Friday, June 10, 2011


The hookup with the Samoan guy and his buddies was a bit of a fizzer. Started well – I walked in and he was kneeling naked on some cushions, arse up in the air. I pushed my tongue straight into his crack. Nice. After a minute he started doing that whimpering thing he did last time I rimmed him. 
It was mostly downhill from there. Dunno if he was on P or just all poppered up but he was hard to keep up with. Wanted his arse licked lying down then his cock sucked then his arse licked standing up then ... And the traffic was all one way. 
It got interesting for a while when one of his fuckbuds turned up. Marrried guy, 40ish, big dick. He fucked my face and then rubbered up and fucked the Samoan. But it was all over in 15 minutes. The other guys that were supposed to turn up never showed. So I decided to call it a day.
I was still horny so I texted a guy I have played with a few times. Since he first fisted me a few years ago he has gone onto meds and says he is now undetectable. He has come in me at least once. He texted right back to say he was up for some fun. I got there and stripped down. First time he tried I couldn't relax enough to take his fist. He eventually pulled out, then I felt his dick sliding into me. He's big and uncut and he's always hard. He fucked me doggy style for a while while I lay there moaning – it just felt so good. I got him to try fisting me again. He got in but it was too intense for me and I got him to pull out. 
After a pause I flipped onto my back and took him that way. Bullseye! I loosened up enough that he could fuck me with his fist, pushing and pulling it back and forth through my ring. I have only managed that once before, at a party in Sydney. I just lay there laughing with the joy of it, rubbing my feet against his neck as he worked his fist in and out, laughing along with me. 

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