up a few days later. We spent a long slow Sunday afternoon doing most of the things a couple of kinksters can do to each other with dicks, tongues, fists and a strap. For the finale we lay there tongues down each other's throats while he pressed a series of cigarettes against the skin just under my navel. I wanted to have something to remember him by. The scar has now faded a bit but the memories are still sharp.   

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