Thursday, January 15, 2009


Got a message on recon this morning. The guy - let's call him H - said he was a top, wanted to fist, rim and fuck. We chatted. Said he was Samoan, 8½" dick. Into watersports. I asked if he fucked raw. He said he was poz and so had to wear a rubber when he fucked. I explained I had never managed to take a fist all the way but wanted to keep trying. He lived out in the burbs so we made a rendezvous, giving me time to hose out and pick up some fresh poppers en route.

He didn't have a pic so I was expecting this might not work out. Sure enough, he wasn't pretty. But his pits were ripe, he had hardware in both his nipples and a treasure trail. And his dick ... well, it was a classic. He hadn't exaggerated. Had that sour pissy taste of an uncut dick that hasn't been washed too recently. Gave me an instant hard-on. Under the foreskin he had a fat head with a shiny, slimy glans. I got down to it. He hardened as I worked on his tits, sucked on his pits and pushed the foreskin back with my lips. I wiped his slimy dickhead over my face to get more of the scent.

H was having a good time and wanted more. He stripped right off and pulled me onto the bed with my arse in his face. He rimmed me while I sucked him some more. He used his stubble on my arselips while I kept up the suction on the head of his dick. Aaaahhh. I couldn't resist it: I got up, squatted over his dick and slid down onto it, raw. He looked surprised - he knew I was neg. I rode up and down on him for a minute, climbed off and sucked my arse juice off his dick. He rimmed me some more then I sat on his dick again.

After a while of this he got up, put a pillow under my arse and lubed up his hand. He went from one finger to several to a handful, all with a light touch. He worked at my arse while I took a hit of poppers. At one point it felt as if he was almost in but I got him to back off and slide his dick in for a minute instead. He was hard and raw dick always feels good, but with my hole already stretched wide even his 8" didn't do much for me.

I asked for more fist. He knew what he was doing. His hands weren't that small but he had a knack for finding a way in. More pressure, more poppers. All of a sudden ... I had expected intense pain but no, it was just an amazing sensation of being stretched in a way I'd never been stretched before, as he went past the knuckle and pushed into me up to his wrist. Something went off in my brain - and in my dick. It was instant orgasm, though I didn't ejaculate until he had eased back out. Faaark.

We rested up and then showered. No pain from my arse, though he said there had been a little bit of blood when he pulled out. Midnight tonight and my arse is still singing. I can see I will be wanting more of this.

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