Sunday, June 5, 2011


I got woken around 6am by a text from the skinny white boy who wants to get his arse whipped. He doesn't get in touch often. But when he does he really needs it.
He had been out drinking. He was still in the city. It was raining and we couldn't go to his place or my place. We ended up going to one of the toilets on the coast.
He's not much of a spanko – he won't take anything too hard. But when he heard I had got a cane he told me to bring it. 
We went into a wheelchair-sized cubicle, complete with diaper table. Plenty of room to swing a stick. He stripped down. I started with a rubber slapper. After a minute or two of that he stopped me – too much noise. He wanted the cane instead.
I was enjoying the view. The guy would be in his 30s, maybe 5' 10", naturally lean, long back, tight little butt. He's a petrolhead – just bought an old E55 Merc. He's got that nerdy character you get with some guys who are into computers or machines. 
I started with the cane, sets of six, just flicking it at his arse, not using any force. He hissed once or twice when I went low or high. As he warmed up I put more wrist into it. He seemed to have much more tolerance of the cane than the strap I had used on him previously. Most of the strokes I gave him were little stingers that didn't leave a real welt. He started jacking his dick after each set. 
After 15 minutes I figured he was ready for the real thing. Now he was really feeling it. When I inspected his arse after each set I was starting to see and feel welts. A couple more sets and he took a hit of poppers and told me to go for it. He bent back down, stuck his arse out and gripped the bar as I started whipping him continuously. After a minute he grabbed his dick and started spewing cum all over the floor. I eased off but kept whipping him till he had finished. 
That was it. I dropped him off near his house then went home and back to bed. 

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