Monday, January 12, 2009

Raw Indian

Weather on Saturday night was too cool for the park. I headed for the tubs. Thin pickings: mostly older guys.

The one guy that interested me was tall, lean and very tanned, with long black hair. I hadn't seen him before. It took a while to get him interested. Eventually he joined me in the sling room after I started working on his nipples.

It took a while to work out what he was into. His dick was small and he didn't get hard. But when I turned him round, bent him over and started playing with his arse he started moaning. Bingo.

I crouched, spread his cheeks and started tonguing his arsehole. His arse was shaved but stubbly. I rimmed him, chewed on his ring and bit his cheeks. He stayed bent over and moaning. I pushed a finger slowly into his hole. He was real tight. He moaned some more and bent over further.

As usual the taste of arse made my dick hard. I slapped it against his crack and slid it up and down against his hole. I spat on the head, then
slipped it slowly into his hole. He stayed tight but let me in. I gradually went in further until I was in all the way. I left it all the way in, just holding his hips and moving him slowly from side to side as he moaned. I pulled out a little and pushed slowly back in. The sensation was intense - I had used no lube, and he remained tight.

After a bit more of this the guy pulled me down onto the mat on the floor and lay on his back. I pushed his legs back to his ears, lifted his hips and ate him out. We shared a couple of hits of poppers. After I got his arse sloppy wet I pushed my dick back in and gave him more poppers. This time he was ready to fuck. I got up off my knees and started pivoting into him, supported just by my feet and hands. I went deep, all the way out, and then started banging him. Pelvis to pelvis. He was moaning like a whore. He loosened a little but then from time to time he would tighten up again.

He was getting sore. I don't think he was used to being fucked, and even with me - I'm not that big - he was finding it hard to take. We lay next to each other while I moved my hand over his body. He was lean and hard but not particularly muscled.

After a while I got back behind him and started playing with his arsehole, wetting my finger to keep him moist and pinching his nipple to keep him horny. He let me slip my thumb into him. His hole was still tight but he was getting off on the sensation of having my thumb move around inside him.

Eventually it was clear he was ready for something more serious. I got behind him again on my knees and rubbed my dick against his hole. Then he let me back inside. This time I didn't bang him. Instead I went deep inside and just bore down on him with all my weight. I moved slowly back and then into him again. He squeezed my dick even tighter with his sphincter. I pushed slowly in and out and shared the poppers with him one more time. The moaning got faster and louder. I pushed into him again. He was thrashing around. Then he pushed me out. He had come all over his belly. I jerked myself as I licked the cum off his gut and then blew a load over him.

We talked for a while. I thought he was a tourist with a deep suntan but it turned out he was a local. Ethnically he was Indian which explained the dark skin and hair.

As you know, I'm basically a bottom but if I'm going to fuck a guy this is what I like: a lean body, small arse and a tight hole. It reminded me of the French guy I fucked by a lake near Lyon about five years ago - another one with a tight hole who couldn't cope with a big dick inside him.

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